You can still have fun even if you aren’t able to get together in person for a baby shower! These fun virtual baby shower games will bring all of the laughs even through a Zoom or Skype meeting!

virtual baby shower

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I’ve been to plenty of baby showers in my life, but I’ll be attending my first virtual baby shower later this month. It’s for one of my besties and we want to make sure it’s still as special as it can be!

She definitely still wants it to be interactive and fun with guests laughing and chatting.

So I went searching for some fun baby shower games that we can all play—virtually!

The virtual baby shower games in this list are designed especially for online play through meetings like Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts. They are games that can be played on a screen and are meant for multiple players.

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Fun Virtual Baby Shower Games

Okay, let’s check out these fun virtual baby shower games!

virtual baby shower game - Jeopardy

Baby Shower Jeopardy

Guests will likely be familiar with the popular game show and this baby shower Jeopardy version does not disappoint!

It even comes with the theme song, sound effects, and a round of Final Jeopardy. It’s also fully editable if you want to customize it a bit for your crowd!

virtual baby shower game - word scramble

Word Scramble

Make teams or have everyone fen for themselves in this fun word scramble game.

Various baby words will appear on the screen mixed up and guests have to try and figure out the word. Whoever gets the most the quickest wins!

This would be fun to play and requires minimal prep!

virtual baby shower game - Pictionary

Baby Shower Quiz

With 8 different rounds and over 100 questions, this quiz game pack is sure to be a hit at your next socially distanced shindig!

It includes children’s movies emoji Pictionary, name the baby song, nursery rhyme trivia questions, and more. This would also be a fun baby shower game for kids!

virtual baby shower game - price is right

Guess The Price

The Price is Right is one of my all-time favorite game shows. (I even made a Price is Right baby shower game download.)

Top Party Games has packed four different pricing games into this bundle for a whole lot of fun!

Make teams or play individually and be sure to channel your inner Bob Barker with this one.

virtual baby shower game - Answer battle

Answer Battle

My other favorite game show is Family Feud.

This Answer Battle is just like the popular game show. Reviews say the instructions are easy to follow and that guests have a blast playing it at their Zoom baby shower.

If you’re looking for coed baby shower games this one would be great.

virtual baby shower game - 5 seconds


Quick, name three diaper brands off the top of your head!

That’s just one example of the rapid-fire question you’ll get in this five-seconds game from Quizzology that puts your baby knowledge to the test. You’ll have to think on your feet to come out on top of this one!

virtual baby shower game - Boobs or Butt

Boobs or Butts

This is one of the more inappropriate baby shower games, but looks really funny and would be a good baby shower game for men.

In this virtual boobs or butt game, you’ll see various photos on the screen and have to determine whether it belongs to a pair of boobs or a butt. This one is easy to explain and a riot to play.

virtual baby shower game - baby talk

Jibber Jabber

Do you speak baby? This challenging Jibber Jabber game gives you a phrase on screen that sounds like baby talk and you have to determine what the actual phrase is.

One example is “Isle of View” translates to “I Love You.”

Read it fast to challenge guests with this fun game from Pam’s Party Printables.

virtual baby shower game - Jibber Jabber

Quiz Questions

Perfect for a virtual baby shower, or one that you can play in-person as well! There’s more than 100 baby-related questions in this game from Quizzle Designs. The graphics on this one are so pretty!

virtual baby shower game - emoji

Emoji Game

You may have seen the popular Emoji baby shower game where you have to figure out the children’s nursery rhyme or book.

This one is a spin on it and shows different pregnancy and baby-related emojis. This one is a super easy set up and fun for everyone!

virtual baby shower game - pregnant or beer belly

Pregnant or Beer Belly

I have seen this beer or belly game as part of a printable PDF, but this version looks just as funny!

You’ll see a belly on your screen and everyone will have to guess if it belongs to a pregnant woman or a beer belly.

virtual baby shower game - Family Feud style

Baby Trivia

Here’s another version of the Family Feud style game where you have to name different things related to babies or pregnancy. You can add in your own rounds on this game from Top Party Games and customize it however you like!

FAQs about Virtual Baby Shower Games

How Many Games Should Be Played at A Virtual Baby Shower?

This is up to you and the mom-to-be. Since you don’t have as many activities as you might have during an in-person baby shower (brunch, drinks, dessert, etc.) you can probably squeeze in anywhere from 2 to 4 games depedning how long you want your virtual baby shower to last.

There’s no rule here. Just check with the mom-to-be on the format she prefers and go from there!

How Do You Play Virtual Baby Shower Games?

Most of these virtual baby shower games are delivered via a PowerPoint presentation and some came with detailed instructions.

The person hosting the virtual baby shower can watch these instructions in advance so they can then teach guests how to play during the shower.

It might seem a little overwhelming hosting a virtual baby shower with games, but all the games in this list had great reviews and people raving how easy they were to set up and play.

You could also play printable baby shower games, and send guests their downloads via email

I hope these virtual baby shower games can provide a lot of entertainment and fun memories as you celebrate your new baby!

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