Make your baby’s nursery conducive for sleeping with a pair of blackout curtains. Blackout curtains keep out the light and help your little one fall asleep and stay asleep for naps and bedtime.

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I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I went through four pairs of blackout curtains in my daughter’s nursery before I found a pair that was truly dark enough.

It took me three years and hundreds of dollars, but I absolutely love the white blackout curtains we have now.

To save you the time, money, and hassle of going through multiple pairs of curtains for your baby’s nursery, I’ve researched the best blackout curtains for your nursery.

10 Best Blackout Nursery Curtains

best nursery curtains - Sleepout Home

1. Sleepout Home

The folks at Sleepout really have designed the best blackout curtain in their Sleepout Home. Their curtains are 100% blackout and they’ve developed unique curtain rods allowing the curtain to wrap around the rod, truly blocking out all the light.

These are a true game changer for better sleep, because they create total darkness.

Get them here and save 10% off with the code POSTPARTUM10.

2. Tee Pee Joy

The problem with so many blackout curtains for kids is that they’re a bit plain. Enter Tee Pee Joy curtains!

These curtains come in a ton of different fabric options, so they’ll fit with any nursery theme you have. They come in different sizes and you can even order custom lengths.

There are so many cute fabrics to choose from so you can definitely find one that matches your nursery decor. See all the options here!

3. Nicetown Full Shading

These are the curtains we currently have in my daughter’s room and they are fantastic!

I love that they come in a ton of different colors and lengths.

We have the white curtains and they are white on the outside but have a nice black lining to keep that sun out. They are a bit heavier, so you need a good rod to hang these on.

I also see them go on sale from time-to-time so keep an eye out for that!

4. CHICOLOGY Cordless Shades

If your home is better suited for blinds than curtains, then checkout these blackout shades from CHICOLOGY.

They are cordless, removing the harm and frustration of using cords.

These are light-blocking and easy to use. They’re also a breeze to install. You can add them to your nursery either in addition to, or in lieu of curtains.

5. Blackout EZ Window Covers

Here’s a DIY version that is great for bedrooms, rentals, or traveling! This room-darkening system seals tight to the window frame, giving you cave-like darkness.

The Blackout EZ Window Covers can be installed in minutes without any tools and then easily taken off when you want the light to filter back in.

This stuff is dark! It definitely makes the window black but isn’t nearly as pretty as curtains.

It would also be a pain if you had to constantly remove it and reapply. But if you’re looking for a quick-fix that has a money-back guarantee, this just may be it! Check them out here.

6. Blackout Pleated Paper Shade

If you have a small window, or multiple small windows in your baby’s nursery, then adding a pair of curtains may not be necessary. You’ll still want to block out the light, which makes this pleated shade perfect!

You trim it yourself to fit your window and then stick it on for easy installation. No tools needed and no holes on the wall.

These are perfect if you’re living in a rental property or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of hanging curtains.

Check out some of the reviews for before/after photos and to see how dark these are!

These would also be great for grandma’s house or if you’re traveling with your little one to a hotel, VRBO, or camper. You could also double up on these and add them behind a pair of nursery curtains if you want to make sure the room is extra dark!

7. Double Layer Blackout Curtains

Another great option from Amazon are these double layer 100% blackout curtains. They come in multiple lengths, but only your basic colors—white, black, cream, gray, navy, and brown.

I do love that they have white blackout curtains, for those wanting a more gender-neutral nursery.

8. IKEA Majgull Curtains

Oh how I love IKEA for their affordable prices and IKEA nursery hacks! I’ll use any excuse to take a trip to the furniture store and these blackout curtains come highly recommended.

portable blackout curtains

9. Sleepout Portable

Many parents worry about their baby’s sleep when traveling and rightfully so.

Your baby will get used to sleeping in a dark room and then it might be hard to replicate the darkness when you’re on-the-go.

Enter these portable blackout curtains! These are one of the best portable blackout curtains and the perfect baby travel essential to take with you on a trip or sleepover at grandma’s house. They adhere to the window with suction cups so setup is a breeze!

They’re also perfect if you’re living in a rental or apartment where you can’t hang more permanent curtains.

Check them out here and save 10% off by using the code POSTPARTUM10.

portable sleep tent for babies

10. SlumberPod

Okay, the final one isn’t a window treatment, but it’s a great option for traveling or those trips to grandma’s house!

The SlumberPod is another great solution to create darkness for your baby or toddler while traveling and is a game changer for baby travel sleep!

It’s a portable privacy pod that goes over over a pack and play or toddler cot to create darkness and privacy so your baby or toddler can sleep when they aren’t at home in their nursery.

The thing I love most about the SlumberPod for traveling is that it gives everyone the privacy we need when room sharing with our littles.

If your baby is used to sleeping in their own nursery, it can be tricky to get them to sleep when you are right there. I know many parents put their pack and plays in a hotel bathroom or closet, but with the SlumberPod, you don’t have to do that!

Use my code THEPOSTPARTUMPARTY at checkout to get 5% off your SlumberPod. Shop here

Frequently Asked Questions About Blackout Curtains

How Dark Should Baby’s Nursery Be?

If you’re wondering if your blackout curtains are dark enough, try the hand test.

Turn off the lights, close the curtains and check if you can see your hand in front of your face. That’s how dark we want it to be when our babies are sleeping.

What are the Benefits of Blackout Curtains in the Nursery?

There are multiple benefits of blackout curtains.

Darkness promotes sleep. Babies and toddlers often need early bedtimes when the sun is still shining outside. Blackout curtains help create an environment that is conducive for sleep and allows their little brains and bodies to rest.

Babies and toddlers are also prone to waking up too early as soon as the sun starts to rise. Blackout curtains can blockout any morning sun that might peek through your child’s room and threaten to wake them up.

If you’re still not convinced, I recently worked with a mom and her 2-year old son who was waking up everyday at 5 am. I put a sleep plan together for them and also recommended she get blackout curtains, even though he wasn’t a baby anymore.

That little boy started sleeping in until 7 and 7:30 am each day. Mom said the blackout curtains had made the biggest difference!

Let me know which blackout curtains are your favorite for your little one’s nursery. I’ll keep this list updated if I find any more that I love.

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