Use this fun scavenger hunt to announce your pregnancy to your husband! Send your hubby looking for clues until he finds out he’s going to be a dad using this free printable pregnancy announcement scavenger hunt.

pregnancy announcement scavenger hunt for husband

I have a thing for scavenger hunts.

My mom used to send us on scavenger hunts for our big Christmas gifts as kids and then when my husband proposed to me, he sent me on a scavenger hunt around town looking for clues at some of our favorite spots.

So scavenger hunts have a really special place in my heart. After all, half the fun in a surprise is the build-up!

I thought it would be fun to create a scavenger hunt that expecting moms can use as a way to tell your husband you’re pregnant.

How to Set Up the Scavenger Hunt Pregnancy Announcement

Wait for a time when your partner isn’t home. Then you can write down all of these clues on your own pretty paper, or download the free printable with all the clues included below.

I’ve included where to put each clue to help keep you organized. Mom brain has arrived!

Just hide each clue as I’ve designated and you’ll send your husband on the hunt for the biggest news of his life.

When he gets home, you’ll be ready with the first clue and armed with your camera.

He’ll have to solve each fun riddle to find the next clue and ultimately find out the big news!

Don’t worry! All the clues are super simple. I’m sure you are just bursting with excitement waiting to break the news.

pregnancy announcement scavenger hunt

Download the Pregnancy announcement Clues for the Scavenger Hunt Here


Pregnancy Announcement to Husband — Scavenger Hunt Clues

I went ahead and wrote out all the scavenger hunt clues for you that you can use in your pregnancy announcement for your husband. You can either download and print the clues, or make your own using this wording.

Either way, this is such a fun way to let your husband know he is going to be a dad! Make sure to grab lots of pictures or videos as he searches for the clues and finds out the big news!

Clue #1 – Put on the Front Door or Where He Walks In

It’s been a long day,
So come on in dear
And head to the place
Where you’d grab a beer

Clue #2 – Hide in the fridge

You might want to change
Out of your work attire
So go find your pants
If that’s your desire

Clue #3 – Hide In the Closet

If you need to use the restroom
Now is your chance
Go ahead and go
Before you pee your pants

Clue #4 – Hide In the Bathroom

Head to the bedroom
Where we sleep tight
I’m so excited
To share some news tonight

Clue #5 – Hide in the Bed

Your hunt is almost over
Now gimme some lovin’
Then go see what’s baking
In our sweet oven

Clue #6 – Hide in the Oven

Now take a seat
Where we watch TV
Brace yourself because,
We’re a family of three!

Have fun surprising your guy and announcing the big news with this pregnancy announcement scavenger hunt!

After you tell the dad-to-be, check out these ways to announce your pregnancy to your family!

Use this fun scavenger hunt to announce your pregnancy to your husband! You'll send your hubby looking for clues until he finds out he's going to be a dad using this printable pregnancy announcement scavenger hunt

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