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The Top 10 Best Sleep Sacks for Toddlers

Is it okay to dress your toddler for sleep in a sleep sack? You bet! Here are some of the best wearable blankets and sleep sacks for toddlers.

Best sleep sacks for toddlers

As your baby reaches their first birthday and starts advancing into toddlerhood, you might find yourself weighing new bedding and pajama options. 

Hopefully you’ve mastered how to dress your baby for sleep safely and now are looking at options to keep your toddler safe and warm!

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), when your baby turns one year old, they’re finally at a safe age to sleep with a blanket. But that doesn’t mean you have to jump right in to bedding at 12 months!

Toddler sleeps sacks provide plenty of the same benefits as bedding, but with the added benefit that they’ll keep your baby warm at night when blankets don’t always stay on their mobile bodies!

Our family fell in love with sleep sacks after we transitioned our daughter out of the swaddle. Not only are sleep sacks a great way to keep your baby cozy at night, they’re also a super safe option for when your little one is still too young to have bedding in their crib.

We planned to use sleep sacks as a temporary solution until our daughter’s first birthday. But it turns out, we ended up using them well into toddlerhood and up until we transitioned her to a big kid bed!

Let’s talk about sleep sacks for toddlers and share the best sleep sacks for their active bodies!

toddler standing in crib with pacifier in mouth

Are Sleep Sacks Safe for Toddlers?

The short answer is yes, sleep sacks are safe for your toddler. You just have to make sure they fit correctly!

Developmentally speaking, your little one will never really age-out of wearing sleep sacks. In fact, they can continue to use them for as long as you’re able to find sleep sacks with enough length to fit your growing toddler’s legs. 

Of course you might eventually choose to replace the sleep sack with bedding, because let’s be honest: it’s such a fun way to decorate.

Just make sure that you follow the AAP recommendations by keeping blankets out of the crib until your little one is at least 12 months old.

The bottom line is, if you’re wondering when to stop using a sleep sack, there’s no rush to start using bedding in your toddler’s crib.

You can keep them plenty warm and cozy with a toddler sleep sack or wearable blanket.

In fact, there are some benefits to dressing your toddler in a sleep sack for sleep. And thankfully there are plenty of extra large sleep sacks for toddlers on the market.

Benefits of sleep sacks for toddlers

Benefits of Sleep Sacks for Toddlers

One down side to bedding and blankets is that they can be kicked off in the middle of the night. The great thing about sleep sacks is they stay put and keep your little one covered all night!

The goal is for your toddler to stay covered and warm while they’re sleeping. If they avoid getting cold or tangled up in bedding, they’re more likely to stay asleep through the night.

Another added bonus to dressing your toddler in a sleep sack is that it might keep your new little climber in the crib!

Dressing your toddler in a sleep sack can keep them from climbing out of the crib. When their legs are enclosed in a sleep sack, it’s much more difficult for them to get a leg up and over the side of their crib to climb out!

Keep in mind that some sleep sacks come with options that include leg holes. If you have a climber, think about testing out a sleep sack without leg holes first and see if that helps keep them in the crib!

Sleep sacks for toddlers can also be a great cue for sleep and a positive part of their bedtime routine! Nothing tames toddler bedtime tantrums more than routine!

So how do you pick out the best sleep sack for your toddler? Let’s take a look at some great options.

best sleep sacks for toddlers

The Best Sleep Sacks for Toddlers

Thankfully, some of the best sleep sacks for babies come in sizes that will fit your toddler, too! Here are some excellent options for sleep sacks and wearable blankets made specifically for toddlers:

  1. Kyte Baby Sleep Bags
  2. Woolino Toddler Sleep Bags
  3. Kyte Sleep Bag Walker
  4. Halo SleepSack for Big Kids
  5. Zipadee-Zip Flying Squirrel Body Suit
  6. Hudson Baby
  7. Baby Dee Sleep Nest
  8. Baby in a Bag Sleeping Bag
  9. TILLYOU Sleep Sack
  10. Tealbee DreamSuit
Kyte baby sleep sack in crib

1. Kyte Baby Sleep Bag

Kyte Baby Sleep bags have a cult following due to their buttery softness and innovative design. The XL sleep sack fits toddlers 37 to 47 inches tall and between 38 and 50 pounds. Depending on your child’s size, you could potentially use these sleep bags up to 5 years old!

The two-way zipper makes diaper changes so much easier. Plus they have tons of colors and designs available.

If your child prefers more movement, check out the Kyte Baby Walker version below.

toddler girl in Woolino toddler sleep sack

2. Woolino Toddler Sleep Bags

The Woolino Sleep Sack is a favorite of so many families because of its durability and versatility.

