Having a baby but don’t want all the extra stuff? Here’s a minimlaist baby registry guide for the minimalist mom—whether you’re on a budget, or just want to live a more simple life!

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When making my baby registry, I knew I didn’t want baby items taking up my entire house. I also knew there were so many products we could register for that we would use for such a short amount of time.

The reality is babies really don’t need that much stuff.

Whether you’re working with a small nursery space, setting up a twin baby registry and are overwhelmed, or just like to keep your home free of clutter, you can stick to the basics when you make your baby registry.

Keep it simple with a minimalist baby registry. This no-fuss guide shows you all the products you need to care for your baby, with none of the items you don’t.

Minimalist Baby Registry Tips

Before I share the items to add to your minimalist baby registry, here are a few tips.

Borrow from Friends

There are so many baby products that have a really short lifespan.

You’ll use a bassinet or Rock N Play alternative for a few months, a nursing pillow until you get the hang of breastfeeding, and baby shoes, like never.

These products are expensive when bought new and are only used for 2 to 6 months.

Ask for hand-me-downs from friends who are out of the baby phase or are holding onto gear for baby #2.

Good things to borrow include:

  • Boppy
  • Swings
  • Jumpers
  • Bouncers
  • Bathtubs
  • Baby carriers

I was able to borrow a bouncer, baby swing, and newborn playset all from a mom who didn’t want to get rid of the items yet, but was happy to loan them out temporarily.

My daughter used each item for about 1 to 3 months total, so it saved us a lot of money.

Buy Used

For items that you can’t borrow, search Facebook marketplace and second hand stores.

Buying used items such as baby swings, bouncers, baby carriers, and clothes can save you money and help you avoid extra stuff in your home long term.

Buy Products that Multitask

Many baby products are intended for traveling or camping, but are also great everyday staples.

Products that fold down and can be moved around the house easily are awesome additions to your minimalist baby registry.

For example, this travel high chair is compact so it doesn’t take up a lot of space, while this portable high chair is perfect to fold down and take baby outside with you.

Same idea with this baby activity station and an on-the-go sound machine. Think multi-use products like these when you’re adding items to your registry.

Don’t Wash Baby Clothes Yet

I know you’re chomping at the bit to start organizing your baby’s clothes but wait!

You never know how big (or small) your baby will be once they’re born. You could bypass newborn sizes all together, or be in them long after the season changes.

Wash and prepare a few essentials to get you through the first week or so.

You can always do laundry and add more clothes to your stockpile if you’re running low after baby arrives.

And if it turns out you don’t need all those clothes, you can return them for other baby essentials that you’ll need down the road.

Sometimes Convenience Trumps Minimalism

Being a parent is no walk in the park. Sometimes you want something to make your life easier.

This can come in the form of disposable diapers and wipes or a super fancy bassinet to get your baby to sleep.

It’s okay to get some of these things if it means saving your sanity. You can always donate to the an expecting friend down the line.

I prioritized what was most important to us and selected items that were convenient for that.

Remember Everyone is Different

Your bestie might recommend a baby food maker that you think is pointless. Or, you might love an item that another mom thinks is useless.

My best friend swore by this baby b um brush, but I thought it was unnecessary.

You might hate the things I love. Or your baby might hate the swing that your neighbor swears by.

Just because I think baby shoes are absurd, doesn’t mean you can’t rock those things daily.

You’ll quickly learn there are a lot of opinions in motherhood and you just gotta do you.

Okay, here’s the minimalist baby registry items.

Baby Registry Items for Sleep


You can skip a bassinet and go straight to a crib or a Pack and Play. (Babies are typically too big for a bassinet between 3 to 6 months anyway.)

If you want to learn more about using a crib vs bassinet, check out this post.

Crib Mattress

Get a high-quality crib mattress that is firm and flat.

The Newton crib mattress has a hypoallergenic cover that is breathable and machine washable. You can zip the cover off to wash it, giving this mattress so much longevity.


You’ll want a few sets of sheets (Read this post if you’re wondering how many crib sheets you need and a waterproof mattress cover (or two).

Swaddles and Sleep Sacks

Choose a swaddle that grows with your baby. This way you don’t have to buy new swaddles every few months.

A Good Sleep Course

Learn how to set the foundation for healthy sleep and get your baby sleeping 8 to 12 hours a night in the newborn sleep course. I’ll teach you how to set up routines to encourage good sleep early on!

Other Sleep Essentials

Don’t forget the sound machine and pacifier. These baby registry must haves for sleep will help your baby—and you—get a better night’s rest.

Baby Registry Items for Feeding

Nipple Cream

Yep, you’ll be glad you got this. New moms luuurve this one.

