Are things starting to feel cramped in your house before baby’s arrival? Let me help you pick the best bassinet for small spaces!

Baby laying in a bassinet in a small space

If you’re having a baby for the first time, it can be surprising just how much stuff you start to accumulate for their arrival.

You’re adding a tiny person to your family, but they sure can take up a lot of space!

Thankfully, there are plenty of great bassinet options out there for small spaces. These bassinets are great options to help your newborn sleep safely, soundly, and with a small footprint!

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Parent holding baby next to a small bassinet

10 Best Bassinets for Small Spaces

When it comes to bassinets, there are a wide range of features, technology, and sizes available.

If you’ve got limited space, I’ve done the work for you to curate this list of 10 best bassinets for small spaces!

There’s a bassinet here for every budget, and for a variety of family needs. Whether you like a lot of technology or a minimalist approach, this list has you covered.

The thing that all of these bassinets have in common is that they won’t take up too much space!

HALO BassiNest Swivel Baby Bassinet, Soothing Center, Vibration and Sound, Luxe Series, Dove Grey Tweed

Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper

If you’re looking for a bassinet that vibrates but doesn’t break the bank, one of the best vibrating bassinets out there is the Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper.

The Halo has multiple vibration and sound modes, as well as a built-in amber light nightlight.

The unique design of the base also helps it take up very little floor space. When the legs are partially tucked under your bed, you only need 32″ of clearance to fit the bassinet between your bed and the wall.

The best thing about this bassinet is the adjustable height, which allows you to put it lateral to your adult bed, giving you easy access to baby.

Moms love the mesh walls and that you can swivel baby closer to you, making it so you don’t have to move much for those late-night feedings!

Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet - Adjustable Height Portable Crib with Wheels & Airflow Mesh, Grey Tweed

Simmons Kids By the Bed City Sleeper Bassinet

In those early newborn days, it’s so helpful to have your little one within arm’s reach from your bed. I highly recommend a bedside bassinet when you’re co-sleeping (meaning room-sharing).

The Simmons Kids By the Bed City Sleeper Bassinet is one of the best co-newborn sleeper bassinets for a small room, thanks to its “Z” shaped frame.

The angled frame helps you bring the bassinet right up to the edge of your bed while allowing the legs of the bassinet to scoot underneath your bed.

Its design means it’s one of the bassinets that takes up the least amount of floor space in your room. It’s perfect for tight quarters!

bassinets for small spaces - baby bjorn

BabyBJORN Cradle

The BabyBJORN cradle is sleek and compact with a simple design. The breathable mesh sides makes it so easy to see your baby and it’s compact design makes it perfect for small spaces.

It also has a washable cover, mattress, and mattress pad—because we all know babies can make quite a big mess! You can throw them all in the washing machine to make clean up a breeze!

This cradle also folds up, making it easy to bring to your living room and different rooms of the house as well as perfect to bring with you to ensure your baby sleeps when traveling!

SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet - Bedside Crib with Automatic Rocking Motions and Soothing White Noise - Ideal for Newborn Babies to 6 Months - Natural Sleep Training

SNOO Smart Sleeper

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is a top pick and essentially the Holy Grail of baby bassinets, with a well-earned cult following.

With a hefty price tag, it has several additional features to justify the cost!

I’ve helped many parents transition out of the SNOO and while they’re ready to move on, they admit they loved it for those first 4 to 6 months.

The SNOO continues to set the bar for the many smart bassinets that have come after it.

The SNOO comes with its own patented swaddle that attaches safely to the surface. The bassinet is fully automated to sense your baby’s movements and lull them quickly back to sleep within minutes through movement and white noise.

You can also use the SNOO app to track your baby’s movements and learn their sleep patterns!

See my comparison of the SNOO vs the Halo here to compare these two bassinets!

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet with Cry Detection Technology | Baby Bassinet Detects and Responds to Babys Cries to Help Soothe Back to Sleep, Ellison, 19 D x 26 W x 41 H Inch (Pack of 1)

Graco Sense2Snooze

One of the best SNOO alternatives is the Graco Sense2Snooze, which has a built-in sensor that knows when your baby starts to cry.

