Learn how to set up your baby registry on Amazon and the benefits of doing an Amazon baby registry. Amazon offers a free welcome box as well as a few other perks with their easy online baby registry.

Amazon baby registry perks

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Deciding where to set up your baby registry is an important decision. You want a store (online or brick and mortar) that family and friends will be able to easily access, one that has a range of favorite baby products, a place that will easily accept returns, and one that offers you a few perks and benefits for bringing them plenty of customers.

I did an insane amount of research when I was setting up my baby registry with my daughter. Lucky for you, I wrote it all down so you can make the best decision on where to register for your baby.

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Here is all of the information I learned about setting up an Amazon baby registry as well as some of the great perks of doing a baby registry with Amazon!

Amazon Baby Registry Benefits

There are plenty of benefits of using an Amazon baby registry (as well as a few drawbacks). Here are some of the main perks of doing your baby registry with Amazon.

  • Everything you need: Amazon has practically everything that you would ever want to add to your baby registry. Their inventory is huge so you can find nearly any baby brand or product that you want. From major brands to homemade items, they have it all!
  • And then some: If Amazon doesn’t have a specific item that you want to include on your registry, you can add items from other stores via the Amazon Assistant function.
  • Trusted reviews: You can read reviews from other customers online before deciding which baby items you want to put on your registry. This is huge for me, because I research everything! I loved seeing what other moms had to say about specific baby products.
  • Convenient for guests: It’s super convenient for guests to shop off your registry and have items shipped straight to their house. No more wandering the aisles of Buy Buy Baby looking for baby products!
  • Free stuff for mom: When you set up a baby registry, Amazon will send you a free welcome box. This welcome box includes a mix of baby items valued up to $35.
  • Completion Discount: You get a 10% completion discount on any eligible remaining items on your registry. Prime members get a 15% completion discount on eligible items (up to a certain amount).
  • Unique Gift Ideas: I love thinking of gift ideas that aren’t typically on a registry for new moms. With an Amazon baby registry, you can add non-traditional items to your baby registry such as Amazon Prime, house cleaning services (yes please!), and gift cards that you can use for last-minute products or even Amazon Fresh grocery delivery.
  • Easy returns: There is a big return window! Amazon gives you 365 days to return most items purchased off the baby registry. This is a huge benefit!
  • Group gifts: Baby shower guests can go in together to chip in for big ticket items with Amazon’s group gifting. This is a great way to get those strollers and car seats when friends go in together.
  • Gift cards: You can also add Amazon gift cards to your baby registry, as well as cash for a diaper fund. You’ll definitely need that!
  • Easy to keep track: Your baby registry comes with an accessible list to help you keep track of what each guest brought so you can write all of those thank you cards after the baby shower.
  • Perfect for baby number two: Once the second baby comes, you might be set with baby gear, but still need a few more non-traditional items. Amazon is great for all those items you might need with your second baby!

How to Set Up An Amazon Baby Registry

The Baby Registry button is a little tricky to find as it isn’t super obvious on the Amazon home screen. To find it, go to the top menu, under the search bar or just click here.

From there you can choose Baby Registry. Then, you can click create a new baby registry. You’ll be prompted to follow the steps.

You can also skip looking for the registry button and just click this photo below. This will take you straight to starting your baby registry on Amazon!

Once you enter your login information, Amazon will ask you some questions about where gifts should be shipped, as well as your baby’s due date, gender, and a few other personal preferences.

After that, it’s time to add stuff to your registry! It is really awesome to browse through favorite baby products while you’re sitting on the couch catching up on a TV show. No need to ever leave the house!

Disadvantages of An Amazon Baby Registry

As awesome as an Amazon baby registry is, there are a few disadvantages as well. Here are a few of the downfalls that I found:

  • No shopping experience: Some baby shower guests will want to go to a physical store to choose items off your baby registry. Usually women who are well past having their own babies want to shop the aisles of adorable baby items in person.

    For this reason, I always recommend registering at two different places. You can do Amazon and a physical store such as Buy Buy Baby, so guests have options.

  • Touching and feeling: While browsing online and reading reviews is so convenient, I also like to see some products in person. Not all of them, but I did want to feel the swaddles and burp cloths I was picking out. I definitely wanted to hold a carseat in my arms to see how heavy it felt and take a stroller for a test run around the store to make sure I liked the maneuverability.

