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25 Eggcellent Ideas for your Baby’s First Easter Basket

Looking for Easter basket ideas for your baby? Grab these Easter gift ideas to stick in your baby’s Easter basket! 25 adorable ideas for your baby’s first Easter!

Baby with Easter bunny ears

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. Of course I love Christmas, but there’s just something about a Spring holiday. It’s always so much fun to dye eggs, go on Easter egg hunts, and look through an easter basket filled with goodies!

Evelyn was about 10 months old for her very first Easter. I loved that age, because she was starting to become really fun and interactive! It was a really fun stage—she was still a little baby but with so much personality and not too much toddler sass!

Since I love all things Easter, of course I was excited to put together her first Easter basket. I wanted to get things she would love as well as useful things for me/her. I hate having useless junk so I made sure to only put items in her basket that we would actually use.

What to Put in A Baby Easter Basket

If it’s your baby’s first Easter, then I’m sure you’re looking for ideas of what to put in their Easter basket.

If you’re stumped on ideas on what to put in your baby’s easter basket, then here you go! Here are 25 ideas for babies so you can fill your baby’s basket with things they will love!

Spring baby paper toy

1. Baby Paper

You know how babies always love the tissue paper from a present more than the actual present? This baby paper is crinkly and fun and solves that problem! It comes in cheery, Spring colors so it will really make your easter basket pop!

blue baby shoes

2. Baby Shoes

These mint moccasins are similar to Freshly Picked moccasins but way cheaper! They’re perfect for a baby boy or baby girl to wear on Easter day and all Spring long! Stick these in baby’s Easter basket for a useful gift!

baby personalized pacifier clip

3. Personalized Pacifier Clip

Teething bracelets are easy for tiny hands to grasp and small enough for mom to throw in her purse. These pretty personalized bracelets spell baby’s name so you can hang onto them as a baby keepsake forever!

baby sippy cups

4. Sippy Cup

You can start introducing water and a sippy cup to your baby around 6 months. Add these colorful cups to their basket to help make the transition fun!

5. Bunny Baby

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to get your baby their first doll. This soft bunny baby can be bundled up into their little bunny pod, or unbundled as a baby.

baby carrot teether for Easter basket

6. Carrot Teether

There is no such thing as too many teething toys. It seems like you’re always looking for one or cleaning one off that baby dropped on the ground. This carrot toy is too perfect for an Easter basket, plus your baby will love gnawing on it.

rainbow lovey for baby

7. Rainbow Lovey

Once your baby gets a little older you can introduce them to a lovey. This rainbow lovey is the sweetest and will be the perfect gift in baby’s Easter basket. Plus it looks super soft!

soft baby blocks

8. Soft Blocks

These colorful soft blocks are a toy that can grow with your baby. Use them now as a sensory activity. Baby can touch different materials on the blocks and hear the different noises it makes. As they grow, you can help baby identify different animals, letters, numbers, and fruit!

baby water toy

9. Water Mat

Get your baby to practice tummy time with this water mat. Perfect for babies 3 months old and up. They can play with this at the high chair while the family eats dinner, or on the ground as a way to practice tummy time!

teethers for baby

10. Teether Crackers

We could not stock these crackers enough once we started solids with our girl. They’re soft enough for your baby to gnaw on, even if they don’t have teeth.

baby book

11. Word Board Book

This is one of the best board books for baby’s development and language! We’ve had our copy since my daughter was 6 months old and we still read it 2 years later!

baby easter book

12. Interactive Books

We love all the touch and feel books! They are interactive for babies and toddlers and fun to read. This Touch and Feel Farm book with a little chick is perfect for an Easter Basket for your baby!

duck plate for baby

13. Duck Plate

I wrote about similar plates in my most forgotten baby registry post. We loved these plates as my daughter grew. They stick to the table so little hands can’t throw them on the ground. Plus, this little duck one is perfect for Spring!

baby taggies

14. Taggie

This crinkly taggie toy has 8 different tags that are interactive and soothing for babies. It’s machine washable and has a little plastic loop so you can attach it to your stroller or diaper bag in a pinch.

baby bunny ears

15. Bunny Ears

Get in the Easter spirit with some adorable bunny ears! Add these to your baby’s basket and then snap your camera away as you take adorable photos of your little bunny!

bunny hair bow - easter basket ideas for baby

16. Headband

If you want something a little more girly, this Easter headband is perfect! Delicate enough to match any Easter outfit that mom (or grandma) already picked out!

teething mitt

17. Teething Mitt

I cannot thank the inventor of this teething mitt enough. My daughter would constantly drop her teething toys and get so frustrated, When we put this teething mitt on her, she went to town! This was truly one of the best baby purchases I ever made and would be a great addition to baby’s Easter basket.

baby ball toy

18. Oball

This simple ball is an amazing toy for baby! It’s easy for them to grasp and a flexible material that they can play with. The rattle inside helps them begin to learn cause and effect and introduces them to music!

hooded towel

19. Hooded Towel

Add a little duck or bunny hooded towel to their basket for a festive friend! Perfect to wrap them up and dry them off after bath time. They’ll look so cute with a little duck hood on their head!

20. Sand Toys

Now that Spring is here, it’s time for warmer weather and trips to the beach! These sand toys are perfect for your next vacation or just for backyard play.

Spring baby bibs

21. Baby Bibs

Is it just me, or do you always need more bibs? I love the different fun patterns on these and the fact that they are easy to wipe. These fit babies 3 months to 9 months, so you’ll get a lot of use out of them!

duck pacifier

22. Duck Wubbanub

Our beloved Wubbanub was another thing we never had enough of. I carried one with me wherever we went in case my girl needed a nap on the go. I loved choosing different animals for her. The baby duck is too perfect for an Easter basket.

23. Plush Bunny

No Easter basket is complete without a bunny! This plush bunny rattle is perfect for your baby to play with before she can grow into a full on stuffed animal. This is a sweet Easter basket idea that your baby will love.

24. Rainbow Ball

I love toys that entertain baby but don’t require any batteries, This rainbow ball is colorful and makes crinkle and rattle noises. It’s just the right amount of sound to not drive me crazy, and the right amount of stimulation for baby!

carseat toy for baby

25. Carseat Toy

This little turtle has a mirror on the bottom so baby can see it’s reflection. Perfect to add to a carseat to help baby for those long car rides.

Enjoy filling that baby Easter basket with all these goodies! And don’t forget to take some pictures of them holding (or next to) their basket!

Happy Easter!

Amy Motroni