Find out the items you can leave off your baby registry with our list of 15 things to NOT put on your baby registry. We include why you don’t need these things and what you can register for instead!

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With all the recommendations and advice from well-meaning parents, it’s easy to get carried away when you start setting up your baby registry. Adding items in the store or online is a cinch and it seems like you might as well register for most things “just in case.”

I’m not a total minimalist but I hate having excess stuff and clutter fill my house. I was determined to be very practical when I set up my baby registry while still having modern conveniences to help me with the transition to motherhood.

I am not against stuff. I just want all the stuff I have to serve a purpose. In fact, here are 10 baby registry items that are often overlooked that I think you definitely should have on your registry!

So here is my two cents on the baby products you don’t need to add to your registry.

Here are 15 items you simply don’t need. When everyone is telling you what to add to your registry, here’s our list of what not to put on your baby registry.

1. What Not to Put On Baby Registry: Baby Clothes

People will buy you baby clothes regardless of if you registered for them or not, especially if you’re having a girl. I didn’t register for a single item of clothing and I got so many adorable outfits to put my daughter in.

I also had a ton of hand-me-downs from friends and family, so I really didn’t need any new articles of clothing. Babies wear an outfit for approximately 12 minutes before they grow out of it and into the next size, so you really don’t need a ton of clothes anyway.

What to Get Instead: Swaddles and Sleep Sacks

Instead of registering for several cute baby outfits, ask for apparel that is harder to find used. Velcro swaddles tend to lose their stickiness after several washes and are a must for dressing your baby for sleep. We also loved using sleep sacks as our daughter transitioned out of the swaddle and I could never find any used ones.

See more about the difference between swaddles vs sleep sacks here and some of the best swaddle options and best sleep sacks.

2. What Not to Put On Baby Registry: Wipe Warmer

We never used a wipe warmer with our baby and she never knew the difference. We have a two-story house and I didn’t want two sets of wipe warmers, or to have to bring it with me everywhere I went. Plus, I’ve heard they can be a breeding ground for bacteria or the wipes just dry out.

Most babies don’t like their diaper being changed, regardless of how warm the wipes are. Just put them on a soft changing pad and keep it quick so you can snuggle them afterward with a clean diaper.

What to Get Instead: Regular Wipes

Plenty of regular wipes! Seriously, just buy stock in them now. Three years later and I use baby wipes every single day and my daughter is potty trained! They’re so handy for wiping up messes or cleaning up face and hands in a pinch.

3. What Not to Put On Baby Registry: Baby Food Making Kit

I am all for serving your baby real, whole foods and skipping the baby food jars! That stuff is expensive and is full of unnecessary ingredients.

We personally saw so many benefits of baby-led weaning because it was so easy and we were able to feed our daughter real food without making separate meals for her. There are plenty of first foods for BLW that you can easily do!

What to Get Instead: Kitchen Appliance

If you want to stick to purees for your baby, you can make your own baby food with a food processor or blender. Skip the baby-making food kits and opt for a kitchen appliance you’re sure to use for years to come!

4. What Not to Put On Baby Registry: Baby Blankets

No matter what you do, you’re likely to get several different types of blankets for your baby. A few receiving blankets are nice for laying on the ground with baby on it, but chances are you’ll also get a few homemade blankets that you can use.

Babies also can’t sleep with a blanket until about age one, so make sure you aren’t registering for any blankets to stick inside the crib.

What to Get Instead: Receiving Blankets

Receiving blankets that can serve triple duty! These swaddle blankets are so soft and are perfect for a quick diaper change, swaddling baby, or just to keep with you for baby spit up.

5. What Not to Put On Baby Registry: Baby Towels

The little hooded towels with a cute elephant or giraffe on them are so stinkin’ cute. I get it. But these adorable little towels last about two or three months and then your baby won’t even fit in them anymore.

What to Get Instead: Bath Towels

Ask for a few soft and absorbent everyday bath towels. You’ll be able to wrap your baby up in these for several years to come and not waste valuable space in your linen closet.

6. What Not to Put On Baby Registry: Baby Shoes

blue and pink baby shoes - what not to put on baby registry

Baby shoes are so cute but so unnecessary. I think they’re adorable in theory, but always look so ridiculous when I see them a babies’ feet. Until your baby starts toddling around, they really don’t need shoes and you don’t need to put any on your registry.

What to Get Instead: Socks

Instead, make sure to get several pairs of baby socks. No matter how many you buy or register for, they will all get lost in the dryer, or fall of your baby’s feet. So ask for many of them!

7. What Not to Put On Baby Registry: Bottle Sterilizer

We never used a bottle sterilizer and we went through our fair share of bottles! I simply washed the bottles after each use with hot soapy water and a bottle brush. I also ran them through the dishwasher at the end of the week.

While bottles do need to be thoroughly washed after each use, they only need to be sterilized before the first use and every few weeks. Many dishwashers have a sterilize option that you can run your bottles through.

There are also other simple methods for sterilizing your bottles using items you probably already have at home.

What to Get Instead: Bottle Brush and Dishwasher Parts

We replaced our bottle brush about once a month, so I ended up buying a ton of those. We also loved our bottle rack and dishwasher basket for holding all the small parts when it went through the dishwasher.