    If this is something you also want to do, you can browse the products you like on Amazon and then visit a large retailer to see them in person. Many stores have the big baby brands such as Gerber, Baby Jogger, and Chicco so you can test them out and then add it to your registry on Amazon.

What Does Amazon Give You For Baby Registry?

Along with all of the perks mentioned above, Amazon will also send you a free welcome box. This will have items for the parents and the new baby. It will likely be several different samples of baby products to try as well as a few other goodies.

It does look like you have to be an Amazon Prime customer and meet $10 worth of purchases off your registry before you’ll receive your welcome box.

Honestly, the Welcome box is a nice perk but don’t choose your baby registry based on a few free goodies. You want the overall experience to be amazing, including item selection, returns, and customer service. Not a couple small freebies.

About the Amazon Baby Registry Completion Discount

Chances are you won’t get every little thing on your registry, so the completion discount is huge.

The completion discount means that you can purchase remaining items at a discount! Woo! You’ll get 15% off if you have Amazon Prime and 10% if you don’t on select remaining items from your baby registry.

Once you’re eligible for the completion discount, you’ll see a notification in your dashboard. You’ll be able to use it 60 days before your baby’s expected arrival up until 60 days after baby’s arrival, so you have plenty of time to grab that last-minute baby gear you still want.

If you waited until the last minute to set up your Amazon registry, you might need to wait. You aren’t eligible for the completion discount until 14 days after the registry was setup. Basically, they don’t want you to create the registry just to get the completion discount on a few last-minute things.


There are definitely some rules around using your Amazon completion discount, so make sure to follow them thoroughly. I love this post from Are We Adults Yet, which walks new moms through how they can get the most bang for their buck with the completion discount.

After you are notified that you have your completion discount available, it’s time to shop! On a phone, you can get to the discount screen by clicking Offers & Benefits in the Baby Registry drop down menu.

If you’re using a laptop or desktop, a message will appear once you’re eligible for the discount. Just click on it to be taken to the discount page.

Important: Eligible items must be added to your cart from this page in order for you to get the discount.

There is a limit to the completion discount. You can only use it on two orders up to $2,000 worth of products, so the maximum discount you can receive if you have Amazon Prime is $300 and $200 without Prime.

You can buy more and spend as much as you want, but the discount will stop at $300 for Prime members and $200 for non-Prime members.

Finally, only the primary registrant can use the completion discount. So if it’s set up in mom’s name, dad has to go in her Amazon account to get it.

What is an Eligible Item?

Not all items on your registry will get the discount applied to them. Eligible items are items that are fulfilled by Amazon or sold and shipped by Amazon.

Look for the sold and shipped by message, right by the Add to Cart button to make sure the items you’re purchasing are eligible for a discount. You can buy whatever you want, but check this out if you’re focusing on your discount.

The completion discount also won’t work on any of those universal items you added from other sites or stores using the Amazon Assistant extension.

Once you’re finished shopping, the discount will be applied at checkout.

Returning Items off Your Amazon Baby Registry

Returning gifts is inevitable. You might change your mind, receive duplicate products, or receive a hand-me-down from a friend and no longer need the item new. I literally changed my mind on the stroller I wanted at least 5 times, so it’s totally okay if you change your mind on big and small baby products that you want!

I think one of the biggest perks of the Amazon baby registry is the large return window. It’s 365 days! You have a whole year to decide if you are going to keep something.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can use a stroller everyday and return it at the end of the year! But if you have products you never actually used or opened, then yep, you can send them back.

For this reason, I recommend waiting until you are certain you will use something before taking it out of the package.

Returning items from your Amazon baby registry seems fairly straightforward. You just navigate to your Thank You List and Returns, find the item and click Return. It will give you some prompts to follow and voila!

I always hated packing up an Amazon return to ship out, so I love that Kohl’s stores now accept Amazon returns. It truly makes it so easy!

One little tricky note on the Amazon returns is that it says gifts purchased by the registry owner (that’s you!) are only eligible for a 90-day return window. Sneaky, sneaky. But if you bought it yourself, chances are you know you’ll love it.

Otherwise, the items purchased off your registry from others will be within the 365-day window.

Setting up your Amazon baby registry can definitely be overwhelming, but also a lot of fun. Just research what you want, go slow, and don’t be afraid to change your mind! And enjoy all the perks of setting up your Amazon baby registry!

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