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10 SNOO Alternatives That Won’t Break the Bank

Is the SNOO bassinet out of your price range? Learn about this trendy smart sleeper and find the best alternatives to the SNOO!

Baby bundled in a SNOO bassinet

The first time I saw a SNOO Smart Sleeper, I was in a cutting-edge technology store in San Francisco, walking my toddling daughter around and trying to keep her from touching everything.

The sleek, Scandinavian design and modern look of the tech-bassinet caught my eye.

I watched, mesmerized, as The SNOO showed off in demo mode. It rocked, it vibrated, and it basically promised to put my baby to sleep for me.

I remember thinking, “Where was this magic when I was a new mom?! Would this have saved me from all of that bouncing and rocking in the middle of the night?”

Then I saw the price tag and I almost fell over.

In the months and years after that first look, I heard many praises for The SNOO online and in conversations with other parents. I met so many people who swore by The SNOO!

All I could think was: It sounds amazing, but is it really worth the hefty price tag?

Let’s talk about the SNOO and other SNOO alternatives on the market these days!

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baby in SNOO bassinet being swaddled

Do I Really Need a SNOO?

The SNOO was created by Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block book and pediatrician.

It’s a smart bassinet that is a flat surface with plenty of nifty features to help your baby sleep, especially those first few months of life.

Here’s the good news: new parents have managed to care for their babies and teach them how to sleep for eons without the SNOO. And between 4 to 6 months, chances are your baby will be too big for the bassinet anyway.

But that’s not to say that the SNOO isn’t pretty cool!

In fact, if you’re into bells and whistles, the SNOO is one of the best bedside sleepers on the market. It’s equipped with plenty of tech to help your baby get to sleep and stay asleep.

The SNOO comes with a swaddle that holds your baby firmly and safely in place. It also has a built-in noise machine and motion sensors to help it detect when your baby stirs in their sleep.

When your baby starts to stir, the SNOO detects your baby’s cries and gets to work, moving in soothing motions to lull your baby back to dreamland.

This smart sleeper also comes with a mobile app to track your baby’s sleep patterns throughout the night. If you like data, this is the bassinet for you!

All that being said, I believe you can establish good sleep habits early on without using all the bells and whistles that a smart bassinet has and I teach my clients how to do this all the time. Learn more about how I can help you with that as well in my Newborn Sleep Program!

mom putting baby in SNOO bassinet

SNOO Drawbacks

All of these bells and whistles don’t come cheap. It’s an especially hard purchase to justify when you’re not even sure whether you want to use a bassinet versus crib, when your baby is first born.

Another drawback is that you eventually have to transition your baby from the SNOO to crib once they outgrow it. You have to ask yourself: is it worth the price tag, especially since you’ll be using it for a limited time?

Lastly, the SNOO might create some sleep associations for your baby that can be harder to break once you transition them out of the smart sleeper.

If they’re used to the SNOO doing all the soothing for them, when will your baby learn to soothe themselves?

These are all things to take into consideration before you commit to buying a SNOO.

So what can you do if the price of a new SNOO can’t be justified for your needs and budget? Thankfully there are SNOO alternatives, and you have plenty of options!

What are alternatives to expensive SNOO?

How Do I Find a Cheaper SNOO?

If your heart is set on a SNOO, there are ways to make it work without paying full price.

One of my favorite suggestions for cutting costs is to rent the SNOO instead of buying it. Not only is this a cheaper option, but it’s also more sustainable and creates less waste.

There are plenty of places online where you can rent a SNOO, including directly from their website. You’ll probably use the SNOO for 6 months or less, so renting makes a lot of sense.

When you rent a SNOO, you’re only looking at an investment of hundreds of dollars instead of over a thousand!

You can also purchase used SNOO bassinets in online resale groups like Ebay or Facebook Marketplace.

If you choose to buy a SNOO second-hand, do your research! Make sure the bassinet is still in working order before you exchange money with the seller.

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Is Anything Comparable to the SNOO?

It’s been long enough since the SNOO first came out that now there are plenty of cheaper alternatives on the market. Many of them lack the modern design of the SNOO and are missing some of the key features, but they are more affordable!

Here are 10 SNOO alternatives that come with a much lower price tag!

Halo bassinet sleeper-SNOO alternative

1. Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper

The Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper is a great option and probably the best SNOO alternative on the market—at a much lower price point! It mesh walls can be adjusted in height to allow for easy visibility and access from your bedside.

It also has some key features including a gentle vibration function and soothing sound options for your newborn’s comfort.

When it comes to the SNOO vs. Halo, they have many of the same functions but the Halo is arguably more portable. And at under $300, it’s much more affordable!

