See how we announced we were expecting a little pumpkin! We made our pregnancy announcement in the Fall, which was the perfect time to do a pumpkin themed pregnancy announcement!

couple announcing pregnancy with a pumpkin pregnancy announcement

Once October rolls around, it’s time for all the pumpkin spice! I love Fall and everything that comes with it—pumpkins, Halloween, scarves, cooler weather, colored leaves, football—gimme all of it!

When we found out we were pregnant with our daughter in September 2016, I knew I wanted to do a pumpkin pregnancy announcement and announce our pregnancy near the end of my first trimester.

Nick says we announced our pumpkin with a little pumpkin!

We wrote Coming May 2017 on a little pumpkin that we picked up from the local pumpkin patch (we go every year!) and snapped a photo of us holding it with our first ultrasound picture.

Then we dressed in matching fall-ish colors and had my brother-in-law snap a few photos at my in-laws house! He has a photography business and was gracious enough to take these for us. (Thanks Steve!).

We love how they turned out! It was such an exciting time once we posted the photo and told everyone we were expecting a baby with this Halloween pregnancy announcement! I love seeing pregnancy announcements on my social media feed and was ecstatic to share ours!

couple announcing pregnancy with a pumpkin pregnancy announcement

If you’re due with your baby in the Spring, then a pumpkin or fall pregnancy announcement is a great way to let everyone know you’re expecting!

Before we made our pumpkin pregnancy announcement, we told each of our family members in person that we were pregnant! We bought the grandparents and aunts little onesies or bibs that said “Grandpa’s sidekick” and “Auntie’s Bestie.”

It was such a fun way to surprise our family with the news! Here are 25 other creative ways to tell your family you’re pregnant in person!

Then, once our closest family and friends knew the news, we uploaded our pumpkin pregnancy announcement to let everyone else know our little secret!

Have fun announcing your pregnancy with a fall pregnancy announcement!

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