Looking for some baby shower games where little ones can join in the fun? Check out these baby shower games for kids to make a shower that’s fun for all ages!

kids playing with balloons at baby shower

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It seems like most baby showers used to be strictly for momma and her friends, but times are changing and I love what I’m seeing! More and more these days, baby shower invites are including the whole family on the fun.

A great way to ensure that all the important people in your life are able to celebrate your new arrival is to make the baby shower invite open to all—including children!

There are plenty of creative ways to keep the tiny humans entertained during your baby shower.

If you think a kid-friendly baby shower might be the way to go, I’ve got you covered with these fun baby shower games for kids!

25 Baby Shower Games for Kids

These baby shower games are simple enough for all ages and make your baby shower a blast for all. If you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate kids into a baby shower, then check out these fun ideas!

diaper stacking baby shower game

Diaper Stacking

Danetta over at Fun Squared has a whole list of Minute to Win It style games, and this diaper stacking game is one of my favorites for kids. I love simple baby shower games that don’t take a ton of detailed instruction, especially for littles!

To play, split the kids into teams, give them all several diapers, and see which team can stack the most in one minute.

This game is sure to get the giggles going, and the best part is all of these diapers will still be useful when baby arrives!

kids laying down reading books in a circle

Baby Books Quiz

Will you have some little book-lovers at your shower?

This Baby Books Quotes Quiz from baby-shower.com is fun way to put their knowledge to the test!

Check out the list of 20 recognizable quotes from some of the most classic and beloved childhood stories. Split the kids into age-balanced teams and see which ones can identify the most quotes!

Juvale My Water Broke Baby Shower Game with 60 1-Inch Mini Plastic Babies, 3 Ice Cube Trays, and 1 Sign

My Water Broke

If you’re looking for something silly and sensory to do with the kiddos, check out these fun baby ice cube molds!

You can turn this into a game for everyone at the party (grown-ups included) by popping these in drinks and seeing whose “water breaks” first.

Or, if you’re having a summer baby shower, send the kids outside and have them put their baby ice cubes on the sidewalk to see whose will melt first!

women talking at baby shower

Don’t Say Baby

One game that is fun for all ages and can be played for the entirety of the party is the Don’t Say “Baby” game.

To play, set out a bowl of clothespins and ask each guest to take one pin and clip it to their clothes somewhere. Then let everyone know that the goal is to NOT say the word “baby” at all during the party.

If you say it, the person you’re talking to gets to collect your clothes pin and put it on their own clothes.

The person who has the most pins by the end of the baby shower wins a fun prize

The folks over at WebBabyShower have a free printable guide for how to play the Don’t Say Baby game, so check it out!

pacifier hunt baby shower game

Pacifier Hunt

Kids love a treasure hunt! Keep them kids engaged throughout the baby shower by hiding pacifiers around the house and ask them to find them all.

Check out my free printable for the Pacifier Hunt baby shower game with instructions and details on how to play!

baby shower blocks game

Alphabet blocks

Spot of Tea Designs has a great baby shower activity for kids who love crafts: decorate the new baby’s alphabet blocks!

Prep some blank wooden blocks with all the letters of the alphabet, then set out paints and ask the kids to decorate the blocks for the new baby. It’s such a sweet and fun memento from the baby shower, and it will get major use in those first few years of baby’s life!

Hxezoc Pin The Pacifier On The Baby Game Large Baby Poster Games for Baby Shower Party Kids Birthday Party Supplies - 72 Pacifier Stickers

Pin the Pacifier on the Baby

Who doesn’t love a fun twist on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game?

Check out this adorable pre-packaged Pin the pacifier on the Baby for a classic game that kids always love! This is a perfect baby shower game for small groups!

baby face mix and match - baby shower game

Baby Face Mix and Match

Kids are curious, so why not play into that curiosity by having them figure out what the new baby might look like?

Over at the Blue i Style blog, they’ve got a hilariously creative game called Baby Face Mix & Match. Kids can combine pieces from pictures of mom and dad to make a picture of the new baby!

Playdoh baby shower game

Play-Doh Baby

Kids love to play with Play-Doh, and this a great way to incorporate some fun into your baby shower!

At the Party Delights Blog, you can get a free printable with kid-friendly instructions on how to mold their very own Play-Doh babies. The mom-to-be can pick her favorites and award prizes!

baby shower guess the baby food game

Guess the Baby Food

You know bigger kids are always fascinated to watch babies eat, so why not bring them in on the mushy, gooey fun? Let them taste-test some baby food and guess what’s in it!

The Purple Pumpkin Blog has a free printable, complete with signs, jar labels, and guessing sheets!

two pacifiers

Bobbing for Pacifiers

This bobbing for pacifiers is a great baby shower game for a summer baby shower, because you can set it up outside and it’s a way for the kids to cool off. Set up a big tub of water, toss some pacifiers in, and get to bobbing!

