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55 Cute and Creative Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Announcing your pregnancy to the daddy to be? Whether it’s your first baby or your second, third, or fourth, here are some adorable ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant. Surprise him with the best news with these fun and creative ideas!

couple finding out they're pregnant

I was so surprised when we got pregnant with our daughter. The doctors didn’t think we could have a baby on our own (without infertility methods) so we had lost a bit of hope.

When I took a pregnancy test and it was positive, telling the news to my husband was interesting. Our initial reactions were both shocked and total disbelief.

Me: Umm Nick. I don’t think these things give false positives (showing him the positive pregnancy test).

Nick: What?? Where did you get that test?

Me: The Dollar Tree

Nick: No, we’re going to buy a more expensive test.

Off to the store we went to buy the most expensive pack of home pregnancy tests he could find. Apparently to him expensive also meant accurate.

We got another positive test and we were so shocked and excited!

All that to say that if we are able to have a second baby, I want to surprise him with the exciting news in a much more fun and planned-out way.

Make sure to get your camera ready so you can capture your guy’s reaction to the news that he’s going to be a dad when you surprise him with these fun ideas!

And once you’re ready to announce the news of your pregnancy to family members and announce your pregnancy on social media check out our 200+ creative pregnancy announcement ideas.

How Soon To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant?

Wondering how soon you should tell your husband you’re pregnant?

This is such a personal decision and up to you. When to break the news to your husband or partner you’re pregnant as soon as you find out, or take a few days to plan a special surprise and make your pregnancy announcement to him truly memorable.

Everyone decides when to tell their husbands based on what’s best for them.

55 Creative Ways to Tell Husband or Partner You’re Pregnant

Here are 55 cute ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant. Whether you’ve been trying to get pregnant, or it’s an unplanned pregnancy, here are a wide range of ideas from cute to funny! A little creativity and the element of surprise will make this pregnancy reveal one for the books.

Creative Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Looking for creative ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant? Look no further than these fun ideas!

scavenger hunt as a way to tell your husband you're pregnant

Pregnancy Announcement Scavenger Hunt

If you’re pregnant with your first child, you can send your partner on a scavenger hunt using this digital print. The printable scavenger hunt has all the clues to hide around the house and send your hubby hunting to find out the big news.

ways to tell husband you're pregnant - fishing hook

Fishing Hook

If daddy can’t wait to have a little fishing buddy, then get him this personalized fishing hook with the birth month of baby’s due date for the catch of his life! This is a sweet keepsake he can cherish for years and a fun way to announce your pregnancy to him.

custom concert tickets to announce pregnancy

Concert Tickets

Surprise your partner by saying you’re going to a concert or show and then present them with these custom pregnancy tickets from Stubforge. This method is one of the more original ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant and makes your announcement a big deal.

Dad beer stein - how to tell your husband you're pregnant

Dad Beer Stein

Let him know a new baby is on the way with a cold glass of beer. Pour him a cold glass in a brand new daddy beer stein that he can keep forever. This is a pregnancy announcement that certainly calls for a toast.

sonogram keychain to tell your husband you're pregnant

Special Keychain

If your pregnancy came as a bit of a surprise and you have already an ultrasound, then you can get your sonogram photo on a custom keychain that dad will cherish forever.

Lotto scratchers as a pregnancy announcement to husband

Lotto Scratchers

These scratcher tickets are such a good idea if you’re feeling lucky about sharing the news with your partner. Grab these faux lotto scratchers and let your husband figure out the grand prize that you’re pregnant. You’ve hit the jackpot baby!

custom ammunition - cute ways to tell husband you're pregnant

Custom Ammo

This keepsake ammo is a fun and unique way to let your husband know he hit the target. It’s a gift he’ll keep for a long time, if not forever.

Daddy Knife - pregnancy announcement to husband

Share the News with A Pocket Knife

Here’s a pregnancy announcement gift that’s sure to come in handy. This engraved pocket knife is something all dads can use and is a great idea for the dad who loves pocket knives.

coffee mug pregnancy announcement to husband

Coffee Cup

This would be the slowest cup of coffee to watch someone drink but would have such a sweet surprise once they made it to the bottom. Pour him his morning coffee and wait to see his reaction to the news.

bun in the oven candle

Bun in the Oven Candle

Okay so this one might be a gift for mom, but dad’s the one who put a bun in the oven. This bun in the oven candle will give your whole house a yummy smell and is a great way to announce your pregnancy to your husband.

Wrap it up or casually have it burning when he comes home as a simple way to let him know you’re pregnant.

custom engraved Dad whiskey encanter

Engraved Decanter

Give dad a special decanter with this custom engraved decanter from Lone Star Etch to announce your pregnancy news. What a fun gift if your guy loves whiskey.

