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How To Organize Your Maternity Wardrobe

Learn how to organize your maternity wardrobe with these practical organizing tips for keeping your closet clean before and after baby!

maternity wardrobe

Organizing your maternity wardrobe might be a little low on your pregnancy checklist as you’re growing your little one (or little ones, if you’re expecting twins!), but for me, I knew that I had to get my clothes under control to save my sanity!

Learn how I organized my maternity wardrobe and how you can too!

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Why I Organized My Maternity Wardrobe

1. We have a small closet. I wouldn’t be able to fit both my normal wardrobe and my maternity wardrobe in there without total chaos. Not to mention, I only have 40 hangers and was running out.

2. I didn’t want to get depressed seeing all my “skinny” clothes hanging next to my giant pregnant clothes.

3. As far as pre-pregnancy clothes go, I have things that I know won’t fit for a long time and things that will be good post-baby — and I wanted to separate them accordingly.

4. I had several friends who lent me maternity clothes, and I needed a way to make sure I could return every item to its original owner.

And I figured the best time to do this is in the second trimester, now that I’m past the first-trimester exhaustion and nausea and into the DO ALL THE THINGS part of my pregnancy. (Seriously, I built a bookshelf by myself the other day.)

I started by taking everything out of my closet. For a year or so, I’ve been using the 40-Hanger Closet method, and for the most part I keep my closet to 40 hangers, plus a few extras for “utility” clothing like my workout gear.

If you have more things, this will be a bigger chore. But it’s the perfect time to go through things and organize your closet!

I made several piles:

  • Maternity Clothes
  • Skinny Pre-Pregnancy Clothes
  • Roomier Pre-Pregnancy Clothes that may fit postpartum
  • Clothes to Donate
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I put my skinny clothes in one plastic bin, and the roomier postpartum clothes in another. I tried to stack it so that the smallest clothes are on the bottom, and the largest are on the top. So when I do go to look in those boxes for something to wear after the babies come, I can grab what’s on top and there will be a higher chance of it fitting me.


Then I re-hung the maternity clothes and the few other pieces of clothing that still fit me. As I grow out of those clothes, I’ll take them off their hangers and add them to the postpartum box — they’ll also be on the top, because they’ll fit me the soonest.


As for the clothes I borrowed from friends, I decided to write everyone’s initials on the tags (with their permission, of course).

I didn’t want to have to remember which friend had which clothing pieces — I’ll be taking care of an infant, for goodness’ sake. The odds of me remembering to wear pants is slim, much less remembering which pants belong to which friend. I also hung these clothes in my closet once labeled.

Donate / Trash

This was also the perfect time to get rid of a few things that I just didn’t love anymore, a few items with stains, and a few things that were so small that I knew there barely a chance I’d ever fit in them again. It always feels good to get rid of extra stuff and live more simply.

Did you organize your maternity wardrobe? What did you do to keep track of everything? I’d love to hear your methods!

Amy Motroni


Thursday 14th of October 2021

Great post. When I organized my clothes I also had a 'nursing friendly' section, and put aside all the dresses etc which don't allow for 'easy access'! I currently have 5 kids, so needless to say I haven't seen my 'skinny' clothes in a long time...!!

Amy Motroni

Sunday 17th of October 2021

The nursing friendly section is a great idea!!