Check out these fun baby shower games that don’t suck! Here are some of the most fun baby shower games that guests will want to play!

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If you’re planning a baby shower, these are games your guests will love to play, no matter how many baby showers they’ve attended in their life.

From free printable games, interactive games that will have guests moving around the room, funny baby shower games, and even virtual baby shower games, these games for a baby shower will have everyone laughing and are some of the best baby shower games I’ve seen!

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Funny Baby Shower Games

Funny baby shower games are a great way to break the ice, making for a fun and memorable baby shower experience.

From diaper changing races to baby food taste tests, there are plenty of hilarious activities to keep guests engaged and entertained.

bubble gum baby shower game

Bubble Gum Baby

This game from Haggalicious is so unique and a little gross.

Pass out a piece of unchewed bubble gum and let guests get to work sculpting their own baby. Guests will chew up the bubble gum and then make their own baby out of it. The mom to be can guess the winner.

candy bar diaper baby shower game

Dirty Diaper

I played this dirty diaper game from Fun Sqaured once before and it was equally parts disgusting and hilarious.

You’ll use different candy bars to make dirty diapers and guests have to smell the “poo” and try and guess the chocolate candy.

baby face mix and match game - funny baby shower game

Baby Face Mix and Match

Find out who baby will look like with this hilarious game from Blue I Style Blog.

This active baby shower game takes photo strips of mom and dad and has guests combine different features to try and predict what baby will look like. 

Yangmics Direct Baby Shower Games - Door Prizes Celebrity Cards Lottery Tickets Games for Girls - Funny Lottery Card Ice Breaker Scratch Off Games Party - 40 sheets

Who Has Daddy?

Remember scratcher lottery tickets? Now you can play at your baby shower, but with much higher chances of winning.

In this modern game, guests will scratch off their card and either reveal a photo of a celebrity heartthrob or the baby’s daddy. Whoever gets the baby’s daddy, wins!

Guess the baby shower food game

Guess the Baby Food

Spice up your baby shower with the blind baby food challenge! In this game, there are jars of unlabeled baby food out and guests take a spoonful from each one and try to guess which food it is.

Grab a combination of fruit, veggie, or even meat flavors to make this game especially entertaining and make sure to grab the free printable.

pin the sperm on the egg baby shower game

Fertilize the Egg

This one is also in my inappropriate baby shower games post.

It’s the same concept as pin the tail on the donkey, but this one’s a bit more comical! Fertilize the egg by pinning the sperm on the egg.

This hilarious game from Print Me BabyX is customizable with the mom and dad’s faces as well.

Babies against parenthood - baby shower game

Babies Against Parenthood

Ever play Cards Against Humanity? It’s one of our favorites because it’s absolutely hilarious and incredibly inappropriate!

Amanda from The Eco Friendly Family created a modern baby shower game called Babies Against Parenthood game that is played similarly to Cards Against Humanity. This game looks so funny and she has it for free on her blog!

This would be a great baby shower game for men to play if you’re having a coed shower!

candy bar match game

Candy Bar Match

Being pregnant and going through labor sure is sweet.

Match the correct candy bar to the pregnancy or baby-related term in this free candy match baby shower game. Print this out and let all your guests laugh at how sweet it is to be a mom.

Whos Watching The Baby Shower Game for 24 Players with Plastic Babies and Instruction Sheet (Caucasian)

Who’s Watching Baby?

This hilarious game ensures that baby shower guests are paying attention!

Each guest gets a small baby and is responsible for it during the shower. If they drop it, another person can snatch it up and claim it as their own. You can buy it here.

Mommy’s Cravings

Pregnancy is known for bringing on strange cravings. Have guests try to guess what the mom-to-be’s cravings have been.

In this game, each guest will get a piece of pen and paper. The mom-to-be can describe 6 to 8 pregnancy cravings that she had without actually saying the food. Guests will write down what they think mom is describing. The person with the most right answers wins.

celebrity baby names baby shower game

Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrities are always coming up with the most interesting names for their offspring and in this game from I Spy Fabulous, you get to see them all! Guess the unique baby name to their celebrity parents and see how many you can get right.

Interactive Baby Shower Games

These games are designed to encourage interaction and participation among guests, making for a more lively and entertaining atmosphere.

These games would work for large groups or small groups and really get everyone chatting!

blindfolded diaper station funny baby shower game

Blindfolded Diaper Station

See how well guests can change a diaper when they’re blindfolded by setting up a blindfold diaper station with plush baby dolls.

This baby shower game from Catch My Party will put your diaper-changing skills to the test.

make a playdoh baby - baby shower game

Playdoh Baby

For the record, I would be terrible at this game but I still think it would be a lot of fun!

Each guest has to make a baby out of Playdoh in a specified amount of time. The mom to be judges the babies and chooses the one she likes the best. Get the instructions and a free printable here.

baby shower charade game cards

Baby Shower Charades

I personally love a good game of charades! You don’t need a lot of supplies and it’s a fun way for people to show off their personality.