Daddy candy bar as a way to tell husband you're pregnant

Candy Bar

Does your husband have a sweet tooth? Get him a special candy bar to satisfy his appetite. This is one sweet treat as a baby announcement!

pregnancy announcement egg -pregnancy announcement to husband

Surprise Egg

This surprise egg is a really unique way to announce your pregnancy. Your husband can crack it to find out the big news. This would also work as a way to tell your husband you’re pregnant for the second time.

color changing coffee mug - cute way to tell husband you're pregnant

Color Changing Mug

if you just can’t wait for daddy to finish his cup of coffee you can use a color-changing mug and serve him a hot cup. Watch as the cup changes color as well as his reaction.

guitar pick - pregnancy announcement to husband

Guitar Pick

Will daddy be signing baby to sleep each night? If your partner is a musician, this custom guitar pick from Stamped with Passion is a perfect way to tell your husband about your pregnancy. It’s the sweetest song he’ll ever sing!

pregnancy announcement ornament


If you’re making a Christmas pregnancy announcement, then wrap up a special Christmas ornament to leave under the tree. You’ll love putting this on the tree year after year.

secret message whiskey glass to tell husband you're pregnant

Secret Message Whiskey Glass

The best way to surprise your partner is in a totally unexpected way. If your husband is a whiskey drinker, serve him up a surprise with this secret message whiskey glass. Once he finishes his drink, the pregnancy announcement will be revealed.

golf ball marker - cute ways to tell husband you're pregnant

Golfing Marker

If your husband loves to hit the green, grab him this golf ball marker to share the news. Talk about a hole-in-one! This is a fun way to tell your husband you’re pregnant.

Cute Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Check out these adorable ways to tell your partner you’re pregnant!

Big bro, big sis, and baby shirts

Custom Shirts

If you’re looking for ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant with baby number 2, these big sis and big bro shirts are adorable. Dress your older child in this shirt and let the new big brother or big sister give daddy the good news.

Our Little munchkin sign as a pregnancy announcement to husband


Treat yourself to a box of donut holes or another food item from your pregnancy cravings and add this printable sign to it for a delicious surprise. Grab donuts with your husband to share the sweet news.

baby sports jerseys

Baby Sports Jersey

If dad’s a sports fan, then get him his favorite sports jersey for the newest player. Bonus is that you get to dress baby in this once they’re born!

fishing buddy watch pregnancy announcement to boyfriend

Special Watch

From the outside, this may just look like any old watch. But the back is engraved with a special message. I love how this looks like a regular gift and has a special surprise waiting for your pregnancy announcement.

ways to tell husband you're pregnant - greeting card

Telling Him with A Greeting Card

Looking for ways to tell your husband that are easy? Have a cute little card ready for your partner when he comes home to share that you’re pregnant.

This can also work if the two of you are long distance temporarily and you want to send him a special delivery in the mail.

dog bandana to tell husband wife is pregnant

Dog Bandanas

Want to get your fur baby in on the fun? A dog bandana is the perfect way to execute a dog pregnancy announcement. Dad’s best friend can surprise him with the big announcement.

special note and pregnancy test to tell husband you're pregnant

Special Note

Keep things simple with a special note to daddy on your kitchen island or counter showing those two pink lines. You’ll just have to keep making eyes at it until he sees it and has time to process!

dad hat

Dad Hat

Does your partner love hats? Grab him a new cap and give him a special gift he can proudly wear for years to come.

pair of baby shoes

Baby Shoes

If you can’t resist buying an adorable pair of baby shoes, put these in a gift bag as a sweet way to share the great news. You’ll have a head start on your baby shopping too and have a fun way to tell your husband you’re pregnant.

wooden box for positive pregnancy test

Pregnancy Test Box

If you want to show him the positive test and have a special place to keep it, get this pregnancy test gift box.

pregnancy announcement puzzle

Baby Puzzle

If your guy enjoys a good puzzle, then sit at the coffee table and piece this special puzzle together. He’ll learn the big news as he fills in the center pieces.

Baby Food

Announce your pregnancy by serving your husband a baby-themed meal featuring items like baby back ribs, baby corn, and baby carrots.

Daddy pregnancy announcement picture frame

Picture Frame

Maybe you went in for an ultrasound without your partner. This daddy frame is perfect and something you can display in your home until baby arrives.

golf balls to announce pregnancy to husband

Baby Feet Custom Golf Balls

And don’t forget a pair of golf balls. These are such a special keepsake that he can keep always to remember how you told him you’re pregnant.

pregnancy announcement for husband - wine bottle label

Wine Labels

Pour the daddy to be a special glass of wine using this free printable pregnancy announcement wine label. Make sure to grab the other free labels as well to announce your pregnancy to your parents too!

custom daddy book - ways to tell husband you're pregnant

Custom Book

Looking for cute pregnancy announcements? This sweet custom daddy book is a love letter to your husband with a surprise twist. Gift him the story of us for a special keepsake he can read again and again.

ways to tell husband you're pregnant - spoon


Serve dad up a bowl of ice cream or soup and see how long it takes him to read the spoon! Have your camera ready to capture him as he learns of your pregnancy. What a sweet surprise!

