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Twin Pregnancy Announcements for Double the Fun

Twin babies mean double the work and double the fun! See how these parents made their twin pregnancy announcement—after getting over the initial shock of having two babies of course!

twin pregnancy announcements

I have a fair share of twins in my life—My childhood best friends are identical twins, one of my best friends had identical twin boys, and we have a twin boy/girl nephew and niece on my husband’s side of the family.

I know each set of parents felt a mix of emotions when they found out they were pregnant with twins: shock, fear, excitement, joy, anxiety, nervousness, and more shock.

One baby is enough work for new parents, but twins? I can only imagine what went through these parents minds when they found out they were expecting twins.

See how they shared their shock with friends, family, and social media with these creative twin pregnancy announcement ideas!

And then check out all of our creative pregnancy announcement ideas as well!

parents holding up onesies to announce twin pregnancy

I love a funny pregnancy announcement! This couple only ordered one baby but it was buy one get one free (BOGO). We love their twin pregnancy announcement from @alexisleaphotography. You can find similar twin onesies to use for your own twin pregnancy photo!

little girl announcing twin siblings

This big sister is excited to get two new besties when her parents deliver twins! There’s going to be a lot of toys and friendship in this home!

twin pregnancy announcement

The Salt Water Wife admits that she and her husband laughed AND cried when they found out there were two babies at their ultrasound. Their goodness gracious twin pregnancy announcement captures the realm of emotions twin parents must feel!

dog with two pairs of baby shoes for twin pregnancy announcement

This Colorado couple used their pup and two sets of baby shoes to announce their twin pregnancy. Four tiny feet full of babies so sweet for this family!

mom and dad announcing twin pregnancy

Sometimes you pray for one baby and God blesses you with two! See this couple’s photo announcement from @brandisisson. You can also find similar onesies to use your own twin pregnancy announcement.

big sister baking up a special recipe - twins

Big sister is making something yummy, but she doubled the batch and it’s coming out twins! What a clever photo idea from @bambineandmes getting big sis in on the pregnancy announcement fun! This would also make a cute Christmas pregnancy announcement with a few tweaks!

copy and paste twin baby bodysuits

These Copy and Paste baby bodysuits are such a fun way to announce your twin pregnancy! Hold these up and snap a pic. These will be also be so cute to put the babies in once they arrive!

twin pregnancy announcement with family

These parents wrote out their sentiments on their letter board in their twin pregnancy announcement that includes the whole family. I’m sure most twin parents feel this way at that first ultrasound!

two buns in the oven - twin pregnancy announcement

This sweet couple is cooking up some news in the kitchen and mom’s belly! There are two sets of ultrasounds and two buns in the oven for these expecting parents!

big brother announcing twin pregnancy

This big brother to be can’t even handle his excitement! He asked for one sibling and ended up getting two! Grab this sign from Three Little Birds Design to use for your own twin pregnancy announcement and big brother pregnancy announcement!

twin pregnancy announcement for rainbow babies

Oh look, it’s a double rainbow with this couple’s pregnancy announcement! They turned a pregnancy loss into a beautiful photoshoot with their twin babies! Click through to see all their colorful photos!

twin pregnancy announcement with dog

They planned, God laughed. Isn’t that how it always goes? I love this expecting couple’s sweet dog pregnancy announcement that announces they’re pregnant with two babies!

two buns in the oven - sisters announcing twin pregnancy

There are two buns in the oven in big sisters’ kitchen! What a fun at-home twin pregnancy idea you can re-create in your kitchen!

twin pregnancy announcement

This twin mama to be can’t believe the news! I love her simple photo holding her ultrasound with two babies in front of this beautiful background!

dogs with baby onesies for twin pregnancy announcement

Ever heard the saying, we made plans and God laughed at them? Looks like.a big plot twist came for this family when they got pregnant with twins! I love how they used their dogs in this pregnancy announcement! Grab similar onesies from Up to our Necks in Fabric!

twin pregnancy announcement

This is one of my best friends and I remember the shock her and her husband felt when they found out they were having identical twins! They announced their twin pregnancy with a cute poem and two baby bodysuits!

double trouble twin pregnancy announcement

Double trouble’s arriving for this family! Their family is growing by four little feet and a lot of fun!

twin pregnancy announcement

Grab some giant twins balloons to hold for your pregnancy announcement. These siblings look so excited to welcome two new babies to the family!

baby onesies for twin pregnancy announcement

Let everyone know your baby is coming soon but don’t forget about the other baby with the me too baby shirt! These are a fun pair of onesies to hold up in your twin pregnancy announcement photo!

Big sister announcing twins

This little lady is stoked to be a big sister times two. Double the babies means double the love and double the fun!

twin pregnancy announcement

This mama literally thought she was in a dream when the doctor told her there were two heartbeats. After accepting the news, her and her husband announced it with this twin banner after one of her competitions!

These twin parents are heroes! Twins mean double the diapers, cries, feedings, and fun. Twin babies mean half the sleep but double the love and I’m betting these twin parents wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!