The Sense2Snooze will automatically respond to your baby’s cries with soothing motions to help get your little one back to sleep.

With various movements, speeds, and sounds, you can determine which soothing options suit your baby best.

Additional highlights making this bassinet a great option include wheels to move the bassinet around, and mesh siding to easily see your baby from your bed.

Chicco Close to You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet, Portable Newborn Bassinet with Wheels, Adjustable-Height Changing Table | Heather Grey/Grey

Chicco Close to You Bedside Bassinet

Another great arms-reach bassinet option is the Chicco Close to You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet.

What I love about this bedside bassinet is that its four legs are on wheels, and you can adjust the height to stand next to taller bed frames.

Its wheeled mobility and height adaptability make it a great choice when you want to switch up which side of the bed baby will be sleeping on.

The bassinet can grow with your baby and has a 35 pound weight limit.

It also includes 2 soothing vibration modes, 6 sound settings, and a nightlight for late night diaper changes.

The First Years First Dreams Folding Baby Bassinet - Portable Crib for Travel - Bassinet Bedside Sleeper for Baby - White

First Year Dreams Portable Bedside Bassinet

If you’re looking for a travel bassinet that you can easily set up and take down after each use, the First Year Dreams Portable Bedside Bassinet is a great choice.

This compact bassinet leaves an even smaller footprint than many of the others mentioned so far. You can easily fold it up and set it aside after every use!

The small footprint of this bassinet and one-handed folding design makes it a great baby travel essential for families who love to travel.

This small bassinet is also one of the most budget-friendly options on the list.

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet, Windmill

Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

Another lightweight bassinet option (weighing only 20 lbs.) and probably the best bang for your buck is the Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet.

This newborn bassinet has a manual sway guided by your baby’s movements. It also has built-in vibration and music functions that you can control using your smartphone.

While the Soothing Motions Bassinet won’t be able to grow with your baby beyond about 6 months old, it’s a great option before you transition baby into their crib.

Safety 1st Nap and Go Rocking Bassinet, Star Gazer

Safety 1st Nap & Go

If you’re looking for a portable crib for your small space that you can also take outside, the Safety 1st Nap and Go is a great budget-friendly option.

On those days when your little one is feeling extra fussy, a change of scenery is a great way to lift spirits. Adding a little sunshine to the routine can also help with your newborn’s day-night confusion.

The Safety 1st Nap & Go has a retractable sunshade and a bug net for the time you spend outside. When you bring it indoors, its small footprint makes this bassinet a great fit in small spaces.

miclassic All mesh 2in1 Stationary&Rock Bassinet One-Second Fold Travel Crib Portable Newborn Baby (Crystal)

Mi Classic Stationary and Rock

Another compact, lightweight bassinet that’s great for small spaces and travel is the Mi Classic Stationary and Rock.

I particularly like the Mi Classic bassinet for ease of travel. It comes with its own shoulder bag for easy carrying, and you can check it with your luggage if you’re flying.

When you’re at home, you can switch the Mi Classic bassinet between stationary or rocking modes, depending on what your newborn baby needs.

SNOO is one of the best bassinets for small spaces

How Long Can My Baby Sleep in a Bassinet?

As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, your baby’s sleep safety is my first priority. I’m here to help you follow sleep guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

You can keep your baby in their bassinet for as long as it’s safe to do so. There isn’t an exact age that determines how long your baby should stay in their bassinet.

Many bassinets have an age and weight limit of 5 months or 20 pounds.

However, there are some safety considerations that will determine when your baby has outgrown their bassinet.

Make sure to pay attention to weight limits on your bassinet model.

You’ll also need to mitigate risks of falling from the bassinet. Since most bassinets are much more shallow than standard cribs, it is important that you transition out as soon as your baby is about to roll, push up on their knees, or sit up.

Lastly, make sure to pay attention to how your baby looks in the bassinet. If they appear cramped (with head or feet frequently touching the top/bottom) it’s time to transition baby to a crib.

If you have a small nursery space and need a great bassinet, all of the options above are worth a look! Let me know in the comments which bassinet you love for your small space!

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