Carrying twins? Here are my must-haves for a twin baby registry! Learn how we slept, fed, and played with our little guys—and all the gear you need (and don’t need) when you’re expecting twin babies.

twin boys awake in matching outfits

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When I found out we were pregnant with twins, needless to say I was overwhelmed. Trying to create my twin baby registry was one of the hardest things I did.

I sat down one afternoon and started researching options for sleeping the babies. We had two cribs, but people were suggesting swings, co-sleepers, Rock N Plays, bassinets, Pack N Plays, and about 100 other things.

I remember sitting on my couch, all by myself, and crying because I didn’t want 100 products taking over my house and much more preferred the minimalist baby registry lists.

Now that we’re nine months into this whole twin-parenting gig, I thought I’d come back and give you some of my top picks for a twin baby registry. These are the products that helped us so much in those early twin baby days!

And trust me, there were also plenty of baby products we could have done without.

Of course there are other things to put on a baby registry, but you can find those things on any registry checklist. This is a list of our twin baby registry must-haves. We found we used these items the most and they made parenting two babies much easier!

Twin Baby Registry Sleeping Products

These are the products we used to help our twin babies get to sleep. We started them in our room and slowly transitioned them to the crib once we were ready to have them sleep in their adventure-themed nursery.

Baby Trend Twins Nursery Center

We moved the this pack and play between our bedroom and living room for the first 3 months. The boys napped in the bassinets during the day and then in our room at night.

Our house at the time was small enough to wheel this from room to room. Now, this is one of our baby travel items, without the bassinet part.

V-Tech Video Monitor

We decided to go with a double video monitor instead of an audio monitor because we wanted to be able to see which baby was fussing.

That way, when we fed them at night, we could know if the baby making noise had just been fed, or if the other one was waking up. Plus they are SO cute to watch on the monitor.

Sound Machine

We loved using our baby sound machine for sleeping and to help each twin sleep through the other’s wake ups. Twins will naturally get used to hearing (and sleeping through) each other’s noises during the night, but using a sound machine also helps muffle those noises for more sensitive twin sleepers.

twin babies sleeping

A Sleep Plan

You have to have a strategy in place for how you will get your twin babies to sleep! One baby will keep you up all night, much less two babies! We read about the Babywise method, but needed even more help to get the boys to sleep.

This Newborn Sleep Course goes into more details on how to set the foundation for sleep and has a special plan for twins.

Twin Baby Registry for Feeding

Feeding two babies was no joke! The best thing we did was keep them on the same feeding schedule. It was a lot of work, but helped save everyone’s sanity in the end. Here are the products we loved for feeding our twins!

Twin-Z Pillow

If you’re going to breastfeed, I highly recommend this pillow. I tried for eleven weeks to breastfeed and pump, and it was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. But while I was trying, I found this pillow to be really helpful.

The back support is amazing for both breastfeeding and pumping, and I could see how it would work for tandem nursing as well. And you can use it to prop up the babies for tummy time or to feed bottles to both at the same time.

Table for Two

I know many twin moms who loved feeding their twins in this as well. This thing is quite large, but super convenient before babies can hold their own bottles so you can feed them both at the same time!

Boon Drying Rack

This isn’t meant specifically for twins, but we love this drying rack. The little flowers and twigs make it so easy to dry all of the bottle and breast pump parts, which we use plenty of with two babies! Plus it’s pretty darn cute.

Baby-Led Weaning Book

Let me introduce you to the benefits of baby-led weaning (BLW). Basically, you skip purees and spoon feeding and your babies go right to feeding themselves whole food at six months.

From the beginning, our boys were munching on chunks of cucumbers, broccoli, apples, avocados, carrots, and even things like naan and tilapia. It may seem scary to watch a baby gnaw on a pork chop, but we found that the boys learned to chew first, then swallow, lowering their risk of choking.

They also became adept at handling food very quickly. I couldn’t recommend this method of introducing solids more! Plus, who wants to spoon feed two babies? Mama ain’t got time for that.

Fisher Price Space Saver Chairs

We decided on these high chairs because two high chairs take up SO much space. If you have the space, great. If not, these chairs strap onto a regular dining room chair and are a great solution.

Our dining room is approximately the size of our small table. These high chairs take up no extra room, and they’ll hold the boys until they’re ready to sit in the actual chairs!

Twin Baby Registry for Play

The best part about having twins is that they have a playmate for life! You really don’t need a lot to keep them entertained. Here are a few items we loved when the boys were awake and hanging out around the house.

Baby Gym

We had a regular baby gym that we borrowed from a cousin. The boys loved it. They would lie next to each other and it’s the first place that they really started to discover that the other baby existed (so fun!).

They learned how to grab the little animals and rings. But they outgrew it pretty fast, so I’m going to suggest this larger gym that should last longer with two babies.

Fisher Price Sit Me Up

These seats are a lifesaver! It’s pretty hilarious when our twin mom club gets together—there are at least six of us who have two of these lion seats (twelve babies, all sitting in their lions!). There are also crabs, froggies, owls, and monkeys!

We all love them because they’re light and portable (they collapse) and the babies all enjoy them. They are also great for containing your babies once they start moving around and you need to do a load of laundry.

Portaplay Activity Table

This isn’t particularly for twins, but we love this table. It doesn’t take up a ton of room like a lot of exersaucers (we have a smaller home), and it becomes a table once the babies outgrow it. We often rotate the babies between this, a blanket on the floor with toys, and the Sit Me Ups. It’s basically a baby Curves gym in here.

Twin Baby Registry Gear

Venturing out with twins is also no joke! We learned to pack light and only bring the essentials with us. These are our favorite twin baby registry gear!

Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller

Yes, this stroller is expensive. But I did a lot of research to find a lightweight, small, rugged, all-terrain stroller that would work for two babies and is comfortable to push.

I ended up buying ours off of Craigslist and I use it all the time to walk the babies around the neighborhood (OK, let’s be real—I walk them to Starbucks to get myself a vat of coffee. #twinmomgoals).

It’s fairly easy to fold up and it fits in our Volvo sedan’s trunk (No, I don’t have a minivan). And it’s fully adjustable, which means it grows with the babies and if your two tikes are different sizes, you can adjust each seat to fit them perfectly.

Lilliebaby Carriers

Baby carriers are one of the most forgotten baby registry items, and something new parents end up purchasing shortly after their baby is born out of necessity.

There is such thing as a twin baby carrier that is made specifically for carrying two babies. I haven’t personally tried them, so I can’t say whether or not they are good. But I can sing the praises of the Lillebaby carrier.

Both Ryan and I have one, and we use them a lot when we’re out and about. They are easier to use than the stroller when going to places with lots of people. Sometimes I’ll take our single stroller for one baby and carry the other (especially if I need trunk space—the Indie Twin takes up the entire trunk).

And the Lillebabies are comfortable. When a baby is being particularly fussy, I’ll carry him around and he’ll quiet right down after being carried.

Buggy Bench Shopping Seat

This was a lifesaver when I took the boys to the store on my own once they were sitting up. It attaches to any size cart, creating an extra seat for your other baby. Plus it folds flat and is easy to store in my trunk! This made shopping trips with two babies actually doable!

Those are my must haves for a twin baby registry! Of course you’ll need all the typically baby stuff as well but these were the items that were most helpful to me as a twin mom!

Hey twin moms! Have any recommendations for things for twin baby registry that I missed?

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