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Easy DIY Padsicles (Frozen Pads for Postpartum Recovery)

Make your own padsicles with this easy DIY for postpartum recovery and relief. These postpartum cold packs can help relieve pain and swelling after birth where you need it the most.

supplies for padsicles

Our bodies really take a beating during and after labor. Childbirth is a beautiful thing but still very messy and painful. The postpartum aftermath and recovery is no joke and it’s important that we take care of ourselves, especially our lady regions, after a vaginal birth.

One of my friends is due with her third baby soon. I wanted to make her a little postpartum care kit, to help her after she delivers the baby. After birth, everything down there can be really sore and needs a little extra TLC.

I whipped up these padsicles for her so she would have them after delivery. I know she’ll love having these on hand whenever she needs a little extra relief!

These padsicles were so easy and inexpensive to make! Make a batch of these as you’re checking items off your pregnancy checklist, or make some to give to a friend who’s expecting!

These are a great addition to a gift basket for a new mom.

diy padsicle

What Is A Padsicle Anyway?

So padsicle is not technically a word, but I bet it will be soon enough. A padsicle is a postpartum cold pack, similar to a frozen maxi pad with all-natural healing ingredients soaked into it.

Think of it as a combination of a regular pad and an icicle—a frozen pad that brings healing relief for postpartum moms! Sounds amazing, right?

A batch of these padsicles can be made in about 30 minutes or less and frozen for later. Ingredients like witch hazel and aloe vera are all-natural and help promote healing to your most needed parts after childbirth.

ingredients for padiscles

Ingredients for Postpartum Padsicles

These are the healing ingredients that you’ll use to make your postpartum padsicles. See what they do and why they work!

Aloe vera—We have all experienced the healing properties of aloe vera on a sunburn. It’s cooling and soothing properties provide much needed relief down there too.

Witch hazel—An anti inflammatory, witch hazel helps relieve inflammation, reduces skin irritation, and can help treat hemorrhoids. (Yep, you might get those too.)

Lavender essential oil—Helps relieve soreness and heal wounds.

Do Padsicles Still Abosrb Blood?

These padsicles should still absorb your postpartum bleeding. Wear these with the disposable mesh underwear or an adult diaper if your flow is extra heavy or you want a little extra support. Childbirth is fun, right?

What You Need to Make Padsicles

I spent about $30 to make 30 padsicles. This is an easy and inexpensive DIY that will bring you lots of postpartum relief. Make these in advance while you’re preparing for baby so they’re ready to go when you need them. Your lady parts will thank you!

padsicles supplies

Supplies for Padsicles:

How To Make Your Own Padsicles

These padsicles are simple to make! Follow these steps to make homemade padsicles.

padsicles step one - unwrap pad

Step 1: Carefully unwrap each of the pads, leaving the sticky liner on the bottom and the wings.

padsicles step two - aloe vera

Step 2: Generously spread aloe vera all the way up and down the pad. Yep, you’ll want relief from front to back, not just in the middle! Make sure to saturate the pad with plenty of liquid so it freezes up.

padsicles step three - witch hazel

Step 3: Next, spread the witch hazel on the pad. (Be careful, it comes out fast!)

padsicles step four - essential oil

Step 4: Add a few drops of lavender oil to the pad.

padsicles step five - mix together

Step 5: Spread everything around so it’s evenly distributed throughout the pad.

padsicles step six - re-wrap pad

Step 6: Wrap the padsicle back up and place it in your freezer safe bag.

padsicles step seven - all pads in bag
padsicles step seven - all pads in bag

Step 7: Group all your pads together and stick them in the freezer. All of the ingredients will soak into the pad and provide you with cold, healing relief when you need it the most!

When you’re ready to use them, let the padsicle thaw at room temperature for about five minutes. Unwrap and enjoy the relief!

You could also try combining the ingredients into a spray bottle and making a a mini assembly line. Grab a pregnant friend or your partner to help you and make it more fun!

Bonus Tip: You can use the witch hazel and aloe vera gel mixture as a perineum spray for down-there relief and even for helping soothe hemorrhoids.

Where to Buy Padsicles

If you don’t feel like making your own, you can also purchase padsicles.

FridaMom recently came out with their instant ice cold packs. These don’t even need to be frozen! You just crack them and lightly shake to release the cooling qualities. These would be perfect for traveling or on the go!

These ice packs aren’t absorbent like a maxi pad, but they do provide cooling relief. The good thing about these is you can reuse them. These would be a good option if you’re past the postpartum bleeding stage but still experiencing soreness.

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