Moms love this bassinet and it has great reviews because you can swing it over to your bed to feed or comfort baby, making your movement minimal. It can be especially helpful for C-section mamas! It’s also a great bassinet for small spaces.

The Luxe edition offers a parent nightlight and removable bed as well!

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet

2. Graco Sense2Snooze

The Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet has some similar features to the SNOO but at a lower price point.

Like the SNOO, the Sense2Snooze has a cry-sensing technology that will adjust its noise and motion in response to your baby’s fussing.

It also has a couple built-in wheels so you can easily move it around the house, making it a popular SNOO alternative!

It rocks your baby at three different speeds, so you can “rock” your baby to sleep without staying up all night!

4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

3. 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

One of the most exciting things about the 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is that it connects to the 4moms app on your phone via Bluetooth.

You can control things like the white noise options, gentle rocking rocking motions, and speeds from the comfort of your own bed!

This bassinet also has a timer feature, so the rocking will turn off at a set time once baby has fallen asleep.

The reviews seem to be more mixed on this one, so definitely do your research before deciding if this is a good idea as a SNOO alternative for your family.

Chicco Close to You Bedside Bassinet

4. Chicco Close to You Bedside Bassinet

I really like the Chicco bedside bassinet for its adaptability. You can adjust its height to keep baby within easy arm-length reach while you’re in your own bed.

Since it’s lightweight and on wheels, you can bring it virtually anywhere in the house. With mesh sides that fold down, you can also use it as a changing table for diaper changes, up until your baby is 35 pounds, which is a long time!

Along with all of that, it has some of the tech perks of other smart bassinets! It has a built-in night light, plays music, and it vibrates.

Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

5. Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

If you are a parent who likes gadgets, this is a great bassinet for you!

The Fisher Price Soothing Motions has soothing lights, music, and vibrations and can be controlled via the bassinet’s app.

You don’t have to manually rock or bounce your baby each time–you can control the settings right from your smartphone.

Fisher Price tends to have good options that are priced affordably!

6. Cradlewise

One of the SNOO alternatives that is not cheaper than the SNOO is the Cradlewise. However, it’s worth mentioning because it entered the market recently as a direct competitor to the SNOO.

Just like the SNOO, it uses cry detection technology to sense when it’s time to soothe your baby with movement.

When comparing the soothing technology of the Cradlewise vs. SNOO, the Cradlewise uses a parent-like bouncing movement instead of the womb-like sway of the SNOO.

The Cradlewise also has some features the SNOO doesn’t. It has a built in camera monitor and the ability to transform into a crib!

It’s a significant price tag, but worth a look since there’s potential to use it for years instead of just a few months.

Bedside bassinet is a SNOO alternative

Will a Simpler Bassinet Work for My Baby?

Even if a simple bassinet doesn’t have a smartphone app or motion sensors, it can still work as a SNOO alternatives.

If all of the movement and fancy technological options aren’t up your alley, there are lots of great options for simple bassinets out there!

Fisher Price Rock With Me compact bassinet

7. Fisher Price Rock With Me

The Fisher Price Rock with Me is a lightweight bassinet that is simple, safe, and can be folded easily for portability.

You can have your baby nap in the living room in those early days by easily bringing this bassinet to different rooms of the house.

You also have the option to manually rock your babe if they need a little gentle motion to help them sleep. It’s also a great Rock N Play alternative.

Safety 1st Nap and Go Rocking Bassinet - SNOO bassinet alternative

8. Safety 1st Nap and Go Rocking Bassinet

If you’re looking for a portable bassinet option that you can take outside, I highly recommend the Safety 1st Nap and Go.

This one gets bonus points from me because it has a retractable sunshade and a bug net.

On those days when baby is fussy, you can take this bassinet outside safely for some fresh air!

Baby Joy Rocking Bassinet

9. Baby Joy Rocking Bassinet

The Baby Joy Rocking Bassinet is lightweight and folds up for easy storage. 

It’s also wider than many bassinets, so your baby can sleep it in longer than some other models.

It’s soft, easy to clean, ultra-portable, and can be rocked manually.

Mi Classic Stationary and Rock

10. Mi Classic Stationary and Rock

Like the Rock With Me, this portable bassinet looks very similar to the recalled Rock N Play, but without the dangerous incline position that caused the recall.

The Mi Classic Stationary and Rock folds up easily with its one-second open or fold system, and has rocking and stationary modes.

This bassinet also comes with a shoulder-bag carrying case that makes it great for baby travel sleep!

Those are the best bassinets we found as alternatives to the SNOO. Let me know if you have a bassinet you love and I’ll add it to the list!