Get ready to welcome your newest little witch or wizard with these Harry Potter pregnancy announcements! Everyone’s favorite wizard serves as the inspiration for these adorable pregnancy announcements from House Hogwarts!

Harry Potter pregnancy announcements collage of photos

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Where are my Harry Potter fans at?

Whenever I meet people who have not yet entered the magical world that is Harry Potter, it becomes my goal to convince them to read the series.

My sister was such a skeptic and after she finished reading all the books she messaged me and said, Thank you for introducing me to the greatest story I’ve ever heard.

If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

But if you’re reading this post, then I’m guessing you are already a Potterhead. And so are these creative parents-to-be.

These expecting parents are such die hard Harry Potter fans that they decided to announce their pregnancy a la Harry Potter style! These creative pregnancy announcements are full of our favorite wizard, magical spells, and plenty of Hogwarts charm.

See how you can recreate these photos to make your own Harry Potter pregnancy announcement!

Accio creative ideas!

Harry Potter-Inspired Pregnancy Announcements

Accio Baby Harry Potter pregnancy announcement with parents holding sign

Accio Baby! If only it were that simple to grow a witch or wizard! This adorable Harry Potter pregnancy announcement from @aliciagrotephotography shares when the magic begins for these new parents!

Big sister wearing earmuffs sitting next to Harry Potter mandrake

I love this clever Immature mandrake Harry-Potter inspired pregnancy announcement from @littleonejung. Good thing big sister has her ear muffs ready to avoid the fatal cries! Such a fun pregnancy announcement for Harry Potter fans!

Expectant parents holding Harry Potter Always sign to announce pregnancy


Potter fans know how powerful this simple word is and the weight that it carries. It bring so much sentiment to this couple’s pregnancy announcement. Their Harry Potter shirts complete the look with this photo from @theseeker_seven.

Baby boy in Big Brother onesie to announce new little brother on the way

Big brother is getting a new quidditch team member and gets to bring the news with Hedwig in this photo from @alexis.plus3! It’s still determined what each of their patronuses will be, but this is such a cute pregnancy announcement.

Harry Potter pregnancy announcement with onesie and ultrasound photo

Here’s an easy and adorable setup you can recreate at home! It looks like House Ravenclaw will get a new member with this Hogwarts announcement from @gretchenfox. Complete with the cutest little sorting hat!

expecting parents  holding a harry potter letter board

A whole lot of mischief is coming their way with a baby boy! This Harry Potter pregnancy announcement idea from @jessicamancinik is simple and sweet! Their smiles say it all!

Expecting Patronum Harry Potter maternity shirt

Grab this Harry Potter spell Expecting Patronum maternity shirt from Something By Us to wear for your announcement photo. It’s perfect for rocking your wizard bump for the next 9 3/4 months too!

couple holding a Harry Potter golden snitch to announce pregnancy

This couple used the Golden Snitch to make a special announcement. This Harry Potter themed pregnancy announcement photo session from Jen Harvey is absolutely gorgeous!

Harry Potter pregnancy announcement on letterboard with onesie and wands

These parents grabbed our favorite Harry Potter props to announce they’ve been up to no good and are sharing the news with this Harry Potter inspired bump announcement! Recreate the photos from @jaimeschoenhals with the future wizard onesie!

Brothers announcing a new baby - Harry Potter inspired announcement with brothers holding mandrake and wearing earmuffs

These big brothers are getting ready for the new (and loud) addition to the family with their earmuffs and big brother books! @Cupcakegal02 has several cute Harry Potter pregnancy announcements in her post, but this one was our favorite.

Mischief Managed baby bodysuit being help up in front of Hogwarts castle for Harry Potter pregnancy announcement

Head to Universal Studios and visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to snap a photo similar to this one, featured on For the Love of Harry’s site!

Get ready to snuggle this muggle with the cutest Harry Potter outfit! Grab this Hogwarts outfit and use it to announce your pregnancy, Harry Potter style! Bonus, you’ll get to dress baby in it later!

Harry Potter pregnancy reveal with Hedwig, books, and ultrasound photo

It looks like a spell is brewing in this announcement photo from @meganmaryfox. There’s so many magical details in their photo. Check out the Hogwarts acceptance letter at the bottom!

Harry Potter baby bump announcement with parents and baby brother

There’s definitely going to be some growing for this soon-to-be-mama until the Engorgio charm wears off! This photo from Megan Brodie Photography is perfect for Potterheads!

The Daily Prophet Harry Potter pregnancy announcement

The Daily Prophet always has the best news! He/She who has yet to be named is on their way with this printable from Quirk Printables Co. Get it customized with your baby’s due date to let everyone know about your newest little wizard!

new mom reading Harry Potter book to announce pregnancy

Our favorite family is getting a new sibling! Mama-to-be @the.busy.babywearer is adding another Weasley to the bunch and couldn’t be more thrilled! Fred and George were always my favorite characters too!

Harry Potter parent shirts expecting baby

Expecting a wizard or muggle? Announce the magic in progress with these cheeky Harry Potter reveal couples t-shirts from Aspen Clothing Co. There’s one for you and one for dad!

Harry Potter pregnancy announcement with letterboard and Harry Potter books

Another Accio Baby Harry Potter Pregnancy announcement, this one from @_kelsileigh. Stack your Harry Potter books high and cast this magic spell with your ultrasound to let the magic begin!

Pregnant mom and brothers doing a Harry Potter inspired pregnancy reveal

Was it pumpkin seeds or was it magic that made @marnigoldcreative’s belly grow? These Gryffindor brothers look stoked to be getting another wizard in their Hogwarts House.

Big brother announcing a new little brother coming with a Harry Potter t-shirt

Big Brother gets to share the news of what he’s been up to in this dreamy photoshoot from Ashley Newman Photography. Click through her page to see all the fun details that she included for this Harry Potter pregnancy announcement and gender reveal!

Accio Grandparents Harry Potter puzzle to announce a new baby

If you’re looking for creative ways to tell your family you’re pregnant this Harry Potter puzzle makes a great surprise gift!

Harry Potter onesie announcing new baby

It’s still to be determined which Hogwarts House your sweetie will be in! Announce your pregnancy with this To Be Sorted Onesie from Purple Zebra Crafts. Snap a pic with a Harry Potter scarf or with your sweetie to share the news!

Enjoy your little magic bundle as you announce your Harry Potter pregnancy! Accio Baby!

Harry Potter pregnancy announcement photo collage

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