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20 Paw-some Dog Pregnancy Announcements

Is your fur baby your first child? Tell everyone that you’re having a (human) baby by including your dog in your pregnancy announcement! These dog pregnancy announcements are a perfect way to include baby’s newest best friend in on the fun!

dog pregnancy announcement collage photos

I’m so excited because my best friend since ninth grade is pregnant! Not that I want to give away my age, but we have been best friends for 20 years! It’s a big deal and I cannot wait to love on her baby like it’s my own!

She and her husband are proud parents to a Cockapoo and he definitely is their first baby. He was the ring bearer at their wedding, so it was only natural for them to include him in the photoshoot they took to announce that they are expecting!

After seeing how adorable her pregnancy announcement was, I wanted to see other fun pregnancy announcements that included the family pet. Click through to see these awesome dog pregnancy announcements. How some of these photographers got these shots with energetic pups is beyond me!

guard dog pregnancy announcement with letterboard sign

This is my best friend and her husband and dog! I love their guard dog letter board sign to announce baby on the way, taken by their friend Brad! Seriously, they are going to make the most gorgeous babies!

dog pregnancy announcement with Disney bib

This handsome big brother has his Mickey bandana to share a Disney pregnancy announcement. I love all the photos in the shoot from All The Creative!

dog pregnancy announcement with dog and balloons

This little lady is going to be a big sister. The Every Girl included balloons and a letterboard with her dog to share the big news!

dog reading a book to announce being a big brother

Looks like Instagram doggy is reading up on how to be a big brother! Looks like he’s taking his new duties very seriously!

party of six - dog pregnancy announcement

Just A Tina Bit uses all her fur babies to announce they’ll soon be a party of six! I love all the different signs the dogs have to share the news!

two Goldendoodle dogs to announce baby

Goldendoodles are the cutest and we love these simple signs @mightydoods used to have her goldendoodles share the news that their human mom is pregnant!

dog pregnancy announcements mugs for the new grandparents

Tell your family that you’re pregnant by gifting your parents this set of mugs. I’m sure they will love going from dog grandma to human grandma!

big sister - dog pregnancy announcements

Grab the new big sister her own shirt to share the news! Such a fun dog pregnancy announcement that highlights your pup!

dogs reading books to announce pregnancy

I love the stack of books these dogs are reading in this photo from Erin Elizabeth Photography! She says it was one of her favorite and most challenging photoshoots to date! Click through to see all the amazing shots she got of these pups!

dogs wearing bunny ears for a Spring pregnancy announcement

Give your dogs some bunny ears if you’re making an Easter pregnancy announcement. These dogs look so egg-cited to welcome a new member to the pack!

couple and dog announcing pregnancy with ultrasound photo

This cozy winter shoot is a perfect setup. The buffalo plaid bandana on their dog is a great way to announce the news!

toy testers sign and dogs to announce new baby

These dogs can’t wait to be the official toy testers to their new human baby! Grab this sign from Let’s Get Chalky and start snapping away!

human feet and baby shoes with dog to announce pregnancy

There are so many great shots in Nicole Flores’ Photography big brother pregnancy announcement but I love the simplicity of this one with mom, dad, and baby’s shoes with their doggy in the middle of it all! He’s going to be a great big brother!

sign for dog to wear to announce pregnancy

If your dog is your first baby, then he/she might get a little jealous when you bring the new addition home. A dog pregnancy announcement with this cute sign is perfect for those spoiled fur babies.

mom and dad with dog pregnancy announcement

This pup is stoked to have a new best friend since his mom and dad are getting him a human! Such a fun photoshoot with plenty of smiles from Wiggins Photography. Use a chalkboard to write your own message or buy a getting me a human sign here.

dog pregnancy announcement - dogs in scooter with pink balloons

These stroller-bound dogs look ready to welcome their new baby sis in style with a new ride and everything! Baby sister already looks like she has the best siblings!

dog bandana pregnancy announcement

Big brother and the middle child are ready to welcome daddy’s biggest fans! Love these dog bandana bibs if you have multiple pups for your dog bandana pregnancy announcement! Perfect for a fall pregnancy announcement!

maternity tee for dog lovers

Grab this fun pregnancy tee for your dog pregnancy announcement! Let everyone know your fur babies are getting a pet human with this maternity shirt!

Dog pregnancy announcement with baby shark towel and letter board

There’s no doubt you’ll have Baby Shark stuck in your head from the moment you become a parent. This dog photo from Louisianne’s Great Danes embraces it early on with this letter board message announcing the new baby!

Zombie pregnancy announcement with dog

This zombie family included their dog and these amazing costumes to make a perfect Halloween pregnancy announcement!

Which one is your favorite? Have fun using your fur baby to help you make the announcement that you’re having a human baby!

dog pregnancy announcement pin image
Amy Motroni