Grab these printable baby shower games for the next baby shower you host! These are perfect for guest interaction, or as a fun activity while opening gifts!

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No matter how many baby showers I’ve attended, I still enjoy playing games at them! I love it when the host brings out a fun baby shower game.

These free printable baby shower games could not be more simple or more fun!

Most of these games are free with an email address. There are a few for purchase, but I felt those ones were especially worth it for a few bucks and a lot of laughs! I’m definitely grabbing the labor or lovin’ one next time I’m in charge of games!

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Get 6 printable easy baby shower games to play at your next baby shower. These games are a lot of fun and an easy way to entertain guests and celebrate the new mom! Click here to get the baby shower games bundle.

candy bar match game

Candy Match

Isn’t pregnancy and delivery sweet? This candy match game is a free printable on my site. You’ll match each candy to a pregnancy or labor term for a sweet dose of fun!

Harry Potter game

Harry Potter Patronus Match

Planning a Harry Potter baby shower? Grab this Harry Potter baby shower game and see how well everyone remembers the Patronus of Harry and friends with this Patronus Character Matching game from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff.

match the animal printable baby shower game

Animal Match

Inspired by the Are you My Mother children’s book, this animal matching printable game from Sugar and Soul is harder than it looks! Match the mama animal to the baby animal and see how many you can get right. Perfect for an animal baby shower theme.

who knows mommy best printable baby shower game

Who Knows Mommy?

See who knows the mommy to be best with this who knows mommy best printable game from Paper Trail Design. You can ask mommy the questions in advance to keep her from being biased. This simple game is easy to prep and play.

guess the celebrity baby printable baby shower game

Guess the Baby

How well do you know your celebrity baby pictures? This guess the celebrity baby fun game puts your pop culture to the test. See if you know who these famous kids turned out to be!

baby shower word printable baby shower game

Word games are so simple and easy! My baby shower word search is a great activity for guests to do as mom opens up all her baby gifts! See who can find the most baby-related words in the shortest amount of time!

well wishes for baby printable game

Wishes for Baby

Let guests leave their well wishes for baby with this free printable from Amy Locurto. These would make such a sweet keepsake for the new parents. Perfect for large groups to do as they mingle!

Yangmics Direct Baby Shower Games - Door Prizes Celebrity Cards Lottery Tickets Games for Girls - Funny Lottery Card Ice Breaker Scratch Off Games Party - 40 sheets

Scratcher Game

This fun scratcher game has guests scratch their ticket to see who gets daddy on their card! Loser cards include celebrity studs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Radcliffe. (So really, are there any losers in this great game?). This is also a great coed baby shower game!

price is right baby shower game

Price is Right

Channel your best Bob Barker by playing this Price is Right game. Have guests price baby items from the year mom-to-be was born. You can grab my free printable to be the next contestant on The Price is Right. Whoever gets the most correct answers wins!

printable baby shower game british english matching

British Word Match

How well do you know your British baby words? This American British word match from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff is a fun way to start conversations! Grab a biro (that’s British for ballpoint pen) and start playing! The first person to finish, wins!

baby shower emoji game

Movie Emoji Game

I’ve seen different variations of this including a nursery rhyme game. See if you can guess the various movies that have the word baby in the title with this baby shower emoji game. This one will have guests cracking up as they try to figure out all the different movies.

printable baby shower game - true or false

True or False

Put your baby knowledge to the test with true or false baby shower printable from Babyx Library. An answer key is included so you can see how much you truly know. This classic game is fun for large or small groups.

printable baby shower game baby charades


Moms and Munchkins has a printable game that becomes interactive! Grab her baby shower charades printable and have baby shower party guests act out different baby-related activities. The pink and blue colors make it gender neutral.

printable baby shower game - enneagram

Enneagram Traits

I have a ton of free printable games and this Enneagram one is so fun! The Enneagram comes up in most of my conversations these days, so I made an Enneagram traits game!

printable baby shower game - mommy or daddy

Mommy or Daddy

There’s nothing sweeter than a new baby! See if you can guess which parent said each item in this mommy or daddy printable baby shower game from I Spy Fabulous.

printable baby shower game labor or lovin'

Labor or Lovin’

This would be a great baby shower game for men. It is too funny, but definitely click at your own risk! You’ll have to determine if each photo shown is one of a woman in labor or in lovin‘.

Baby shower guests will crack up as they try and guess what each picture is playing this inappropriate baby shower game!

printable baby shower game taboo


Taboo is one of my favorite board games and this baby shower taboo game from Fun Squared looks like a blast! Print the game cards and guests have to guess baby words like “baby bottle” without saying any of the related words! Just print and play for a day of fun with this one!

Party Hearty Baby Shower Games for Girl, 33 Poopie Emoji Scratch Off Lottery Tickets, Baby Games Ideas, Scratch Off Game


This raffle tickets game might be the only time you have guests wishing they got a poppy baby! Use this unique game as a great way to break the ice as guests walk in for a simple and hilarious game!

pacifier hunt baby shower game

Pacifier Hunt

This pacifier hunt is so easy to setup and even easier for guests to play! Hide 24 pacifiers around your baby shower venue and have guests look for them. Whoever finds the most, wins!

animal gestation game printable baby shower game

Animal Gestation

40 weeks might seem like an eternity for the pregnant mama, but do you know which animal has a 660-day gestation period? Grab this free printable animal pregnancies game to guess the different animals different gestation lengths.

printable baby shower game name that lullaby


Get Where The Smiles Have Been rockin’ lullaby game and turn on some baby tunes for a fun baby shower game that will get everyone singing! Set a time limit and see who can get the most correct songs!

printable baby shower game whats in the bag

What’s in the Bag

This whats in the bag game from Somewhat Simple is a fun interactive game that includes a free printable! The mom-to-be will love taking all the bags home at the end of the shower!

Enjoy playing these popular baby shower games next time you throw a party for the mom to be! And don’t forget to pick up a few awesome prizes for your baby shower games!

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