Capture your baby’s monthly milestones with these creative monthly baby picture ideas!

monthly baby picture ideas collage - baby girl holding stuffed unicorn

I loved taking my daughter’s monthly milestone photos each and every month!

I sat her in the same chair each month, next to her plush unicorn and it was so fun to see what she did each month. Seriously, look how cute she is! (photo above).

Here are creative monthly baby picture ideas that you can re-create with your own little babe!

15 Monthly Baby Picture Ideas

1. Shake Shack

Monthly baby picture ideas - Shake Shack hamburgers with baby

Lindsay Morrison’s Instagram caption says it all! “Twelve months. 365 days. 78 burgers.” Get a year’s worth of Shake Shack burgers when you use this clever idea to capture your baby’s monthly pictures.

2. Chair Compare

baby monthly pictures in chair

Madison Thomson used a chair each month for her baby’s monthly pictures! I love the idea of using the chair to see how much baby has grown each month! She also includes lots of photography tips so you can capture your baby photos at home each month.

3. Blanket

Monthly baby picture ideas on daddy's baby blanket

These photos from House Mix Blog are extra sentimental! She captured her baby boy on his dad’s baby blanket. It’s so fun to see baby’s expressions change over time with this simple background!

4. Laundry Basket

You can really see how much your baby is growing each month when you stick him in a laundry basket for his monthly baby pictures! @Kaylenk’s little guy is definitely hanging over the edge by his first birthday!

5. Milestone Blanket

baby milestone blanket for monthly photos

I love the idea of using a monthly milestone blanket for monthly birthday photo ideas. These usually come with a few props so you can point out baby’s age in each photo. Bonus is that you get to use the blanket all year!

monthly baby picture ideas - twins in pizza box

6. Pizza Boxes

Being a parent sure works up your appetite! These pizza twins get a pizza picture every month that they turn another month older! Pictures for them, pizza for you!

7. Balloons

monthly baby picture ideas with balloons

Each month that your baby grows, you get to add another balloon to the collection like these monthly pictures from @tomok_0. What a fun way to show that baby is another month older!

8. Milestone Stickers

monthly baby pictures with sticker labels

Grab some simple belly signs and stick them on your baby for some easy monthly birthday photo ideas. Miss Freddy is even offering her stickers as a free file!

9. Changing Seasons

Monthly baby photo ideas using seasonal props

Grab these baby monthly photo props to take seasonally-themed photos each month! Each month you’ll get a new box in the mail that you can use to snap your baby’s pictures!

10. Baby Lounger

Monthly baby picture ideas putting baby in Dock-A-Tot each month

Another way to show off your baby’s growth each month is by sticking baby in a Dock-A-Tot and seeing how much has changed each month! Seven Graces Blog did this to capture her baby’s milestones and it’s adorable!

11. Dad’s Shirts

collage of monthly baby pictures - dad holding baby

Marielle Marie took her baby monthly pictures with dad holding baby in a different colored shirt and they turned out so great! We love the idea of getting dad involved in the monthly photos!

12. Donuts

monthly baby pictures collage with Krispy Kreme donuts

I know we all want to tell our babies donut grow up so fast. @Corinnahoffman did it with her adorable donut photoshoot. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate each month with your baby than this!

13. Bay Blocks

baby blocks to take Monthly baby pictures

These wooden blocks make it so easy to capture your baby’s monthly birthday! One side has weeks, while the other side has months, so you can capture pictures from the time baby is itty bitty!

14. Matching Outfits

Collage of monthly photo ideas with twins

These adorable twins get their photos taken each month on their blanket with their matching outfits! This mom loved seeing her different favorite outfits each month and watching them grow and interact with one another!

15. Chalkboard Sign

chalkboard to track baby's stats for monthly pictures

Keep track of baby’s milestones and interests each month with a chalkboard sign. There’s a place to record baby’s height, weight, likes, and milestones on these adorable chalkboards!

Grab your phone and start snapping those monthly baby pictures away so you have the keepsakes forever, even as your baby grows.

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