Hi there! I’m Amy, a Pediatric Sleep Consultant and the Founder of The Postpartum Party. I am so glad you’ve stopped by!

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As a mom and a Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant, I believe:

  • That parenting is so much more nuanced than the Internet makes us believe
  • That parental intuition is strong and trustworthy
  • That each parent is doing the best thing for their child…and that looks different for everyone

About The Postpartum Party

I started this business in 2019 after being frustrated by all the conflicting advice I found as a new mom.

Things were laid out too black and white. I needed more help in the gray areas and I wanted to start an encouraging and supportive environment for new parents.

I became obsessed with sleep when my daughter was a newborn and I wanted to share what worked for us with other parents.

In 2020, I completed my Pediatric Sleep Consulting Certification from The Cradle Coach Academy, I am also a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants and a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants. I work with families one-on-one getting them better sleep and have online sleep programs for ages 0–5.

I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the California State University, Sacramento.

The Postpartum Party in the Press:

Here are just a few of the various outlets who have featured me as an expert on baby and toddler sleep:

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Whichever method you choose, I’d love to hear from you. For more ways to get in touch, visit my Contact page.