Wondering if the SlumberPod is worth it? See our SlumberPod review and get tips for using your SlumberPod to make traveling with your baby a breeze!

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Traveling with your baby can be so tricky.

But there’s a baby sleep product that can make it go a lot smoother.

Let me introduce you to the SlumberPod—a blackout privacy pod that can make traveling and room sharing so much bette for your baby’s sleep.

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What is the SlumberPod?

The SlumberPod is a privacy pod that goes around your baby’s travel crib or pack and play.

It’s designed to keep the light out and provide privacy so baby isn’t distracted by seeing mom and dad all night.

The SlumberPod fits over the standard size Pack N Play as well as many other play yard brands.

Parents love the SlumberPod for a couple of reasons.

  1. It’s 100% blackout, so it sets your baby up to get high-quality sleep without daylight cutting naps or bedtime short.
  2. It serves as a privacy canopy and prevents your baby from being able to see you from their sleep space!

In general, the SlumberPod makes sharing a guest room, hotel room, or vacation rental much easier for families! That’s why it’s on my list of baby travel essentials.

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Travel Hack: Bring the SlumberPod!

The SlumberPod is easy to assemble, boasting a set up time of less than two minutes! If you’re familiar with camping and setting up tents, the SlumberPod is super easy to set up. 

But if you’re not a camper, don’t worry! Even if you’ve never set up your own tent before, the SlumberPod includes very easy-to-follow instructions.

Another great thing about traveling with the SlumberPod is that it folds down into a nice, compact package that you can fit easily into your luggage.

The SlumberPod comes with its own drawstring bag, so you can easily bring it as a carry-on (it ends up being about the size of a purse). But for an even more compact option, just fold it up and pack it like you pack your clothing in your suitcase.

The poles that come with the SlumberPod can fold down to a size that you can easily pack in a suitcase or carry-on bag.

You can take the SlumberPod with you on road trips or when you fly to help your baby sleep during travel.

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Tips & Tricks on How to Use It

Before you hit the trail with your new SlumberPod, consider these tips for a successful trip.

Setup at Home Ahead of Time

Don’t wait until you’re already on your trip to set it up for the first time. Practice the setup at home, and consider doing a trial run (or two!) at home with your baby to get used to it.

Let your baby explore it awake while you’re present with them so they get familiar with it. You can even practice a couple naps and nights with it in their nursery to help make the transition easier.

Setup Upon Your Arrival

When you get to your destination, scope out the sleep space and set things up. This will give your baby a chance to explore the SlumberPod in the new environment and get familiar with it again.

It will also give you ample time to set it up, without having an overtired baby on your hands.

Make sure not to strong-arm the poles. They should fit together easily, without having to force or bend them, so double check the instructions if they’re giving you any trouble.

Keep A Consistent Bedtime Routine

Your baby’s bedtime routine is easy to do on the road! Keep your bedtime routine with the SlumberPod as similar to your home routine as possible. Your little one will be looking for those familiar sleep associations.

Consider Opening the Zipper

If it’s your baby’s first time sleeping in the SlumberPod, consider letting them fall asleep without the zipper partially (or completely) open. This will allow them to get used to the feeling of sleeping in it and will show them that you are near and they are safe in their new sleep environment.

This is where a trial run at home in their nursery can be especially helpful!

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Where to Buy A SlumberPod

You can buy a SlumberPod directly from their website and use the SlumberPod discount code THEPOSTPARTUMPARTY to save. Shop here.

Option to Rent

Since it’s an item you probably won’t use daily, the price tag might give you pause. If you’re not sure whether your family is ready to invest in a SlumberPod, why not try it out first?

Thankfully there are options to rent the SlumberPod for short trips, or to try it out before you buy.

You can rent a SlumberPod by the day via Rents4Baby.com ($12/day) or by the month at Loop Baby ($24/month), which both ship the SlumberPod anywhere in the US.

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Are SlumberPods Safe?

The SlumberPod is safety tested and compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The manufacturers made sure the SlumberPod was constructed from breathable materials. It also includes a fan option to increase air flow when it’s is zipped up.

Additionally, unlike crib tents that attach directly to the play yard and encapsulate the entire crib (including under the bottom of the crib mattress), the SlumberPod sits over and around the play yard without connecting to it.

The SlumberPod’s pop-up design means there is no danger of it tipping over the mattress or whole play yard. There’s also no way for baby to wedge themselves between the pod and the crib and get stuck.

Not sure if the SlumberPod is right for you? There are some SlumberPod alternatives out there. 

As with many other sleep-related baby products, be sure to follow the product’s directions and safety guidelines. Always make sure you’re following the ABCs of safe sleep!

SlumberPod Discount Code

Grab your SlumberPod and use the code POSTPARTUMPARTY to save. Shop here.

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