Celebrate a new mom by making her a thoughtful gift basket full of goodies just for her! You can put together your own gift basket for a new mom with these simple tips and supplies! I’ve even included a free printable for you!

new mom gift basket

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We had plenty of people love on us when we became new parents. So many of our friends stopped by with hot meals, baby outfits, Starbucks gift cards, and other gifts to celebrate us and our new baby.

There were a few girlfriends who brought me things that were just for me. It was especially nice to get something for myself during a time when I was only thinking about my baby. I’m not kidding when I tell you that when someone brought us dinner and some bath salts for me, it felt like the most luxurious gift I had ever received.

Now, whenever a friend of mine has a baby, I put together a simple new mom gift basket filled with goodies that are just for her. Most moms have already had the baby shower and have received a ton of presents off of their baby registry already.

I remember how difficult that time was, so a postpartum gift basket for the new mom is something small that can help her survive postpartum. Bringing a new mom some thoughtful gifts is my small way of making her feel loved, and a little like herself again.

How to Make a Gift Basket for a New Mom

This past weekend, I made a new mom gift basket for a friend who recently had a baby. It was really easy and is a fun and unique gift that a new mom will love!

Just grab some goodies from the recommended supply list, find a cute basket, tote, or other container, and package it all together for the new mom!

It’s a fun gift to give and something that she will love to receive!

Ideas to Include in A New Mom Gift Basket

Here are some essential postpartum items you could include in your gift basket for a new mom:

supplies for new mom gift basket

Goodies I Included in my New Mom Gift Basket

New Mom Coupon Book

You know what new moms want the most, more than anything?

It’s got to be a hot shower or a tiny nap. Also, if someone vacuumed their house, they would probably hear angels singing.

Cleaning, meals, and babysitting are going to be at the top of every new mom’s wishlist! So I created a printable coupon book that a new mom can use to redeem my services (and yours) whenever she needs a little extra help.

coupon book for new mom gift basket

Get the Coupon Book for New Moms

The coupon book includes these pages:

  • Cover
  • Two coupons for baby-holding so mom can take a nap/shower/etc.
  • One coupon for babysitting during a date night for mom and dad (whenever they’re ready!)
  • Two coupons for a healthy meal
  • Two coupons for two hours of house cleaning

The cover used to say Mother’s Day but I updated it to say New Mom. Now you can gift it to a new mom, no matter the season!

coupons for new mom gift basket

Then I attached it to the side of my new mom gift basket. It really is the cherry on top of this gift!

new mom gift basket

Here are the other items I included in my gift basket for the new mom.

An “Escape” Book

A new mom can only browse Instagram for so long before she needs a break from social media. And there are only so many pages of parenting books on sleeping and breastfeeding that a new mom can take.

I included one of my favorite books that doesn’t take a lot of brain power to read in my basket. Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is seriously full of light-hearted laughs and is the perfect break from reality that a new mom needs.

gift basket for new mom

Lip Balm

Post-pregnancy isn’t a time where women feel their best (though they should — a new mom is so beautiful!). I love the little eos sphere lip balms. It’s easy to toss in a diaper bag and makes lips feel soft and pretty. Plus it adds a pretty pop of color to the gift basket.

lip balm for new mom gift basket


I also included a little bottle of lotion to help soothe the dry hands that are inevitable after so many hand-washings. Plus it smells fantastic. This little product can feel ultra luxurious to a new mom!

lotion for new mom gift basket


It’s hard enough for a new mom to feed her baby, much less feed herself! Meal trains are a godsend, but sometimes a new mom needs a quick bite in between all the nursing sessions.

I included some healthier snack options like granola bars and an apple so she can fuel her body while fueling her baby. If you like baking, you could even make a batch of lactation cookies and add them to your new mom gift basket. She’ll love the extra thought (and the cookies!)

snacks for gift basket for new mom

And, of course, chocolate. A new mom can always use some good chocolate.

chocolate for new mom gift basket

Nursing Pads

I included a set of Soothies Gel Pads for mom, who might be sore from constantly feeding baby. These are perfect for soothing cracked or chapped nipples.

nipple gel pads for new mom gift basket

Notes of Encouragement

I also included a personal, handwritten note that was tailored to the new mom. Being a new mom can be very isolating, so I wanted to remind her that I’m here for her.

I packaged everything up in a basket and brought it over with a large Starbucks. The basket can double as a toy or diaper bin in the nursery later if the new mom wants.

new mom gift basket

I love how it turned out and it was a thoughtful DIY gift that the new mom loved! The best part is you can tailor it to what she likes!

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