Looking for non-traditional gifts for the new or expecting mom? These gift ideas are perfect for the mom-to-be and are items you definitely won’t find on store shelves!

gift ideas for new moms

It’s time we start caring for new moms a little bit more. We shower them with toys, diapers, and blankets (so many blankets)—all of which are great for them to use for their new baby. But what about items that will help them be a better mom?

One of my best friends is pregnant with her first baby and I know how hard it is going to be. I know she will get a plethora of bottles, bibs, and binkies, so I wanted to get her something more unique. Something that will help her care for herself so she can care for her new baby.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite non-traditional gift ideas for the new and expecting mom. You might not find these at Buy Buy Baby but I guarantee the new mom will love getting these!

wine labels tfor new mom

Wine moments

Celebrate the (little and big) moments as a new mom with these funny wine labels. Add them to the new parent’s favorite wine and you have a perfect and memorable gift. Whether baby has their first blowout or takes their first steps, they’ll need wine to celebrate or commiserate. Don’t forget the wine and glasses!

gift for new mom - massage

Gift certificate to a massage

Birthing a baby takes a toll on the body. Help the new mom relax and get a little TLC with a massage. It’s something she probably won’t be paying for herself anytime soon, so it will be a real treat!

A clean house

I don’t know about you but when my house is in a disarray I feel all out of sorts. You can gift housecleaning services through Amazon and they’ll vet the service providers for you.

new mom gift basket

New Mom Gift Basket

Put together a cute basket for the new mom with things like snacks, a fun book, and some much needed postpartum essentials. See the new mom gift basket I prepared for a friend and grab the printable coupon book!

Even easier meals

For moms who don’t like to cook, you can take care of dinner for them with a monthly meal subscription service, like Sun Basket. All the ingredients to make a simple recipe come straight to your door so you never have to leave the house. We did this for a few months and the meals were so good and pretty easy to make. (And I hate cooking!)


Bath scrubs and sprays

Most new moms have about 5 different diaper creams for their baby but nothing for their own skin. Pamper her with bath products that will make her feel like herself again. Babe and Body was started by an expecting mom who wanted hyper-moisturizing products that were safe for her and for her baby. Taking a few minutes each day to care for yourself can really help make you a better mama!

gift for new mom - sleep class

Precious Sleep

For moms with a newborn, there’s no better gift than getting some priceless sleep. Help the new parents set up healthy sleep habits from the beginning with my newborn sleep course. They’ll learn about baby sleep cues and how to soothe baby.

We followed Babywise with Evelyn and it gave me some information but still left me needing to know more about baby sleep!

Coffee, Always more coffee

No matter how much—or how little—sleep a new mom is getting, it’s never enough. She might be tired but at least she can have a little laugh with this cheeky and cute coffee mug.

Delivery Service

You never know what you might need as a new mom and you’ll want it quickly. Gift the new parents an Amazon Prime subscription so they can order baby gear, groceries, and anything else they need with the touch of a button.


You guys, I had to read excerpts from this book right after I gave birth. My husband was amazing as a new dad, but everything he did was wrong (to me). Reading this book helped me know I wasn’t the only mom feeling this way and offered comical and practical advice.

Unique Gift Ideas for New and Expecting Moms - Wondering what to get the new mom friend in your life? Get mom all the things she didn't get at her baby shower but still really needs! These unique ideas are perfect solo or as part of a care package, put together in a basket.


I remember needing new clothes postpartum but not having anytime to go shopping. I was in that weird in-between phase where my maternity clothes didn’t fit, but neither did my pre-baby clothes. I just didn’t feel good in anything. Enter Stitch Fix, where a stylist hand selects and sends staple pieces tailored to your shape and style each month. You get new clothes without having to leave the house.

tile tracker

Sanity Saver

Oh hello mom brain. Oh, goodbye all the things I used to know and remember. You might lose a little bit of your sanity those first few months but you never have to worry about losing your keys or cellphone with the Tile tracker. Stick it on your most-lost possessions and never worry about losing them again!

Cooling relief

If you’ve been through labor yourself then you know how it feels, AHEM, down there. Whip up some padsicles for your bestie for an easy DIY gift. Or go all out with a postpartum healing kit, complete with disposable underwear, cooling liners, and perineal foam.

dry shampoo

Clean scalp

New moms don’t have a lot of time to shower, let alone wash their hair. Gift them an all-natural dry shampoo to absorb excess oil so no one even knows they skipped a wash.

echo dot

Your new best friend

Remember that mom brain I was talking about? Well I’m two years in and it hasn’t gotten any better. But you know what actually helps me a lot? My Echo Dot AKA Alexa. I can’t remember anything these days so I just voice notes to her all damn day. She helps with my to-do list, grocery shopping, random notes, and more.

I hope you find some of these gift ideas useful. What was the most unique gift you received as a new mom?

gifts for new moms
Amy Motroni

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