Nursing Pillow/Scarves

You can use an infinity scarf to double up as a nursing cover. When I first started breastfeeding, it was helpful to have a pillow like the Boppy to make things more comfortable.

I think the Boppy I used had three prior owners. The covers are washable so used is the way to go for this.

Nursing tanks/bras

These are super convenient to have and make nursing a little easier.


You can turn mason jars into bottles with these kits. Mason jars are great because they are heatproof, dishwasher-safe, shatterproof (they break in large chunks) and freezable for milk storage.

Breast Pump

Check with your insurance to see if they cover this.

Pump parts/milk storage

You can also use these adapters to pump directly into the Mason jars, saving you time, money and reducing the need for plastic storage bags.

High Chair

Before you know it, your baby will be joining you at the table! Save space with a compact clip-on chair. These are the highchairs we love for Baby-led Weaning!

baby nursery

The Nursery

Changing pad

You don’t need a whole table, but having a changing pad is nice. Go portable with this or stick a sturdy one on top of a dresser for diaper changes.

Blackout curtains

Make the room pitch black so your baby sleeps longer. I went through three pairs of blackout curtains and these are the best nursery blackout curtains I found!


You will spend a significant amount of time in this chair, so make sure to get a comfortable one. I had this chair, and while it was nothing fancy it was comfortable and did the trick.

Video monitor

You might not need it if your room is thisclose to baby’s. But I always had peace of mind having this right by my side.

Diaper pail

Unless you have a smell-proof trash can very close by, get a diaper pail. Those diapers smell and there are many of them. I like this one because it’s a good price and looks decent for being a poo holder.

Baby Care


You can cloth diaper or do disposables.


You can do reusable or disposable. Totally a preference!

Burp cloths

I had tons of burp cloths gifted to me and these ones are the best by far. They are super absorbent and soft.

Soap and lotion

You will wash your baby but you really don’t need anything fancy. Dove soap is gentle on baby’s skin and gets the job done. Baby soap and shampoo will also last a long time.


Be prepared with a baby thermometer, pain reliever and cool-mist humidifier. Because when you need these, you need them and they can be lifesavers to help get a sick baby to sleep.

Minimalist Baby List for On-The-Go

Car seat

I think it’s totally worth it to get the infant car seat first and then transition to a convertible car seat later.


You’ll use a good stroller for several years. Popular strollers include the BOB Stroller, UPPABaby, and Baby Jogger (this one converts to a double stroller for later.)

Baby carrier

If you think you’ll wear baby a lot, the Tula Free to Grow carrier can be worn from newborn to 45 pounds. We loved this carrier and were able to wear our baby for several years. In fact, at age 6 she doesn’t even hit the weight limit so you definitely get your use out of this. Plus, they have some adorable patterns.

Diaper bag

Here are some of my favorites that don’t cost too much. If you have a large purse or backpack, you can use that too. I like diaper bags with lots of pockets so I can find things fast and stay organized.

Wet/dry bags

Good for diapers, snacks, wet clothes, etc. Throw it in this bag and call it good!

What Baby Items are Not Necessary?

Again, everyone is going to have their own thoughts on what really isn’t necessary. I think these are items you don’t need to register for:

  • Baby shoes: I know, they are so cute! But they won’t stay on your baby’s feet anyway and they’re just pointless.
  • Baby blankets: Babies can’t sleep with a blanket until around 12 months old anyway. Maybe get one for when they want to play on the ground, but don’t go overboard.
  • Wipe warmer: Just get them used to regular wipes from the get-go.
  • Bottle warmer: See above, but with milk.
  • Baby towels/washcloths: Your standard bath towels and wash cloths will work just fine for cleaning and drying baby off.
  • Baby food maker: When it’s time to start solids you can do baby-led weaning or just mash fruit and veggies on your own.
  • Fancy sleep products: I’ve seen parents willing to spend a small fortune to get a good night’s sleep. But I’ve also learned that things like the Merlin sleep sack aren’t going to change your baby’s sleep that much. Instead, I recommend investing in a good sleep course to help you set up a good routine.

When Should You Start Your Baby Registry?

Now that you know what to put on your minimalist registry, when should you create it?

It’s never too early to start brainstorming ideas and items that you want to add to your baby registry. Start by asking friends about the baby items they have loved the most and go from there.

You can start putting together a list of the items you think you want to add to your registry so you have it once you’re ready. Setting up a registry at a store can be incredibly overwhelming so it helps to do some due diligence in advance.

And if you’re wondering what are some second baby registry must haves we cover that as well!

What other baby items have you loved? Do you have anything to add to this minimalist baby regisry list?


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