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35 Best Ideas for Baby Stocking Stuffers in 2020

Looking for the best baby stocking stuffers for your little one’s first Christmas? Here are some of our favorite ideas for baby stocking stuffers that you can gift to your sweetie this Christmas!

baby sitting on stairs with Christmas stocking

Stocking stuffers have always been one of my favorite things about Christmas morning. We have traditions in my family where we get some of the same stocking stuffers each year, as well as a few other goodies. I always found so much joy digging through my stocking to see what little treasures were inside!

I didn’t want to buy our daughter many (if any) Christmas presents when she was a baby. (I promise I’m not a scrooge!)

It’s just that she was only 7 months old her first Christmas and already had everything her little baby heart could desire. We really didn’t need more stuff. I knew her grandparents were going to shower her with gifts so I didn’t want to spend money for even more stuff.

But stocking stuffers were a different story. I bought her a stocking that matched ours and filled it with baby stocking stuffers I knew she would love. Sure, half of them were for my benefit, but she enjoyed playing with the stocking and seeing the different items we included.

Here are some of the best gift ideas for babies. I’ve included items that your baby actually needs, would have fun playing with, or that you might love to have for them. That way, there’s something for everyone on Christmas morning! Depending on your child’s developmental milestones, these stocking stuffers are good for babies 0 to 12 months old.

Developmental Toys

sloth rattle for baby

Rattles: Does your little one love their sloth nursery? This cuddly sloth rattle will match perfectly! Comes with a teething ring and tags for babies to explore.

baby teether toy

Lovey: Here’s a lovey that has it all! Teething toys, crinkly paper, and colorful ribbons for baby to play with!

baby toy

Stacking cups: You can practice counting, numbers, colors, and coordination with these colorful stacking cups. These are inexpensive and a multifunctional toy!

baby sensory balls

Sensory balls: Babies—and toddlers for that matter—love balls. These balls have different shapes and textures, making them great for stimulation and playing. Plus the bright colors are fun and add visual interest.

baby paper - stocking stuffer idea

Baby paper toy: No matter what you gift your baby, they will end up playing with the packaging and paper anyway. Baby paper is perfect for little hands because it’s washable and doesn’t tear so your baby can play with it again and again!

baby boats for bathtub

Bath Toys

Bath toys: Cute bath toys that won’t collect mold or mildew are the only bath toys I buy now! These colorful stacking boats are perfect for bath time and as a baby stocking stuffer! Toys and bubble baths always help extend bath time in our house!

bath mitts for kids - stocking stuffer idea

Bath mitts: Wash your baby in style with these adorable personalized animal bath mitts. Doubles as a puppet for some bath time fun! I love toys like this that can grow with your child.

Bath book: We love reading or (practicing reading) in all areas of the house and the bath is no exception! This little book is waterproof and perfect for tiny hands!

Bedtime Soothers

baby pacifier

Wubbanub : We had about 7 different pacifiers for Evelyn when she was a baby. It was helpful to have one wherever we went in the diaper bag, crib, and a backup! She quickly depended on them to fall asleep, which meant I toted one everywhere. Pick a cute new wubbanub to add to baby’s stocking and their collection.

lovey for baby

Lovey: Include a sweet little lovey that your baby can snuggle at night. This soft bunny is gender neutral and would provide comfort and cuddles while your baby is sleeping.

baby lamb soother

Sound soother: This adorable bunny plays soothing sounds and lullabies, helping put your baby to sleep.

Clothes & Accessories for Baby

NYE Outfit : Right after Christmas ends it’s time to ring in the New Year! Pick out an adorable NYE outfit to stuff in baby’s stocking so you’re one step ahead. Even if your sweetie won’t make it to midnight, you’ll still want to grab a pic of them on their first New Year’s Eve!

baby beanies

Baby beanie: Warm your mini’s head for the winter with this baby knit hat. Choose a three or four pack in a variety of colors so they can match any outfit!

