Print this old wives tales gender quiz to have guests predict if baby will be a he or she at your gender reveal party or baby shower! Includes 15 old wives tales for predicting your baby’s gender!

old wives tales gender game

It seems like the second you announce your pregnancy to your family, people want to start making predictions about your baby’s gender.

Carrying high? You might be carrying a girl.

Carrying low? Oh, you’re having a boy!

Sick as a dog, definitely a girl. No nausea? It’s a boy!

If you’re dying to find out the sex of your baby, there are a handful of unscientific tests that you can try at home.

Tests like the baking soda test or Chinese calendar might give you a hint as to whether it’s a boy or a girl.

There are also more than a dozen old wives tales gender quizzes that you can take to indicate what baby might be.

Old Wives Tales Printable

Our free printable quiz has some of the most common gender prediction questions included to get everyone in on the fun!

So before you announce the gender with confetti powder or balloons, grab this printable and play a game!

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How to Play This Old wives Tales Gender Prediction Quiz

This free printable quiz is a fun game with some of the classic gender prediction questions. You can print this and play at a gender reveal party, at home with your spouse, or as a fun baby shower game!

  1. Print the old wives tales for your gender reveal party.
  2. Have guests predict what they think baby will be based on some of the most well-known old wives tales.
  3. They’ll choose boy or girl for each item and then add up all their points at the end to see if team boy or team girl is in mama’s belly!

Check out these old wives tales that are often accurate for predicting your baby’s gender! Then scroll down to the bottom to get your free printable of this gender prediction quiz.

15 Old Wives Tales for Gender Prediction

#1 – Mom’s Cravings

Does mom want french fries and potato chips around the clock? Salty cravings could point to mom carrying a boy. On the other hand if mom is craving sweets like candy or fruit, then it could be a girl!

#2 –Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a struggle many woman face as a part of pregnancy and is fairly common. But if the nausea and upset stomach stick around, then it could mean you’re having a girl. If you don’t experience this pregnancy symptom at all, or for long, it might be a boy.

#3 –Sleep Position

Chances are you had a favorite sleep position before conceiving and now that you’re pregnant, the old wives tale says you should pay even more attention to it. If you prefer sleeping on your left side, it’s a boy. Sleeping on the right—a sweet baby girl!

#4 – Mom’s Complexion

Not everyone gets that oft-talked about pregnancy glow.

The old wives tale is that baby girls steal mom’s beauty. Acne and breakouts could be a sign that there’s a little miss inside. Glowing and clear complexion means baby boy (who isn’t stealing all your beauty) is on the way.

#5 – Baby’s Heartbeat

Pay attention next time the doctor checks the baby’s heart rate and ask what baby’s beats per minute were. A heart rate of less than 140 beats per minute typically means boy, while a faster heart rate can be indicative of a girl.

#6 – Mom’s Foot Size

Your belly is growing, but are your feet also? If you notice your shoes are harder to fit in, then it could be a baby boy. Apparently, having a boy can add up to half a size to your feet! Meanwhile if your feet are staying the same, get ready to share shoes with a daughter!

#7 – Emotions

How are your mood swings mama? If you’re emotional and moody, then get ready to welcome even more estrogen into your life with a baby girl. If you’re chill and calm, you might be pregnant with a boy on the way!

#8 – Headaches

Is mom experiencing more headaches than normal? Could be a baby boy in there. No headaches for mama may be a sign of a baby girl!

#9 – How mom is Carrying Baby

This is one of the most common old wives tale, and an easier one for people to see.

The old wives tale is if your carrying your belly high, then it can mean a girl. If your belly is low, then it can mean a baby boy.

#10 – Mom’s body temperature

Do you feel colder than normal or are you hot and sweaty? I’m sure this depends on the season that you’re pregnant in as well! But if mom-to-be is feeling cold and chilly frequently, then it can mean boy while hot and sweaty might mean baby girl.

#11 – Dad’s weight

Has your partner gained sympathy weight during your pregnancy?

I don’t know how this could be related but the old wives gender tale says that if dad has experienced weight gain, it could mean that the baby is a girl.

If your partner’s weight has stayed the same during your pregnancy, the old wives tale is that it’s a boy. Strange, right?!

#12 – Balance

How is mom on her feet these days? Is she stumbling around everything or is she as graceful as ever? A pregnant mama experiencing clumsiness means she is carrying a boy and graceful movements predict a girl.

#13 – Skin Texture

Is your skin more soft and smooth than ever before? Thank your baby girl for that! On the other hand, if your skin is rough and dry, baby boy in the womb could be to blame.

#14 – Cold Feet

These aren’t the kind of feet you might have if you’re nervous about becoming a mom! (And we all get those). But if your feet are literally cold throughout your pregnancy, then it could be a boy. Feet just normal? Hello baby girl!

#15 – Parental Intuition

What does dad think the baby is? What does mom think? Your parental intuition counts for something too! Some of these old wives tales were spot on when I was pregnant, but above all else, I just had a feeling that we were going to welcome a baby girl! And we did!

Remember, that the definition of an old wives tale is: a superstitious or traditional belief that is unscientific. So while some of these may predict your baby’s gender, wait for the official blood test or ultrasound before announcing the news!

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old wives tales gender game

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