Get an idea of what sleep looks like for your newborn. We’re sharing wake windows, nap lengths, and a sample sleep schedule for your two month old.

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The first eight weeks with your newborn are likely a blur.

Days and nights are mixed up as baby’s circadian rhythm develops, it’s common for your baby to have witching hour in the early evenings, and there’s lots of other unknowns.

While the 2-month-old sleep schedule can still be unpredictable, the growth and development of your baby allows for a little more predictability around this age.

Let’s talk about what is “normal” for sleep at this age and how to start to establish some type of baby sleep schedule for your 2-month old.

2 month old sleep schedule at a glance

How Long Can a 2-Month-Old Stay Awake?

The wake window for a 2-month-old is around 60 minutes.

Wake windows are how long your baby can stay awake between sleeps.

Keep in mind that wake windows change a lot in the first 6 months of a baby’s life, changing your baby’s sleep schedule those first six months too.

Your newborn’s wake windows are so tiny and it feels like all they do is sleep those first 12 weeks!

But as they grow, so will the time they can stay awake.

Your newborn will also show you sleep cues that mean it’s time for them to be put down.

newborn wake windows

2-Month-Old Wake Windows & Feedings

It probably feels like your 2-month-old baby is constantly feeding. At this age, babies need to eat a lot! So do wake windows include feeding time?

The answer is yes—wake windows at any age include time spent feeding.

I know that your newborn probably gets pretty sleepy (or even falls asleep!) when they’re nursing or bottle feeding at this age. Sometimes it’s hard to identify the line between awake and asleep when they’re feeding!

My advice for new parents is to do your best to keep your baby somewhat alert and awake while they’re eating. Tickle their toes, gently move their arms and legs, or softly tap the bottom of their chin as they feed.

The more awake your baby is while feeding, the easier it will be for them to settle into a longer sleep cycle with a full tummy.

How Long Can a 2 Month Old Go Between Feedings?

Most 2 month olds need to eat every 2.5–3 hours during the day.

Make sure to feed your baby on demand, especially while feedings are still getting established.

If you’re feeding baby full feeds and prioritizing sleep, they’ll likely fall into a pattern of eating every 2.5–3 hours naturally.

2-Month-Old Schedule

We get a 2 month old sleep schedule by combining the following elements:

  • Baby’s wake windows
  • Feed
  • Nap

Note that at 2 months old, your baby’s sleep will vary and might look different day-to-day.

This 2-month-old sample schedule assumes that your baby is able to do 1-hour wake windows, 1-2 hour naps, and go 3 hours in between feeds. 

Some babies will need to eat sooner, so make sure you’re paying attention to your baby’s hunger cues. Always feed a hungry baby!

Similarly, nap time may not look so long and glorious for your newborn. The most important thing regarding naps this early on is to avoid an overtired baby.

Sleep begets sleep, especially those first weeks and a lack of day sleep can lead to sleepless nights. It’s okay if all naps aren’t in a crib or bassinet at this point.

2 month old schedule

Sample 2-Month-Old Schedule:

7:00 am: Wake and nurse or bottle

8:00 to 9:30 am: Nap

9:30 am: Nurse or bottle

10:30 am to 11:30 am: Nap

12:00 pm: Nurse or bottle

12:30 to 2:00 pm: Nap

2:00 pm: Nurse or bottle

3:00 to 5:00 pm: Nap

5:00: Nurse or bottle

6:00 to 7:00 pm: Nap

7:30: Baby’s bedtime routine + nurse or bottle

8:00 pm: Bedtime

Night feeds as needed.

What Time Should a 2-Month-Old Go to Bed?

Bedtime will likely vary at 2 months old. In general, aim for bedtime to be between 7 and 10 p.m.

The most important thing regarding bedtime this early on is to stick to your baby’s wake windows.

A 2 month old can only stay awake for about 60 minutes before they need to sleep again.

So when looking at bedtime, aim to have bedtime 60 minutes after your baby’s last nap ended.

For example, if your baby naps until 8 p.m., bedtime will be at 9 p.m.

Around 2 months old, your baby may start to sleep longer stretches at night and bedtime can start being moved up. It can be helpful to start having bedtime be around the same time every day.

2 month old sleep schedule expectations

How Long Should a 2-Month-Old Sleep During the Day?

When your baby is around 8 weeks old, they usually need about 6-7 hours of sleep during the day, with about 10–12 hours of nighttime sleep. (Although that nighttime sleep is not uninterrupted).

Your baby’s sleep is still very sporadic. Newborn babies may take multiple shorter naps, or be able to do long naps.

It’s not uncommon for a 2 month old to only nap 30 minutes at a time.

Don’t be afraid to extend a nap by putting your baby in a carrier or soaking up those newborn snuggles for a contact nap if it helps your baby fall back asleep!

And make sure you’ve optimized their sleeping environment with a white noise sound machine (this are the best baby sound machines IMO!) if you’re practicing daytime naps in a crib or bassinet.

How Long Should A 2 Month Old Sleep at Night Between Feedings?

There is going to be a lot of variation at this age.

Some 2 month olds will need to eat frequently in the middle of the night, waking up every 3 hours or so for a feed.

Others might be able to sleep longer stretches and go 5–8 hours at night without a feeding.

Follow your baby’s cues and feed them if they’re hungry.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the 2 Month Old Sleep Schedule

How many hours should a 2 month old sleep at night?

Your 2 month old will sleep between 10–12 hours at night, but it won’t be uninterrupted. Expect your newborn to still need 1–3 feeds in the middle of the night.

Why does my 2 month old fight sleep?

Babies fight sleep for several reasons. At 2 months old, the most common reasons are:

How long can a 2 month old go between feedings?

At this age, most babies are capable of going to 2.5 to 3 hours between feedings during the day.

At nighttime this will vary more. Babies can usually go between 3–8 hours between feedings at night.

How long should a 2 month old be awake?

Your 2 month old can stay awake for about 60 minutes maximum. Much longer will lead to an overtired baby.

Is It Okay for A 2 Month Old to Sleep 8 Hours Straight?

Once your baby has re-reached their birth weight, it’s typically okay to let them sleep at night until they wake up.

You don’t usually need to wake them up for a feed once they’ve regained their weight.

Some babies may sleep longer stretches, going up to 8 hours at night without a feed.

Double check with your baby’s pediatrician if you have any concerns.

How to help 2 month old nap longer?

Short naps are super common at this age. If you want to encourage a longer nap, help your baby fall back asleep by going for a walk in the stroller, baby wearing, or letting your baby nap on you.

Is It okay to wake a 2 month old from a nap?

Yes, I recommend feeding your baby every 2.5–3 hours during the day to make sure they get filled up before night time.

If your 2 month old was awake for 1 hour, and then took a 2 hour nap, I recommend waking them soon to stay on track to feed every 3 hours or so.

What are 2 month old wake windows at night?

There is no such thing as wake windows at night for any age. If your baby needs a feed in the middle of the night, keep the stimulation low. Feed your baby and get them back to sleep asap.

How many hours should a 2 month old sleep at night?

Your 2 month will sleep about 10–12 hours at night, but it won’t be uninterrupted sleep. It’s normal for your 2 month old to need 1–3 feeds in the middle of the night.

If you have any questions about the 2 month old sleep schedule, leave them in the comments below!

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