These baby shower game charade cards from Print Out Baby Shower are editable so you can really personalize them to your group.

diaper changing game for baby shower

Don’t Drop the Sprinkles

Similar to the diaper changing station above, but this one from Life Family Joy is even more challenging!

Each diaper is full of sprinkles (confetti) and guests have to change the diaper without spilling any of it.

Jeopardy baby shower games that don't suck

Baby Shower Jeopardy

Put your guests knowledge to the test of popular children’s books, parenting how to’s and pregnancy 101 with Baby Shower Jeopardy. Planning for Keeps shows how she made this poster board style game.

You can also buy a digital done-for-you game if you want to go that route.

Toss and Shout

This game requires guests to multitask while thinking quickly! Get guests together standing in a circle. One person will hold a baby doll and toss it to whoever she wants.

When the person catches it, they’ll have to quickly shout out a baby-related item. The last person standing wins! Get all the details here.

suck it up easy baby shower game

Suck It Up

Here’s a baby shower game that sucks—literally! But that doesn’t mean that it’s lame!

Have guests grab a nasal aspirator and mini marshmallows to play this minute to win it suck it up game. The person who can get the most marshmallows in the baby bottles wins!

Guess the baby picture game for baby shower

Guess the Baby

When you send out your invitation, ask guests to send you a baby photo of themselves for the shower.

During the shower, guests will look at all the baby pictures and try to guess who’s who. This game from Fashion Lush will get everyone moving around the room and chatting with one another!

Pin the Pacifier on the Baby

How long has it been since you got to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey? This game is similar and will bring you back to your childhood birthday parties!

Guests are blindfolded, spun around and have to pin the pacifier on the baby. Whoever gets it closest to the mouth, wins!

diaper stacking baby shower game

Diaper Stacking

Danetta over at Fun Squared has a whole list of Minute to Win It style games, and this diaper stacking game is one of my favorites for an easy win.

I love simple baby shower games that don’t take a ton of detailed instruction.

To play, split into teams, give them all several diapers, and see which team can stack the most in one minute.

Who Am I?

I played this at a baby shower a long time ago and it was a great way to break the ice. I didn’t know a lot of people at the party, so it really encouraged me to easily start conversations with others.

See the full post from Ice Breaker Ideas to see how to play this fun game with a large group.

Match Mom’s Tummy

You may have played the string game, where everyone cuts a piece of string the size they think will fit around mom’s waist. This game is similar, with a twist.

Hand each guest a balloon and have them fill it up the size they think will match mom’s tummy. Have everyone put their balloons under their shirts and have mom see whose bump is now closest to hers.

Easy Baby Shower Games

Need to keep things simple and stress-free? These baby shower games are easy to set up and play, requiring little to no preparation or materials.

baby shower emoji game

Baby Shower Emoji Game

How well do you know your emojis?

In this free printable Emoji shower game you have to see if you can figure out each of the different movie titles that have the word baby in them using the emojis!

late night diaper changes baby shower game

Late Night Diaper Changes

There’s nothing a postpartum mama needs more than some late-night encouragement from her besties.

Driven By Decor’s Late Night Diaper Changes game is perfect to give mom the support she needs, exactly when she needs it.

boy or girl baby shower game

Boy or Girl?

Babies are so stinkin’ cute! But sometimes you just can’t tell if it’s a boy or girl. You won’t be the only one when you play this game from Printable Me Studio.

baby or food baby shower game that doesnt suck

Baby or Food Baby

Is it a baby or a food baby? Play this scratch off game as an ice breaker, lottery drawing, diaper raffle prize, or even as a party favor. It comes in multiple colors so it’s perfect for a boy or girl baby shower!

Guess the Celebrity Baby

This game is easy to set up, but may be challenging for guests to play. Grab the free printable from Baby Shower Ideas 4 U that has 25 different celebrity baby faces.

Match each baby to the correct celebrity and see who can get the most correct. Some of these are super obvious and others are incredibly tricky!

draw the baby plate game for baby shower

Baby Drawings

This game is super simple to setup and play. Pass around a paper plate and pen to each guest. Guests will stick the plate on top of their head and draw a baby.

The mom-to-be then gets to choose which drawing she thinks is best. Check out Twenty Six and Then Some to see some of the hilarious drawings!

enneagram game for baby shower

Baby Enneagram Types

The Enneagram is the latest personality test that is taking the world by storm.

See how well you know your Enneagram types by matching each typical baby trait to the correct Enneagram type. This free Enneagram game printable is available on my blog.

33 Cute Baby Shower Games - Scratch Off Lottery Ticket Raffle Cards Baby Shower Game - Funny Baby Shower Games - Who Has The Mom - 33 Sheets

Who Has the Mom?

Use this funny baby shower game as a raffle prize to see who wins the lottery! Each guest gets a scratcher ticket and the winner is the one with the mom-to-be’s face. Some famous moms take up the other spaces!

Harry Potter baby shower game

Harry Potter Patronus

Throwing a Harry Potter-themed baby shower? Grab this Harry Potter baby shower game from Hey Let’s Make Stuff. This is such a unique game for your favorite wizard fans!

