Need ideas on stocking stuffers for toddlers or preschoolers? Here are 25 fun stocking stuffer ideas that won’t break the bank!

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Going through my stocking as a kid was always one of my favorite parts about Christmas morning.

I know some people (and parents) think of the stocking as an afterthought, but it is still one of my favorite ways to give and receive gifts during the holidays.

Here are 25 ideas for stocking stuffers for toddlers and preschoolers that they’ll actually use! These stocking stuffers are inexpensive, fun, and will last long past Christmas morning.

Most of these stocking stuffers are good for ages 1 through 4 years old. If you’re looking for ideas for younger kids, check out our baby stocking stuffers post!

Honest bubble bath

Bubble Bath

When your toddler is having a bad day, throw them in the bath! There’s something about water that’s calming and gives us the reset we often need. Bubble bath is perfect for those long days when you feel like the clock is standing still.

band aids for toddlers

Band Aids

Toddlers and preschoolers are obsessed with Band Aids, but only if they have fun characters or colors on them. Stock up on Band Aids as a stocking stuffer and just accept that these won’t only be used for ouchies.

Magnet Dolls

These magnets dolls allow your toddler to mix and match outfits and get lost in their own imaginary play. They’re also great to take to a restaurant or on road trips.

Love Every Kit

These kits are so much fun! They are play based and tailored to the developmental stage your baby is in. Order your first kit to include in your toddler’s stocking and get a new kit every three months when you keep the subscription active.

Llama pop toys

Fidget Pop Toys

These fidget pop toys are the latest rage. Toddlers and preschoolers can play with these at home, in the car, at a restaurant, or anywhere else! I have to admit even adults can get lost popping all the little bubbles in these.

LEGO Duplo train kit

Lego Duplo

LEGO Duplo are the perfect open-ended toy for babies 18 months and up. LEGO toys last forever and can grow with your child. There are so many different LEGO Duplo kits you could grab for your toddler’s stocking.

build a snowman craft

Snowman Kit

Do you want to build a snowman? This fun kit is a perfect winter craft on those snowy or rainy days. Let little hands get lost in sensory play as they bring their own snowman to life!

puffy stickers for toddlers

Puffy Stickers

Toddlers and preschoolers love stickers. We can’t get enough of them in my house. The great thing about these puffy stickers is that toddlers are able to pull them off on their own and they easily come off of walls and other surfaces without leaving a sticky residue.

toddler wooden paint kit

Wooden Paint Kit

Your child will love bringing this craft project to life as they paint their vehicle however they choose and get to add wheels and other details. This is an art project and toy all in one!

lift the flap books for kids

Lift the Flap Books

No such thing as too many books! These lift the flap books are perfect for toddlers as part of a bedtime routine or connection activity. They’re perfect for tiny hands.

box of crayons


Art supplies are a great way to encourage a little quiet activity in your home. Crayons are cheap stocking fillers for toddlers, because little hands are learning to hold them, and you don’t have to worry about the mess that comes with markers.

pull back race cars

Construction Cars

These pull back cars are fun for the whole family! Race them against one another or get lost in imaginary play with these cars. Perfect for little hands for open ended play.

Play Doh in multiple colors

Play Doh

I know some parents loathe Pay Doh, but I don’t mind it. It’s one of the cheaper stocking stuffers on this list. You can buy one can or 10 and keep it for years. You can also make your own Play Doh if you want to go that route too!

little girl wearing hairbow

Hair Bows

I personally love sticking things in my preschooler’s stocking that I would need to buy anyway! It seems like you can never have enough hair bows, because we are constantly losing them. Add a few of their favorite colors for a fun stocking stuffer.

colorful rolls of washi tape

Washi Tape

Washi tape is the perfect craft activity for little hands! Get rolls in fun colors or patterns and watch your toddler get to work. The craft tape sticks to surfaces so they can decorate away, but easily peels off so you aren’t left with sticky messes all over the house.

toddler toothbrushes

Kids Toothbrush

Stick something useful in your toddler’s stocking that is new too! Getting a new toothbrush once in a while can make teeth brushing a novelty and help with that nightly toothbrushing bedtime battle!

animal figurines for kids

Animal Figurines

Stick these animal figurines in your child’s stocking and let them come up with imaginative play! They may play zoo, animal family, line the animals up, sort them—the possibilities are endless!

colorful bath drops

Bath Color Tablets

Spice up a mundane afternoon with a color bath! These non-toxic drops add a colorful splash to your toddler or preschooler’s bath, without irritating skin.

bubble sticks


Bubbles are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to have an afternoon of fun. These bubble wands are a fun addition a toddler’s stocking and will give you plenty of future fun!

Play Doh and personalized rolling pin

Play Doh rolling pin

Here’s a stocking idea for a 4 year-old, or a child who’s old enough to recognize their name! These custom name rolling pins from Corner Craft Shop make it so fun for your child to imprint their name on Play Doh.

Water Wow books

Water Wow

These books are great stocking stuffers for 2 year old! We loved these books when my daughter was younger. Mess-free coloring with a “marker” big enough for small hands. You can reuse the book multiple times and it’s small size makes it perfect to bring on-the-go.

penguin stamp kit


This little winter stamp kit is perfect for some rainy day fun! No ink pads to keep track of. It’s a stamp and mini ink pad all-in-one and is a perfect stocking stuffer idea!

Little figurine people community helpers set

Little People Figurines

I love toys that have a long shelf life and these Little People Figurines do! My baby has played with these since she was 18 months old, and still plays with them at 4.5 years old. The Little People line has a ton of other characters if you want to grab even more!

boat bath toys

Bath Boat

This is one of our favorite bath toys because it doesn’t get moldy. It’s fun for toddlers to scoop water in, pour it out, stack the boats, and whatever else they can imagine while splashing in the tub! It makes for a great stocking stuffer for toddlers!

Bath bomb dinosaur surprise toys

Bath Bomb with Surprise

Can you tell we love bath time in my house? These bath bombs make bath time fun on their own, but then when it’s dissolved in water, there’s a fun toy surprise inside! The toy is quite small, so keep this idea as a stocking stuffer for 3 year old and up.

Enjoy shopping for these stocking stuffers for toddlers and Merry Christmas!

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