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Funny Mom Milestone Cards (Free Printables)

Use these funny mom milestone cards to celebrate your new mom wins! These cute, free printables are a perfect way to document new mom life!

mom milestone cards for new moms

I used to love taking my monthly photos of Evelyn. I would grab her new milestone sticker and hope that she would sit still long enough for me to capture a little gummy grin. It was one of my favorite things to do every month and I am so glad I documented it! Look at how squishy and cute!

baby milestone stickers

So much happens that first year and it deserves to be documented: first time baby rolls over, first real smile, first time baby sits up, when they start crawling, first words, and of course, their very first steps!

Moms experience some major milestones that first year too! Learning how to breastfeed, functioning without any sleep on a daily basis, and keeping a tiny human alive are no small feats!

Mom life is tough! We have to celebrate the victories—no matter how big or small—that we do get each day! Sometimes that victory comes in the form of a hot shower or a dodged temper tantrum. Sometimes it simply means you got to drink hot coffee or you put on real pants.

Yup, moms definitely deserve to celebrate and capture some milestones of our own! So I created these mom milestone cards free printables that you can turn into your own stickers. Because it’s a big freaking deal when you do get the baby down for a nap or you take the time to actually wash your hair!

Mom milestones. Documenting milestones as a new mom

I remember how excited and rested I felt when Evelyn slept through the night for the first time. I remember how anxious, yet free I felt the first time I left her alone with Nick. And, I remember how comfortable I felt when I got to wear regular underwear again. (Okay, I kinda liked the mesh undies!)

Mom milestones. Documenting the first year

Here are the mom milestone cards that are included in the free printable pack:

  • Left the baby for the first time
  • Got the baby to nap
  • I washed my hair
  • I slept through the night
  • Drank hot coffee
  • Didn’t cry today
  • Fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans
  • No more mesh panties
mom milestone cards 1

And best of all, they are completely free!

mom milestone cards 2

Download these mom milestone cards, print them, stick them on your shirt and capture some of your mommy milestones! One day you will look back fondly and laugh that drinking hot coffee was such a feat (but trust me it is)!

Enjoy meeting those mommy milestones! You’re totally killing this mom thing!

Mom milestones free printable
Amy Motroni