Juvale My Water Broke Baby Shower Game with 60 1-Inch Mini Plastic Babies, 3 Ice Cube Trays, and 1 Sign

My Water Broke

This is an easy baby shower game to play. Some guests just want to sit and chat with other guests, and that’s perfectly okay. You can play this My Water Broke game while guests mingle, snack, and sip.

Each guest grabs a frozen baby to drop in her drink. Once the ice cube melts, she yells out “My water broke!” The person who yells it first is the winner.

baby shower word search with pencil

Print out this free baby shower word search and see how quickly guests can find all the baby-related words. Perfect for a crowd who doesn’t want to move around much, or something fun to do while mom opens gifts!

Baby word match baby shower games ideas

American British Word Match

I love printable baby shower games, because they are so easy to prepare. How well do you know your British baby words? Match the American English words to the British words with this game from Hey Let’s Make Stuff. It’s definitely a lot harder than you think.

baby's first alphabet book baby shower activity

Baby’s First Alphabet Book

This baby shower activity is perfect for those not wanting to play traditional games. Something Turquoise made printable designs for baby shower guests to color/draw a page of baby’s first alphabet book. You can grab the complete templates on her blog!

pacifier hunt baby shower game

Pacifier Hunt Baby Shower Game

Print this Pacifier Hunt baby shower game sign and have guests look around the baby shower venue to see who can find the most pacifiers.

This game is a great baby shower game for kids if you’re hosting a family-friendly party!

Baby around the world baby shower printable game

Baby Around the World

How many different ways do you know to say baby?

Have guests take this quick quiz to match the different ways to say baby to the right language. You’d be surprised at how difficult it is!

baby shower price is right game

The Price is Right

The Price is Right was my favorite game show as a kid! You can channel your inner Bob Barker with this printable version at home.

The Price is Right baby shower game is a fun way to have everyone guessing the different prices of baby items in the year the mom-to-be was born!

Co-Ed Baby Shower Games

Co-ed baby shower games are becoming increasingly popular as more people have co-ed baby showers.

These games are ones the guys in your life will love too. These games not only provide entertainment, but also help to create a sense of community and support around the parents-to-be.

diaper pong baby shower game

Diaper Pong

Diaper pong is perfect if you’re looking for coed baby shower games. Grab this version from Crafty Nikster or make a DIY version if you’re feeling crafty.

See how many ping pong balls you can get in the diaper with this diaper pong game. The best part is the expecting mom gets to take all the diapers home after guests have fun playing this baby shower game!

Baby or Beer Phrases

This game would be great for a coed shower or a brewery themed baby shower. You have to guess the baby or beer related phrase that corresponds to each photo. This one definitely looks tricky.

chug the baby bottle game

Chug the Baby Bottle

Men love a good old fashioned chugging contest so replace their beer bottles with baby bottles and cheer them on as they chug away.

Fill up small baby bottles with juice or another beverage and see who can drink it down the fastest. All the ladies can cheer them on as they chug!

beer or baby bump baby shower game

Bump or Beer Belly

Can you tell the difference between a baby bump and a beer belly? Grab this printable from Being Happy Prints and see who can identify a baby bump versus a beer belly. It’s a lot tricker then it seems!

bean bag toss baby shower game

Sperm Toss

This is your classic game of cornhole/bean bag toss with a baby shower twist. Awkward together made her own cornhole game with a painted version of a woman’s reproductive organs on the board. Then she made two sets of bean bag sperm.

This is so creative and something I’m sure people would get a kick out of!

What Did Dad Say?

Get the dad-to-be involved with this fun game from Happy Baby Printables. Interview daddy before hand and then have guests guess how he will complete each sentence.

Pacifier Beer Pong

If you’re familiar with beer pong, this game from Bathtime Funtime works the same way, just baby shower style. Set up your beer pong table. Instead of a ping pong ball, players will have to throw a pacifier into the cups.

baby shower game - family feud

Baby Feud

One of my all-time favorite game shows to watch is Family Feud. Now you can play Baby Shower Feud with all your guests with this digital game version.

This comes with questions and answers and is fully editable if you want to swap any out for your own.

30 Love or Labor Game Cards- Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party Supply Kit- Rustic Gender Neutral Card Design- A Fun Game for Women & Men. Made in the USA

Labor or Love

Women make all kinds of faces when they’re in labor, and in love. This hilarious game from Pink Pixie Studio shows different faces and you have to guess if she is in labor or making love. This game will have men and woman cracking up as they play.

old wives tales gender game

Old Wives Tales

There are plenty of old wives tales out there to predict baby’s gender. Grab this free old wives tales gender quiz and have guests guess if they think it’s a boy or girl! Mom and dad-to-be can play this fun game as well!

What are Good Prizes for Baby Shower Games?

Don’t forget to get some awesome game prizes for the winners! I have a whole post about different fun and unique baby shower game prize ideas! It includes everything from homemade soaps to adorable necklaces, home decor, and beauty products!

What’s the most fun game you’ve ever played at a baby shower? Which baby shower games don’t suck and are always a hit with guests?

Have fun playing these fun baby shower games and showering the mom to be!

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