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Find Baby Formula Coupons + Other Ways to Save

Feeding your baby formula can add up real quick. Here’s how you can find baby formula coupons and other ways you can save on baby formula.

ways to save on baby formula

If you aren’t able to breastfeed, or choose not to, giving your baby formula is a great alternative. I wasn’t able to breastfeed Evelyn so we switched to formula when she was about three weeks old. While it was better for Evelyn and for my mental health, we did end up spending a lot of money that first year on baby formula!

Baby Formula Prices

So how much is baby formula, anyway? Well, it really can vary. Generic store brands can cost as low as 0.47 cents an ounce, while baby formulas designed for babies with allergies or digestion issues can cost up to $2.83 per ounce. Yikes! For a 21 ounce of formula that can mean spending $11 or $60!

How to Get Free Baby Formula

Getting free baby formula is easier than you think! Try these methods for snagging free baby formula. You probably won’t be able to feed your baby completely without cost, but it will allow you to try different brands before deciding where to spend your money.

Your Baby’s Pediatrician

Ask your baby’s pediatrician for some formula samples. This is a great way to try out a new formula as well. Our pediatrician gave us a few cans of different baby formulas so we could see which one Evelyn liked the best.


You can call the hospital you delivered at and ask if they have any samples you can try. Formula companies give formula samples out to hospitals knowing they’ll pass them onto consumers like you.

Formula Companies

Many formula companies like Enfamil or Similac will send out free samples when you join their newsletter or rewards program. You can do this with multiple formula brands to get a variety of samples.

TIP: You can also ask friends and family members to sign up to get even more baby formula samples!

Check WIC Eligibilty

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you could qualify for free baby formula through WIC.

Ask your Insurance

Check with your insurance if your baby requires a special formula due to allergies or digestion issues. Sometimes insurance will help supplement the cost of formula, or reimburse you entirely. Call your insurance if it is deemed medically necessary that your baby be on formula.

Friends / Facebook Marketplace

Many times, other mom friends or neighbors will receive free formula samples and not need them. I often see moms offering free cans of formula on Facebook marketplace. I personally only feel comfortable accepting these if I know the mom well or if the baby formula is unopened and sealed, so use your discretion with this one.

How to Find Baby Formula Coupons

It’s also pretty easy to find baby formula coupons. Check out these methods to get baby formula coupons regularly.

Baby Formula Websites

Head over to Similac Strong Moms and you can sign up for their rewards program where they’ll continue to send you coupons regularly. Enfamil also has a sign up for free baby formula coupons as does Gerber. Stock up on these coupons and request more if you run out! They’ll happily send you more to keep you as a customer.

Coupon Websites

Download The Krazy Coupon Lady’s app and never miss a baby formula coupon. This shows the savings and the store where you can buy it. There’s also a Facebook Page where she is constantly finding and updating coupons. Check if you can use multiple coupons at once for even bigger savings!

Can I Use Homemade Baby Formula to Save Money?

Please, please do NOT make your own baby formula as a means to save money. Baby formula is specially designed and made to have all the ingredients and nutrients a little baby’s system needs. I know formula is expensive, but this is your baby’s health we’re talking about! I repeat, do not use homemade baby formula!

mom making baby formula bottle

Other Ways to Save on Baby Formula

  • Go big. Buying from big warehouse stores like Sam’s Club, Costco, or BJ’s can give you a significant savings. Each of these stores has their own store brand formula as well.
  • Stick with powder formula if possible. Liquid concentrate or ready-made formula will cost you a lot more!
  • Buy generic. Stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreen’s and even Amazon all offer generic brand formulas at a much lower cost than the big, name brands. All baby formulas are required to meet the same set of quality and safety standards by the FDA, so generic brands can be just as good as name brands!
  • Check the clearance sections while you’re out and about. Sometimes formulas will go on clearance if the packaging changed or if there is an oversupply. Snag these when you can!
  • Join Amazon Family and get access to coupons as well as additional savings when you use Amazon Subscribe & Save. You can save up to 20% and receive more coupons with this feature.

If you’re going to formula feed, know that it will put a dent in your pocket book. Just remember that it’s a temporary cost and one that you won’t be spending money on forever!

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