Looking to teach your baby how to fall asleep in their crib? Learn about the Chair Method sleep training and see if it’s a good fit for your baby.

chair next to crib to use for sleep training

The Chair Method is a gentle and effective sleep training method for babies and toddlers.

it allows parents to be more involved as their little one falls asleep. It’s a method I’ve used with many of my clients and have learned some things along the way.

Learn how to do this method and if it’s a good fit for your family to help your child get better sleep.

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The Chair Method In A Nutshell:

The Chair Method is one of the more gentle sleep training techniques where your baby falls asleep with you by their side. You’ll gradually fade your presence out of their room over the course of several days. The Chair Method is a great approach for caregivers who want to provide more parental presence during sleep training.

What is the Chair Method for Sleep Training?

The Chair Method, also commonly called the Sleep Lady Shuffle, is a sleep training method that was invented by Kim West.

It’s a great option for families who want to stay by their baby’s side during the sleep training process or as a way to keep your toddler in their bed.

The Chair Method involves literally sitting in a chair near your baby’s crib when you set them down to sleep, and staying there until they fall asleep.

This allows you to provide verbal and physical reassurance, while your baby gradually learns how to fall asleep in their crib.

While many people refer to the Chair Method as a more gentler method, please note that gentle doesn’t mean there won’t be tears.

Babies will cry to communicate and protest change!

The chair method allows you to teach them healthy sleep habits with parental presence. There may be fewer tears with this method, but that depends on your baby.

mom holding baby's hand while doing the chair method

How to Do the Chair Method

Here are the steps you can follow for the Chair Method:

Bedtime Routine

Use a consistent bedtime routine with baby and keep your baby awake during the routine.

Make sure that baby’s room is as dark as possible. Since you’ll be in the room with them, it’s best to use nursery blackout curtains so your presence doesn’t stimulate them. This means avoiding eye contact and playfulness as well!

Sit in a comfortable chair next to your baby’s bassinet or crib while they are still awake in the crib.

Provide verbal reassurance if baby starts to fuss (something short and quiet—“Momma’s here” or some light shushing work well).

If necessary, you can also use physical comfort such as patting your baby gently or holding his hand. The first night is usually the toughest!

Once baby is asleep, quietly leave the room. The amount of time it takes a baby to fall asleep varies.

The Chair Method for Sleep Training Night Wakings

For each middle of the night wake-up, sit back in the chair and repeat the process as outlined above.

You and your partner can alternate wake ups to sit in the chair, but keep the same parent in the chair per wakeup. Otherwise it could lead to too much stimulation for baby.

The Chair Method sleep training graphic

Moving the Chair

After three days of your chair being in the same spot, move the chair further away. For example, if the chair started right next to the crib, move it halfway between the crib and the bedroom door.

Keep using your voice to soothe baby if he’s upset. Resist moving your chair back to a closer position. These are the baby steps you guys have to take to make progress!

Every three days, move your chair further away until it’s out of the room.

Video About the Chair Method

Watch the video below to see how Amy breaks down how to do the Chair Method step-by-step.

Is the Chair Method Effective?

The Chair Method is an effective sleep training method for ages 4 months and up. It works well as a gentle sleep training for both babies and toddlers.

I’ve worked with plenty of families who have found sleep training success with the chair method.

Many parents like it because they want to use their presence to soothe their baby and gradually fade out.

How Long Does the Chair Method Sleep Training Take?

The chair method takes about 2–3 weeks, but you should see progress within a few days, especially at bedtime.

The Chair Method does take longer than some other sleep training methods, so give it patience and consistency.

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What Age Does Well with the Chair Method?

The Chair Method is good for ages 4 months through 5 years old.

Of all the sleep training methods, it’s the one you can use at almost any age!

The great thing about the chair method is that it can be used over again during any other sleep setbacks. You can even use it with older toddlers who are going to transition to a toddler bed.

What is the Fastest Sleep Training Method?

Generally, more gentle sleep training methods take longer, while cry it out sleep training is quicker.

Cry it out is probably the fastest sleep training method, but not every family is comfortable with that.

Consider your baby’s temperament and your limits when choosing a sleep training method.

What is the Most Effective Sleep Training Method?

Like so many other things in parenting, there is no best or one-size-fits-all approach to sleep training. There is simply the best method for your baby and your family.

There are plenty of options out there such as The Pick Up Put Down Method, Fading method and even CIO method.

The chair method for sleep training is a great middle ground.

However, the best sleep training fit depends heavily on your baby’s temperament. It also depends on your own comfort (or discomfort).

The key with sleep training is consistency. It takes time for sleep training methods to be effective and to start seeing results.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to commit to staying in the chair for long periods of time, choose a different sleep training method.

Baby D.R.E.A.M Mockup image

Get Better Sleep with The Baby D.R.E.A.M. System

If you want someone to walk you through the process of sleep training, let me help. The Baby D.R.E.A.M. System is for babies 4 months through 2.5 years old. I’ll walk you through how to establish daily routines, sleep schedules, and sleep training techniques to help you break the sleep associations you no longer find beneficial! Check it out here.

If you have any questions about the Chair Method sleep training, leave them in the comments below.

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