8. What Not to Put On Baby Registry: Fancy Bedding

There are so many gorgeous crib bedding sets that include a crib skirt, sheets, quilt, and crib bumpers. Let me tell you—you don’t need most of it! A boring crib is a safe crib!

Your baby can’t use the blanket until he is about 1 years old. And if you get bumpers, you’ll want breathable mesh bumpers.

What to Get Instead: Waterproof Mattress Pads

Instead of the fancy, expensive bedding, register for two waterproof mattress protectors, several pairs of sheets, (I walk through exactly how many crib sheets you need here), and a crib skirt if you want to doll up the crib a bit. These are baby registry must haves in my opinion!

9. What Not to Put On Baby Registry: A Bumbo

baby girl sitting in s bumbo chair

I’m truly not sure why this is such a popular baby item! I have yet to find a mom who likes the Bumbo for her child. By the time my daughter was old enough to sit in it, she just wanted out! She would try and hoist herself out of it every time we used it.

Additionally, some pediatric physical therapists recommend against using the Bumbo, because it can interrupt your child’s natural progression of skills and could be harmful for their posture.

What to Get Instead: Sit Me Up

Instead of the Bumbo, we loved the Fisher Price Sit Me Up. It offers more support, so you can use it for a younger-aged baby than the Bumbo. It also looks a lot more comfortable and puts baby in a proper sitting position and is approved by most pediatric physical therapists!

10. What Not to Put On Baby Registry: Bottle Warmer

This is similar to the wipes warmer. Many babies are happy to take room temperature or even cold formula or breast milk. If you need to warm the bottle, you can always place it under warm faucet water or in a bowl of warm water for several minutes to heat it up.

What to Get Instead: Hands-Free Pumping Bra

If you plan on pumping, make sure to register for a hands-free pumping bra. This will make it so much more convenient for you to pump at work or home!

11. What Not to Put On Baby Registry: Fancy Sleep Products

I am all for teaching our babies’ how to get a good night’s sleep. In fact, sleep is so important to me that I am a certified baby sleep consultant!

But I am not for parents spending thousands of dollars on things like the Dock-A-Tot, Magic Sleep Suits, and other fancy sleep products. Plus, many of these including the DockATot is not safe for sleep anyway.

What to Get Instead: Basic Nursery Must-Haves for Sleep

Instead of spending all the money on products that baby will quickly grow out of, invest in sleep products that they will use for a long time. This includes some good nursery blackout curtains and a sound machine.

I also recommend taking a newborn sleep course to help you learn how to setup good sleep habits from the start!

My newborn sleep course includes eight modules walking you through how to setup good sleep habits with your baby from the start! Check it out here.

12. What Not to Put On Baby Registry: Baby Swing / Bouncer

baby sleeping in a baby swing

Hear me out here. Our swing was a God send! My daughter loved this swing and took many a naps in it. But I didn’t know that would be the case.

We ended up borrowing the swing, bouncer, and jumper from a friend and the only one my daughter took to was the swing. She couldn’t stand being confined in the bouncer or jumper once she became a little older.

So while I think baby swings and bouncers can be helpful, you just never know what your baby will like. Skip putting these on your baby registry and try to borrow one from a friend instead.

You can also buy them dirt cheap used and wash all the pieces. That way if your baby doesn’t like them, you didn’t waste hundreds of dollars!

What to Get Instead: Pack and Play

A pack and play! It can double as a bassinet for those first few months and is a great baby travel item for trips with your baby! The flat surface makes it safe for baby sleep and it’s something many babies will use for two or three years!

You can learn more about bassinets vs cribs and if you need both!

13. What Not to Put On Baby Registry: A separate Changing Table

This one seems to be a 50/50 split. Some moms go to their changing table for every single diaper change and love it for the one-stop station for of all their diaper changing supplies.

Others just end up changing their baby on the floor under a mat or towel when it’s time for a diaper change. We did use a changing table because our daughter’s nursery was large enough, but for small space nurseries, this may be something you’ll want to skip.

What to Get Instead: Changing Pads

Definitely register for a changing pad that you can put on top of a dresser. We also loved having a travel changing mat to take with us on the go, especially for diaper changes on top of a public restroom changing table.

14. What Not to Put On Baby Registry: Baby Toys

You really don’t need baby toys like rattles or stuffed animals. Babies are truly fascinated by the world around them. It’s all so new and exciting so something like a plastic or wooden utensil can be a toy!

What to Get Instead: Loveys/Pacifiers

We are big fans of pacifiers over here, especially the Wubbanubs. They are a toy, lovey, and soother all in one. When my daughter was little we had several different ones and made sure to take one with us everywhere we went.

You’ll need new pacifiers if you’re creating a second baby registry, since the material breaks down over time and becomes unsafe for baby number two.

15. What Not to Put on Baby Registry: Laundry Detergent

I never quite understood the draw of baby laundry detergent. My husband has sensitive skin and eczema, so for years we have been using a free and clear laundry detergent. Surely, I could wash all my baby’s clothes with the same stuff?

What to Get Instead: Mesh Laundry Bag

One newborn hack I learned was to wash baby’s socks in a mesh laundry bag so you don’t lose them in the washing machine or dryer! Add this to your registry instead and skip the special laundry detergent.

What do you think? Was there anything on this list that you felt like you couldn’t live without? What were the baby registry items that you could have skipped altogether? Leave me a note in the comments!

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