Dada book

Dada Book

This wildly popular baby book is a great way to let your husband know you’re pregnant. Simple and sweet! Wrap this book up with a card to give daddy the news.

Funny Ways to Tell Your Husband or Partner You’re Pregnant

If you and your partner are the humorous type, use one of these fun ways to let them know you’re pregnant. You’ll get a good laugh and share a fun surprise!

special wine label as a pregnancy announcement to husband

Wine Bottle for your Partner

Looking for clever ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant? Your partner will have to get extra close to this bottle to find out the surprise. This always read the fine print wine bottle label is perfect to open up and toast to your next adventure.

Mad Gab style game cards as a way to announce pregnancy

Game Cards

Play this Mad Gab-style game with just your partner or husband and capture his reaction as he figures out the surprise.

Unscramble pregnancy t-shirt with special message

Unscramble Shirt

Looking for cute ways to tell husband you re pregnant? Wear this unscramble shirt and see how long it takes your husband or boyfriend to crack the code. He may have a range of emotions as he figures it out. You can use this to announce your pregnancy to friends and family as well.

letter board pregnancy announcement to husband

Letterboard Announcement

Write something clever on your letterboard and leave it out for him to see. Grab your phone and record his reaction if you want to remember it forever. This is one of the most romantic way to tell your husband you’re pregnant.

beer labels to let your husband know you're pregnant

Six Pack

Grab your husband a six pack of beer and add these daddy labels to them to surprise him with the news. What a fun way to gift him with his favorite beer and a special announcement. Cheers!

Pregnancy announcement Pokemon card

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon fans? This custom printed Pokemon card is a unique way to tell your partner you’re pregnant. This is such a fun idea if you’re Pokemon fans.

surprise pregnancy photoshoot to husband

Surprise Photoshoot

This expecting mama went all out and made a surprise pregnancy announcement to her husband during a surprise photoshoot. The pictures turned out great as the photographer caught dad’s entire reaction on film and now the couple has a memorable way to remember their special announcement.

Video Announcement

Share the news via video with a special video announcement. The sweet message on this video is a great way to tell your husband you’re pregnant, either in person or from afar.

surprise letter board announcement ways to tell husband you're pregnant

Surprise Message

How Waves and Lilacs blogger got her husband to hold this letter board without looking at it is beyond me!

This secret message on a letter board made for a wonderful surprise pregnancy announcement and some great photos to capture it all!

Receipt and pregnancy test - way to tell husband you're pregnant


This new mom left the pregnancy test and receipt out for the new dad to find and learn the news. You can leave your pregnancy test somewhere so your partner can find it. This one is straight and to the point.

pregnancy announcement to husband - baby onesie

Hi Daddy Baby Onesie

Hi Daddy! You don’t need to start buying baby items just yet, but a little onesie can be a fun way to let daddy know the big news! Give your husband this hi daddy onesie so he can get ready to welcome the new little bundle to the world. What a sweet message this has on it.

If this isn’t your first pregnancy, use this as a way to tell husband you’re pregnant with number 2!

Harry Potter Marauder's Map pregnancy announcement

Marauder’s Map

Harry Potter fans will love using this Marauder’s Map to share the news. Don’t forget to check out all our Harry Potter pregnancy announcements for even more magical ways to share that you’re expecting a muggle.

ways to tell husband you're pregnant greeting card

Funny Card

If you’re looking for a funny pregnancy announcement, then look no further than this funny card for your husband. It is one of the best perks of pregnancy!

Dad jokes t-shirt

Dad Jokes Tee

Does your husband think he’s so punny? (Mine does). if this is your first pregnancy, grab him this dad jokes shirt and let him revel in all the bad jokes he’ll soon get to tell.

Pregnancy announcement birthday card

Birthday Card

If your husband’s birthday is soon, then share the news with a special birthday card on his big day.

surprise photoshoot pregnancy announcement to husband

Surprise Photoshoot

This mama used her beach pregnancy announcement as a fun way to surprise the daddy to be! I love that she captured all his reactions and has the photos forever!

DILF glass to tell husband you're pregnant

DILF Glass

If you’re more of a straight shooter looking for funny ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant, fill this glass up with your husband’s drink of choice and watch his reaction as you serve it to him. He’ll certainly be surprised!

Star Wars pregnancy announcement

Star Wars Digital Announcement

Is your partner a Star Wars fan? Print this digital pregnancy announcement from Beverly Holtzem Art to show how strong the force is.

fortune cookie pregnancy announcement

Order some Chinese food and sneak this customized fortune cookie onto daddy’s plate. This is a fortune worth keeping.

It’s so exciting letting your husband know he is going to be a dad! Have fun surprising him with these creative ideas and good luck!

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