Hair bows: If you have a baby girl, you can never have too many baby bows. The chunkier styles are perfect for the colder weather!

baby hair bow

Baby bow: If you like a more delicate look, these sweet bows from Fawn and Finn are so cute!

Baby shoes: Stick these adorable baby moccasins in your baby’s stocking so they can wear them on Christmas day!

Baby socks : I promise you can never have enough pairs of baby socks. It seems like every time you do laundry, half of them go missing! The sayings on these are too funny!

Take Along Toys

Baby Einstein toy: Our daughter was obsessed with this personal baby boombox when she was 7 months old. The musical toy lights up and plays 7 different melodies.

Carseat toy: This plush unicorn toy easily attaches to your baby’s carseat so you have it wherever you go. The pretty colors and attached mirror will keep your baby fully engaged.

Favorite Books

Picture word books: Babies and young toddlers love to look at—and chew—board books. This 100 words book is perfect for tiny developing brains. Before you know it, their vocabulary will start exploding!

Bedtime stories: If you haven’t started reading to your baby as part of your bedtime routine, now is a great time to start. Incorporate a fun book to get everyone ready for bed.

Interactive books: Soft, interactive books that babies can play with are always a hit. This little owl book includes peek-a-boo flaps and fuzzy features. Keep it in the stroller or car seat for those long holiday drives!

Teething Toys & Necessities

baby teething toy

Nintendo Teether: It seemed like teething lasted forever with our daughter. I was constantly reaching for different teething toys to help soothe her little gums. Grab this Nintendo teether for a little nostalgia!

baby toothbrush

Toothbrush: And once those teeth start to pop through, it’s time to brush them! Stick a toothbrush in your baby’s stocking stuffer so you have it ready when those teeth come!

Sophie: This teether is perfect for little hands because they can hold all of Sophie’s different parts and gnaw away!

Sweet Baby Keepsakes

DIY photo ornament

Baby’s first ornament: Make your baby’s first Christmas ornament from their birth announcement! This is such a simple DIY that you will treasure forever!

Baby keepsake: Make a sweet keepsake of your baby’s handprint and footprint with this kit. Add this small gift as a baby stocking stuffer so you remember to complete this art project.

Photo album: Spark your baby’s social development and imagination with their first photo album. You can include family photos in this soft book for baby.

Feeding Items Baby Will Love

Feeding mats: If you want to introduce solids with baby-led weaning, then these mats are a must! We loved how they stuck to the table so Evelyn couldn’t pull it off. And they were easy peasy to wash.

Bandana bibs: Stock up on baby bibs now! These soft bandana bibs have teething toys attached so you always have one on hand!

baby sippy cup

Sippy cup: If you’re getting ready to introduce solids to your baby soon, it’s a good idea to start giving them a small amount of water at meals too. We liked this weighted straw cup for Evelyn’s first sippy cup.

Baby Dolls

First baby doll: Once your baby turns 12 months, they’ll start to pretend play and show nurturing qualities! Get your baby their first doll as a stocking stuffer. Baby Stella is the perfect happy baby doll for girl and boys.

stuffed animals for baby

Stuffed animals: You can also have a Cuddle and Kind doll hanging out of their baby stocking. These adorable stuffed animals provide 10 meals to children in need for every doll purchased.

personalized baby dolls

Personalized baby dolls: These personalized baby dolls will grow with your baby! Customize them with your baby’s name for a sweet keepsake!

Other Baby Stocking Stuffers

Nick’s family tradition was to include an orange or two in their stockings so of course we had to do that too. In my family we always got a container of Downy fabric softener (strange but we grew to really love getting it in our stocking) so I made sure to include a container for Evelyn’s baby stocking too!

What were some of the stocking stuffers your family includes as traditions? Leave me a comment below! I love family traditions so much and would love to think of new stocking stuffers we can use as we grow our family!

Amy Motroni