If you really want to get a good laugh, bring the grown-ups in on the fun, too. Don’t forget to take pictures!

Party Hearty Baby Shower Games for Girl and Boy, 33 Poopie Emoji Scratch Off Lottery Tickets, Baby Games Ideas, Scratch Off Game.

Who Got Poopie

No one loves to laugh about poop like kids do! While this might be an inappropriate game for some, kids will love it!

This scratch-off card will have the kids rooting for poop—might as well have a sense of humor about it now before poop gets real, right?!

left and right baby shower game

Left Right

Another fun prize-winning game to play with the kiddos is the Left & Right Storybook game from Craft Pixel Printables.

Simply wrap up one or more fun baby shower game prizes and have the kids sit in a circle while the story is read, passing the gift to the right or left as instructed. Whoever is holding the gift at the end of the story gets to keep it!


Hot Potato with a Pacifier

I’m sure you’ve heard of the classic game of Hot Potato, and your littlest baby shower guests probably have, too. They can play the same game while tossing around a pacifier instead!

All you need to play is a pacifier and a timer, then let the kids handle the rest.

suck it up baby shower games

Suck it Up

Another one of the Minute to Win It style games from Fun Squared is called Suck it Up! See how many marshmallows players can suction onto with a nose aspirator, moving them from the table and into a jar.

Kids will love this one because they get to eat marshmallows at the end! It’s also a great way to hone those fine motor skills.

people drawing on a notebook

Draw the Baby

If you’re ready for things to take a very silly turn, check out this Draw the Baby game from Party Game Ideas.

Each player puts a white paper plate on top of their head and is given 2 minutes to draw a picture of the new baby, all while the plate is still on their head! The results are ridiculous and hilarious.

baby sock hunt - baby shower game

Baby Sock Hunt

Similar to the pacifier hunt game, you can hide baby socks around the party space and set your little treasure hunters loose!

Download this super affordable printable sign from Brown Kat Prints to let your guests know to keep an eye out for the socks during the party.

Boy Baby Shower Bingo Game - 24 Guests Party Game Supplies

Baby Bingo

Baby Bingo is a great game to play with the kids or the whole group! You can even group families into teams to play and compete for a family-themed prize.

This is an easy baby shower game to play for large groups while the mom to be opens up all her gifts.

funny diaper message on a diaper

Funny Diaper Messages

Kids say the darndest things, right? So why not use their words to set you up for some late-night diaper change giggles?

Tula Mama shared a great idea: have baby shower guests write funny messages on the new baby’s diapers.

She has an entire list of funny one-liners, or you can ask the kids to get creative and write their own!

baby shower games - charades


Everyone loves a game of charades, and this is another great way to get the kids at the baby shower involved. Check out the printable cards from Print Out Baby Shower.

Charades is one of my favorite baby shower games for kids! I love how silly and lively it gets.

baby shower activity book for kids

Activity Book

For a more calm kid-friendly baby shower activity, consider this beautiful printable activity book from Magical Printable. With 12 different activity pages, it’s sure to keep children quiet and entertained for quite a while!

stand up sit down baby shower game

Stand Up Sit Down

Another great baby shower game is the Stand Up Sit Down Game. Everyone at the party can play!

The mom-to-be sits with her back to everyone and they all stand up. She calls out different criteria to make people sit down like:

  • Sit down if you ate eggs for breakfast
  • Sit down if you’re wearing black
  • And it keeps going until there’s only one winner left standing

Check out this free printable from My Party Games for “Sit down if…” ideas.

onesies decorated at baby shower and hanging from a clothesline

Onesie Decorating Station

Onesie decorating is one of my favorite baby shower games kid crafts. It’s a chance for people to get creative and it’s something that the new baby can use that will remind parents of their baby shower!

baby shower storybook game

Storybook Quiz

For kids who love to read, this is another great baby shower game idea. This printable quiz from Baby Library has all sorts of questions about classic children’s stories.

You can even have the kids compete against the adults on the quiz. I have a feeling the kids might win this one!

Five little ducks baby shower game

Five Little Ducks

I may have saved the silliest game for last. The Five Little Ducks game from Play Party Plan is a blast, but fair warning: things might get a little wild!

Anything that involves kids and throwing things is probably going to get a little out of hand, right?

All you need are a bunch of little rubber duckies and a bucket to get the fun started!

Gather up all the kids at the party–call it getting your ducks in a row–and bring them outside. Split them into pairs, with one partner standing about 8 feet away from the bucket. Put their partner in between them and the bucket.

The name of the game? Toss rubber duckies into the bucket, all while the partner in the middle has to “duck” when the ducks fly over their head!

Hopefully this has given you some great inspiration for baby shower games for kids. Have fun getting the party started!

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