Are you ready to eliminate short naps & early wakings so everyone can finally get more rest?

The Baby Sleep Schedule Binder takes the stress away of figuring out your baby’s sleep needs. You’ll get sleeping and feeding schedules that you can implement for every age, even if you currently have no routine in place.

If you’re desperate to get some routine and predictability, so you can actually have a life, then you’re in the right spot…


Are your baby’s naps and feeds all over the place and you’d love to have a plan?


Are you unsure when to drop a nap or how to make that transition happen?


Do you wonder how other parents get their babies on a regular sleep schedule?

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You deserve good sleep!

It really can be a science getting your baby to sleep. As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant I’ve studied it so you don’t have to.

After helping so many tired parents get their babies on a predictable routine, I wanted to share my system in an easy-to-follow format without the price point of working one-on-one with a sleep consultant.

Before buying these my son was awake from about 10:30 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. He was very uncomfortable, fussy, and crying. I assumed it was cluster feeding, but I realized it was because he was overtired! After purchasing these, he slept so good!

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At What’s Inside

Stop spending hours searching for your baby’s sleep needs at every age and stage. Get a straightforward, easy-to-follow plan. You’ll get:

  • A breakdown of wake windows by age and how to measure them. You’ll finally understand wake windows and why they are so important to good sleep.
  • Tips for knowing when your baby is ready for a schedule change and how to tackle it with confidence.
  • Month-by-month schedules so you can simplify your baby’s naps and get on a predictable routine.
  • Easy-to-print schedules to use at home, daycare, or to leave with another caregiver.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your roadmap for nap transitions and wake windows

Take the guesswork out of your baby’s day with the Baby Sleep Schedule Binder