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Sample Babywise 5 Month Schedule

Learn an age-appropriate schedule for your 5-month old. Optimize your baby’s sleep and feeds with this 5-month-old Babywise schedule.

5 month old baby smiling

Baby sleep schedules are kind of my jam.

Babies don’t always adhere perfectly to a set schedule that we have in mind for them, but it doesn’t hurt to have a general framework in mind as you go about your baby’s day.

And 5 months old is a great time to try and get your baby on a more predictable routine and schedule.

At this point, your baby has moved past the 4-month sleep regression and the 45-minute intruder shouldn’t be nearly as invasive as it was during those early 2-month baby schedule days! If your baby takes short naps consistently still, you can troubleshoot why it may be happening.

Your 5 month old is ready to extend their wake windows once again and will continue to do so until they transition to two naps around the 6-month mark.

Baby Sleep Schedules

I’ve shared before my frustration with the Babywise method. While the book has some great concepts regarding newborn sleep, it fails to explain wake windows by age, specific Babywise sleep schedules, and soothing methods for when your baby just doesn’t follow the plan.

I also found the language about merges a bit confusing. I think it’s much more simple to say a baby is ready to extend their wake time, and feedings may change based on that.

Baby sleep schedule binder mockup image
Baby sleep schedule binder mockup image

Eliminate Short Naps with a Predictable Sleep Routine

Take away the stress of figuring out your baby’s sleep needs. With the Baby Sleep Schedule Binder, you’ll get sleeping and feeding schedules that you can implement for every age, even if you currently have no routine in place. Check out the Baby Sleep Schedule Binder here.

How Long Should a 5-Month-Old Be Awake in Between Naps?

Most five month olds can go between 2 and 2.5 hours in between naps at this age. The first wake window of the day is typically the shortest.

Most babies this age will take two naps and one catnap. Between 6 and 8 months, your baby will drop the third nap and move to a 6-month Babywise schedule.

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What is A Typical Schedule for a 5-Month Old?

You’ll transition your growing baby out of their four-month Babywise schedule and into this 5-month old sleep schedule by extending their wake times gradually.

At this age, your baby can likely handle a 5-month old wake window of approximately 2 to 2.5 hours, which leaves much more time for outings and playtime! You’ve likely made the 4 to 3 nap transition now or are making it now!

You can use this Babywise 5-month schedule for your 5 month old, even if you don’t follow Babywise at all! This is an age-appropriate schedule for most 5 month olds, no matter your sleep philosophy!

7:00 am: Baby wakes for the day and feeds

9:00–10:30 am: Nap

10:30 am: Feed

12:45 pm–2:15 pm: Nap

2:15 pm: Feed

4:15–5:00 pm: Nap (Can be a contact nap/car nap, etc.)

5:00 pm: Small feed if needed

6:30 pm: Feed and baby’s bedtime routine

7:00 pm: Bedtime

Get The Free 5-Month Sample Schedule

Here’s another sample schedule for your 5-month old, because all babies are different!

5 month old sample schedule - Babywise

Introducing Solids

We waited until my daughter was 6 months old to introduce solids and saw so many benefits of Baby-led Weaning! If you’re introducing solids at 5 months, the general rule is to feed solids about an hour after a milk feed.

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What Time Should A 5-Month Old Go to Bed?

An optimal bedtime for most babies is between 7 and 8 pm. The time that your baby goes to bed each night will depend on when their last nap of the day ended. You want to allow for approximately 2 to 2.5 hours of awake time before bed to make sure your baby has enough sleep pressure built up to sleep all night.

How to Stretch Wake Windows

During those first six months, you’ll be changing and stretching your baby’s wake windows frequently. As soon as you feel like you have a good sleep schedule down, it will likely be time for a change!

The best way to stretch those wake windows is to add 15 minutes to each wake window for several days. Keep the new schedule for about 5 days before making additional changes.

If your baby seems tired before their new wake window, try taking them outside or playing with a new toy with them. Sometimes they just need a little help to make it to the new wake window.

If your five month old is still waking up to eat, you can follow my guide of how to wean night feedings. Check with your pediatrician if you have any concerns.

sample 5-month old Babywise schedule
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