It’s the most expensive sleep sack for toddlers on my list, but there’s a good reason! Since the Woolino sleep sack is made from super breathable, temperature regulating merino wool, it’s the only sleep sack you’ll ever need to buy for your toddler no matter what season you’re in.

This sleep sack is durable and works in sleep temperatures ranging from 63-77 degrees F. It’s one of the best sleep sacks for summer or as a winter sleep sack, for young babies or toddlers. Use the code POSTPARTUMPARTY10 to save 10% off.

Kyte baby sleep sack

3. Kyte Baby Sleep Bag Walker

The Kyte Baby brand has a sleep bag with leg holes for easy movement, making it a perfect option for when your little one begins to walk. The Kyte sleep bags also come in different warmth options, including 0.5, 1.0, and 2.5 TOG ratings.

Their sleep sacks are made from a soft bamboo rayon material, making them buttery-smooth to the touch and super cozy!

The Kyte Baby Walker comes in sizing all the way up to 4T, making it one of the most long-lasting options on our list.

toddler sleep sack - Halo

4. Halo SleepSack for Toddlers

The traditional Halo Sleep Sacks can fit babies from 0-24 months, up until a height of 40 inches, which is already an impressive sizing spread. But not everyone knows that Halo makes a SleepSack for big kids, too!

The Halo for Toddlers goes up to 3T and is designed with leg holes to maximize your toddler’s ability to move around while wearing it.

The inverted zipper design also makes this a great option for any toddlers who are potty trained and might need to take a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Zipadee-zip flying squirrel body suit is a great sleep sack for toddlers

5. Zipadee-Zip Flying Squirrel Body Suit

The thing I love about the Flying Squirrel pajamas by Zipadee-Zip is that, like the Halo and Woolino Footed sleep bags, they’re one of the sleep sacks for toddlers with legs built in to the design. They also come in some adorable print options!

The leg-hole design means your toddler can easily and safely get up and walk around while wearing the Flying Squirrel pajamas.

The Flying Squirrel body suit is a great option if your toddler is a climber or is prone to getting out of bed and coming to get you in the middle of the night!

Hudson Baby sleep sack

6. Hudson Baby

The Hudson Baby sleep sack is similar to the Halo, but you can often find it for a more affordable price.

Like the Halo, the Hudson Baby sleep sacks range in sizes from 0-24 months. Even through the sizing tops out at 24 months, many families have written in their reviews that the sleep sack runs big and has lasted their toddler well past two years old. 

This sleep sack has both short sleeve and long sleeve options, so there’s a good option for any season or climate. It’s also available in fleece or minky textures, depending on the feel you’re looking for.

Baby Deedee Sleep Nest - toddler sleep sack

7. Baby Deedee Sleep Nest

The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest comes in three different sizes ranging from newborn to 36 months.

It also has three different TOG ratings so you can find a good fit in any temperature and any season.

Like the Woolino, the Sleep Nest Lite has button-closure shoulder straps which is different from the zipper closure on many competing brands. This makes it even easier to help your toddler get dressed in the wearable blanket without a fuss.

Baby Dee also makes the Sleep Kicker, designed for toddlers who like to have their feet out when they sleep!

Baby in a bag sleeping bag

8. Baby in a Bag Sleeping Bag

Baby in a Bag makes a baby sleeping bag that is ultra cozy and comes in a variety of sizes ranging from a 3 months to 3T, so you’re sure to find an option that will fit your toddler!

Thanks to its soft polyester filing, this sleep sack is designed for maximum warmth. It’s meant for babies who are sleeping in cooler environments, even at temperatures as low as 58 degrees. 

They also have a summer model which keeps your baby cooler, so it’s perfect for warm summer nights.

TILLYOU Sleep Sack

9. TILLYOU Sleep Sack

The soft texture and low price point of the TILLYOU Sleep Sack make these a fan favorite.

The largest size of the TILLYOU sleep sacks tops out at 24 months, but that’s still a solid year to use these adorable and comfy sleep sacks on your toddler!

Tealbee DreamSuit for toddlers

10. Tealbee DreamSuit

Another highly rated option for a wearable blanket with leg holes is the Tealbee DreamSuit. If your little one wants the option to keep their feet free or has has the ability to go in and out of their room at night, a sleep sack with leg holes is a fantastic and safe option!

These cute and soft sleep suits come in sizing for toddlers ranging from 12 months to 4T. They’re also got a few different TOG ratings to choose from, so you can stock up on different options for different seasons.

The Dreamsuit is made from rayon and bamboo fibers, making it buttery to the touch while still breathable. They’re comfortable and safe!

As you can see, there are plenty of great sleep sacks and wearable blankets for toddlers out there! I hope you find the perfect fit for yours!

Amy Motroni