Grab this printable Price is Right baby shower game. It’s a a fun and easy game to play at the next baby shower you host. Channel your inner Bob Barker as everyone guesses the answers to this fun Price is Right game.

Price is right baby shower game

The Price is Right has always been one of my favorite game shows. I used to watch as a kid and plan how one day I would win the entire Showcase Showdown.

I wondered how heavy the big wheel actually was. Would I be able to flex my muscles and make it go all the way around at least once?

Now you can bring The Price is Right to a baby shower with this easy and fun printable baby shower game. It’s free to grab and print (sans your paper and ink cost) and is easy to play!

You can make it even more interactive by purchasing each of the baby items and displaying them for guests. At the end of the baby shower, the expecting mom can take home all the baby essentials as a gift!

How to Play the Price is Right Baby Shower Game

The rules for this game are pretty simple:

  1. Scroll down to enter your name and email to get the printable Price is Right baby shower game. You’ll get an email with the PDF in it so you can print it.
  2. Print as many copies of the game as you need on a heavier cardstock. This will help it look and feel more professional and make it easier for guests to write on.
  3. Pass out a game to each person at the shower. Set a timer for a designated time.
  4. Guests will have to guess how much each baby item cost in the year that the mother-to-be was born. You’ll need to do a bit of research on your end to have the answers ready.
  5. Either have guests go off the printable game. Or you can purchase all the baby items and have them on display at your baby shower. If you choose the latter, guests can look at the items and fill out their answers.
  6. The person who gets closest to the most correct prices is the winner of the game!
  7. This is a great baby shower game for kids as well if you’re having little ones at your shower.
Price is right printable game

How Many Games Should be Played at a Baby Shower?

I personally love playing baby shower games, but not everyone does. I think having about three baby shower games is a good amount.

This gives guests something to do and acts as an icebreaker for groups who aren’t as familiar with one another.

More than three games might be hard to fit in time wise. It also doesn’t give guests much time to mingle with each other or the mom-to-be.

Prizes for Baby Shower Games

Get everyone’s competitive spirit up with some awesome prizes! I’ve compiled a list of fun baby shower game prizes to include for the winners of your baby shower games.

the price is right game mockup for bab

Price is Right Virtual Baby Shower Game

If you need a virtual baby shower game version of the Price is Right, you have two options. You can send baby shower guests the PDF in advance. Have everyone write down their answers virtually during the alloted time.

Or, you could purchase this 4-in-1 virtual pricing game. This has a few favorite Price is Right classics and looks like it a lot of fun!

Either way, come on down and enjoy being the next contestant on the Price is Right with this fun baby shower game!

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