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20 Funny Pregnancy Announcements to Make You Laugh

Let everyone know the news about your bun in the oven with these funny pregnancy announcements! You’ll get a few laughs and a lot of Congratulations as you announce your pregnancy with humor!

I love seeing creative pregnancy announcements. I’m honestly amazed at people’s creativity and cleverness when they’re announcing their bun in the oven!

These silly parents have the right idea. They’re adding a bit of humor to their pregnancy announcement!

Being a parent is hard work! If you and your spouse can make each other laugh even through tough times, it will help everyone enjoy parenthood a whole lot more!

If you love to make people laugh, then you’ve got to sprinkle in a dose of humor to your pregnancy announcement. If you’re ready to announce your pregnancy, then see how these expecting families announced their big news with these funny pregnancy announcements.

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcements

funny pregnancy announcement photo

This expecting couple looks like they have the right game plan with this photo from @slenentinephotography. Don’t worry, the panic will eventually subside as you practice on your real life baby instead of the dog!

funny pregnancy announcement family photo

If you love a good pun, then use this funny pregnancy announcement riddle to share your baby news—Ice, Ice Baby! I’ve also seen this as a family Halloween costume or it’d make a great Halloween pregnancy announcement, but here’s an easy, casual way to do it from @pustebluemcheeen.

funny letter board pregnancy announcement

It seems like the social distancing of 2020 got to this couple! This letter board quote form @lovethelorenzos is an easy way to share some funny pregnancy announcement text. Add your baby’s ultrasound photo and share the news!

funny pregnancy announcement photo with big brother

Fans of the hit TV show The Office will crack up at this funny pregnancy announcement quote with a miniature Dwight Schrute. I love this big brother pregnancy announcement from jessicamancinik!

funny pregnancy announcement shirt

Wear this maternity shirt for a photoshoot or as a way to announce your pregnancy to your family next time you see them! It’s a good reminder to always read the fine print!

funny pregnancy announcement photo and printable

If your only child is getting a baby sibling, then you can grab this printable eviction notice from Irene Template and snap a pic in your baby’s crib! The best part about this photoshoot is you don’t need to wait for baby to smile!

funny pregnancy announcement photo with big sister

Announce your pregnancy with a funny letter board saying like this one from @ohhappyrobertsons. Seems like big sister’s best attempts to remain an only child were foiled!

funny pregnancy announcement photo

Could there be a better pregnancy announcement for this election year that we’re in? My vote would definitely be cast for this cutie whose a big brother to be! I love this clever idea from @an_auen.

funny Christmas pregnancy announcement photo

If you’re looking for a Christmas pregnancy announcement idea, then this Santa’s gift photo from @riareedphotography will bring the cheer. Looks like grandma’s going to get an earful with this funny announcement!

funny pregnancy announcement photo with kid chef

This Little Chef pregnancy announcement is so clever! @shaynaleavy stylized this photoshoot for a perfectly adorable—and delicious—announcement with big brother chef whipping up a special surprise.

couples Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement shirts

If you have some special news to make you truly grateful this year, grab these matching shirts to make a Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement!

family pregnancy announcement photo

This family’s enjoying all the pregnancy cravings together in their funny pregnancy announcement! Bring on the ice cream and pickles for this mama to be!

funny pregnancy announcement with dinosaur

Expect the Unexpected is a good rule to follow when it comes to having a baby! This couple’s dinosaur birth is a great way to prepare for total takeover!

funny pregnancy announcement with corona beer

The social distancing of 2020 made for some pretty funny pregnancy announcement ideas! This one from @rachel_wifelife uses a letter board with a funny riddle. That’s Corona baby, not belly if you’re wondering!

funny pregnancy announcement t-shirt

Speaking of Coronavirus, this funny pregnancy announcement has the perfect sentiment for 2020! Sometimes a positive test can be a wonderful thing!

funny mom and baby girl pregnancy announcement

What a cute way to announce your pregnancy and do a gender reveal at the same time! This bun In The Oven from @happilyharperblog has nuts and little sister doesn’t seem too thrilled about it!

funny couples pregnancy announcement

Mom is all smiles but dad is a little freaked out in this pregnancy announcement from unicornmolza. Grab all the baby books and the snacks as you start prepping for baby!

family pregnancy announcement funny

Nothing like a little sibling rivalry from the very beginning! This I was here first big brother pregnancy announcement from @fabrizio_recine is simple and sweet! Don’t worry big bro, you’ll learn to love your new baby sibling!

funny pregnancy announcement card for husband

Looking for a cute way to tell your husband you’re pregnant? Leave him this funny card to congratulate him and announce the news!

couple announcing pregnancy at Target

It’s time to head to the store and buy all the baby things and a case of beer apparently! This couple’s trip to Target is a fun and unique way to let the world know that baby is on its way!

Which of these funny pregnancy announcements made you laugh the loudest! I love The Office one, although I’m more of a Friends fan myself!

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