Step into an enchanted world with these spellbinding Harry Potter-themed baby shower games. From Quidditch challenges to magical creature charades, these games guarantee a memorable celebration for muggles and wizards alike.

Harry Potter baby shower games collage

If you’re planning a Harry Potter themed baby shower and are looking for fun baby shower games, then you’re in the right spot!

These Harry Potter baby shower games take some of our most beloved memories from the series and turn them into activities that guests will love.

Scroll through to the original sources to get the full details on all of these magical Harry Potter baby shower games!

Harry Potter sorting hat baby shower game

Sorting Hat Quiz

Answer questions to determine which house you belong to with this sorting hat quiz from Babyko Store. Then you can start bonding with fellow Slytherins or Ravenclaws. House Hufflepuff over here!

Harry Potter matching Patronus game

Matching Patronus Game

Do you remember the Patronus forms of each character in Harry Potter? Sure, most of us remember Harry’s stag, but what about Professor McGonagall or Luna Lovegood? Grab this Patronus Character Matching game from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff to separate the true Potterfans from the pack.

Harry Potter guess who game

Harry Potter Guess Who

We play a lot of Guess Who in our family, and this DIY Harry Potter edition is so cute! Best for smaller groups or to do a tournament-style since it’s a 1:1 game.

Harry Potter trivia

Harry Potter Trivia

See how well guests know our favorite wizard with this Harry Potter trivia from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff. From charms to characters, guests will enjoy showing off their Harry Potter facts!

Harry Potter scavenger hunt baby shower game

Scavenger Hunt

Get your baby shower guests moving around with this Potter-themed scavenger hunt from The Lost Turtle Shop. It comes with everything you need, including pictures to hide and scavenger sheets for guests.

Harry Potter headbanz game


We recently played a version of Headbanz and it was so much fun. See how well you know Harry Potter and friends with this fun and interactive game. A great option if you’re looking for baby shower games for kids.

Harry Potter crossword puzzle baby shower game


This fun crossword puzzle is a great activity to add a little wizardry to your baby shower. Wait to pass these out so everyone works to solve the puzzle at the same time. The person who completes it first can win a magical baby shower game prize!

Quidditch Beer Pong - Harry Potter game

Quidditch Pong

Looking for some fun baby shower games for men? Look no further than this Quidditch Beer Pong game from Mince Republic. See how Kayla DIY’ed these Quidditch hoops to elevate a game of beer pong that muggles and wizards can both enjoy!

Harry Potter wizard quotes baby shower game

Wizard Quotes

The Baby Shower Shop has a super fun printable that requires you to match the quote to the character who said it. This will definitely show who knows their Harry Potter quotes the best.

Harry Potter house cup baby shower game

House Cup

Check out this post from Our Handcrafted Life to learn about the house cup game. All guests are divided among the four different houses (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin) and play for points throughout the baby shower.

Harry Potter Jeopardy baby shower game


I am obsessed with this Harry Potter Jeopardy game from Major Gates Store! This is a digital download bundle with questions and answers for topics including General Knowledge, Patronus, Hogwarts, Hogwarts Professors, and He Who Shall Not be Named. This is the perfect game to get everyone involved!

Harry Potter wizard name baby shower game

What’s Your Wizard Name?

You can’t have a Harry Potter theme without making sure guests have their wizard names. Babyko Store has a beautiful printable. Make it even more fun and have everyone use their wizard names throughout the shower!

Harry Potter DIY Quidditch game

Muggle Quidditch

Make your own version of Hogwart’s signature game with this tutorial of Muggle Quidditch from Partay Like a Cherry. This would be especially fun as a co-ed baby shower game to get the guys involved!

Harry Potter pin the scar on Harry baby shower game

Pin the Scar on Harry

We’ve all played Pin the Tail on the Donkey before and here’s a twist on the classic game. Grab 5x5Designs’ pin the scar on Harry template for a cute play on a favorite childhood party game!

Harry Potter bingo baby shower game


You can’t go wrong with a good game of bingo! Be sure to get Keeping Up Chang’s bingo template on their blog.

Harry Potter word search baby shower game

Printable baby shower games are great, because there’s such little prep. Lovely Planner has the perfect Harry Potter word search template for you to include in your baby shower games. Be sure to check out the blog for this and many other ideas to make your Harry Potter baby shower a memorable one!

Harry Potter character scramble baby shower game

Character Scramble

How well do you know your Harry Potter characters? Set a timer and see who can correctly unscramble the most words with this character scramble from Hey Let’s Make Stuff. This one looks like a good challenge!

Harry Potter guess the artifact baby shower game

Guess the Artifact

Guess the artifact from Book Eventz is another game centered around the four different wizard houses. I love how easy this game is to put together!

Would You Rather?

Play Party Plan’s would you rather game can be played a couple of different ways, which means no matter if your baby shower is small or large you’ll have a fun game to play.

Harry Potter cards against muggles baby shower game

Cards Against Muggles

You might be familiar with Cards Against Humanity and here’s one for Potter fans. Cards Against Muggles is a super fun game to play for your smaller, more intimate baby shower. Creations by Janine gives you over 1300 card templates to download, print, and play!

Harry Potter Dobby sock toss baby shower game

Dobby Sock Toss

A fun take on the traditional ring toss is this Dobby sock toss. Use baby or toddler-size socks so the mom-to-be can take those home for her little one!

Harry Potter this or that baby shower game

This or That

This or That is a classic party game where guests pick between two options that they think the mama-to-be will choose. While the game is designed a la Harry Potter, the questions are not, so even non-Potter fans will enjoy participating.

Harry Potter charades baby shower game


Charades has to be one of the most iconic party games. Get everyone up and interacting with Play Party Plan’s Harry Potter charades. The charades are Harry-Potter inspired, so guests will have a leg up if they’re a fan.

Harry Potter minute to win it baby shower game

Minute To Win It

Holly with Holly’s Home went all out with her Harry Potter minute to win it game. She gives all the details for each minute-games so you’ll have everything you need to play.

Harry Potter spells and charms matching baby shower game

Spells & Charms Matching Game

Do you recall what “Expelliarmus” spell does? Check out Hey Let’s Make Stuff spells and charms matching game and match the charms and spells to their end result.

Harry Potter danger word baby shower game

Danger Word

Have guests team up to guess their words without saying the danger word. This is a printable download you’ll want to get!

Have a magical time playing these games at your Harry Potter baby shower!

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