Make life a little easier when you’re rocking a bump with these awesome pregnancy hacks! 25 awesome hacks to make pregnant life a little better!

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Being pregnant is one of the most amazing and unique feelings there is. Seeing that first ultrasound, hearing baby’s heartbeat, and feeling those first fluttery baby movements are some of the most magical moments of pregnancy.

But with all that sweetness comes plenty of challenges. Experiencing morning sickness, being extremely tired, and having limited mobility are just a few of the issues that make for a very challenging 40 weeks!

Here are some of our favorite pregnancy hacks to make your bump time a little easier. These pregnancy hacks are ones that helped me personally and I hope they help you too!

Pregnancy Hacks for Physical Health

The physical symptoms of pregnancy starts early on. Nausea and fatigue are all signs that baby is healthy but don’t feel great for mama! Here are some pregnancy hacks to help you feel better physically.

1. Here’s a pregnancy hack for nausea. If brushing your teeth is making you gag, try going to the bathroom first. Going to the bathroom right before you brush your teeth can help with your gag reflex. Weird, but it works!

2. If that isn’t enough to ward off your gag reflex while brushing, swap out your toothbrush for a child or toddler-size toothbrush. They’re much smaller, making it easier to brush. You can also try bubble gum toothpaste if you can’t stomach mint.

3. Drinking water can help plenty of pregnancy ailments like bloating and constipation. If you don’t already have one, purchase a motivational water bottle to remind you to drink enough water throughout the day.

4. You can also add fruit slices to your water if you have a hard time drinking plain H2O. Slice some fresh lemon, cucumbers, or watermelon to make it taste a little sweeter.

5. If you’re struggling with morning sickness, keep a stash of crackers or granola bars on your nightstand so you can pop them in as soon as you wake up. I always forgot to eat breakfast and then regretted it later! See more tips for relieving morning sickness.

6. Pack a nausea kit for while you’re out and about. Include a mini toothbrush, toothpaste, sour candies, mints, and a puke bag in case you get sick in public.

7. Invest in a pregnancy pillow, like yesterday. I loved my Snoogle and couldn’t sleep without it once my stomach started growing. Other woman swear by the U-shaped pillow. You might as well buy it early so you can get the full use out of it!

8. Many woman experience a runny nose or congestion during pregnancy, thanks to pregnancy rhinitis. You can use a humidifier in your room to add moisture in the air and help relieve pregnancy rhinitis symptoms. A humidifier is one of the things you’ll eventually want to grab for baby’s nursery, so take advantage of using it now!

9. If you’re pregnant in the summer or live in a warm weather climate then it can get very uncomfortable and sweaty! Stash your bra in the freezer so it’s ice cold before you put it on. You can also keep some gel ice packs to keep under your shirt! These ones are perfect!

10. Whip up some easy DIY padsicles for your lady parts. These are simple to make and provide much needed relief down there for hemorrhoids. You can also use them post baby to soothe afterbirth pains.

Pregnancy Hacks for Your Mental Health

When you don’t feel good physically, you don’t feel good mentally and vice versa, Make sure to take care of yourself physically and mentally. These mental health hacks for pregnant woman will help keep you a little more sane.

11. There are so many questions that come up during pregnancy. I found myself googling questions all day long. Grab a few books to help you stay educated. What to Expect When You’re Expecting is full of helpful advice for all three trimesters and The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy is a practical book that will make you laugh out loud.

12. Pregnancy brain is real. Mom brain is even worse! I thought it was an urban legend but I went from being a very organized person to not having my shit together at all. Get yourself an Echo Dot so Alexa can be your brain and help you stay organized. I am able to add things to my shopping and to-do lists and get important reminders now that my brain no longer works.

13. Pregnancy (and motherhood) is full of surprises. You never know what you might need. Pack a small bag of pregnancy necessities and keep it in your car so you always have it with you. Include things like easy snacks, an extra set of undies in case you leak, and a mini water bottle or Gatorade.

14. It seems like babies try to prepare you for motherhood early on by making it harder to sleep. My husband is a snorer and the slightest little sound would wake me up. Use sleep headphones to block out noise and light so you can get your much needed rest.

15. Taking birth, newborn, and breastfeeding classes is so important. But make sure to choose the right classes. We spent some of our last free weekends cooped up in a stuffy room taking courses that were only somewhat beneficial. My husband and I could have utilized our time so much better by investing in online parenting classes.

Pregnancy Clothing Hacks

Once your little bump starts to grow, it seems like your clothes start to shrink. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on maternity clothes that I would only wear for a few months, so I had to find ways to repurpose my wardrobe. Save money on maternity clothes with these clever pregnancy clothing hacks.

16. Turn your current dresses into flowy tops and pair them with leggings for an easy maternity outfit. Once your bump grows, the dresses become too short anyway!

17. Instead of purchasing new bras, grab some bra extenders to extend the life of your current bras. Your breasts are going to change a lot in the next several months so there’s not much point in buying new bras for a while!

18. You can also wear a nursing bra from the start. Most of them are wire-free so they are comfortable and have more flexibility with sizing. Another option is to buy a few bralettes. They are pretty and feminine, even when you don’t feel like it.

19. Extend the life of your jeans with this hair tie trick! Grab a plain hair tie and loop it through the hole of your jeans. It can tie onto the button, giving you a few extra inches—and weeks to wear those pants.

20. And once those jeans just don’t fit anymore, you can cut out the pockets and DIY your own maternity pants. Get the tutorial from See Kate Sew.

21. Wearing slip on shoes will make your life a lot easier. If you want to wear tennis shoes for comfort or exercise, grab some no tie laces so you don’t have to worry about bending over to tie your shoes!

22. Shop smart! Retailers like have adorable pregnancy clothes at way lower prices than maternity-only boutiques.

Pregnancy Hacks for Mobility

Pretty soon bending over and moving around will be more difficult. Use these pregnancy hacks to help your mobility as a pregnant mama!

23. Keep a pair of kitchen tongs with you in the shower in case you drop anything. You can also carry a set of tongs around with you for when you drop things, or get real official with a grabber reacher tool. It even folds down so you can take it with you!

24. Avoid nicks and cuts by keeping a compact mirror handy in the shower to help you shave down there. This is a pregnancy hack that will come in handy in the third trimester!

25. Keep exercising throughout your third trimester if you can. I know some days it might be the last thing you feel like doing, but you’ll feel better after you do it. You can do prenatal yoga, go for long walks, or pregnancy ab exercises.

26. If you’re just feeling heavy and tired overall, go swimming. You’ll feel weightless in the water and take pressure off your joints and muscles. If anyone needs me, they can find me in the pool!

What were some of the pregnancy hacks that helped you survive your bump life? Leave a note in the comments and I can add it to this list!

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