Need to wean your toddler from their beloved pacifier? Learn how you can do the pacifier fairy to help your toddler move on from their binky.

toddler with multiple pacifiers in her mouth

Whether your toddler is struggling with sleep, or you know it’s time to wean the pacifier because of your toddler’s age, cold turkey is usually the best way to drop the pacifier.

But that doesn’t mean that we just take away the pacifier and let your toddler deal with it.

That wouldn’t be fair and probably won’t go over very well.

Instead, let me walk you through how to have the Pacifier Fairy pay your child a visit so weaning the pacifier is an enjoyable experience for all.

What is the Pacifier Fairy?

Think of the pacifier fairy like the tooth fairy.

Your toddler or preschooler leaves their pacifier for her. She collects it in the middle of the night and leaves a replacement toy for them.

It’s a great method when it’s time to take away the pacifier.

Why the Pacifier Fairy Works

A visit from the Pacifier Fairy makes giving up the pacifier a celebrated event, instead of a sad one for your toddler.

Think about it.

Your toddler has developed an emotional attachment to his pacifier. It has been with him in the night for many months and holds a special place in his heart. It’s hard to say goodbye to something like that!

Keep reading to see a step-by-step process for having the Pacifier Fairy come visit your home!

toddler with pacifier in mouth

How to Say Goodbye to the Pacifier with the Pacifier Fairy

Follow these steps to prepare your toddler for their big visit from the Pacifier Fairy and say bye bye binky.

Start the Conversation

First, prepare your toddler that he is becoming a big boy and will soon get a visit from the Pacifier Fairy.

Let him know the Pacifier Fairy visits big kids and takes their pacifiers and exchanges it out for a new toy.

You can ask him what he thinks the Pacifier Fairy might bring him and use that as a pacifier replacement when the big day comes.

Read Books about The Pacifier Fairy

There are several books you can read to help him understand the concept and get him excited for the visit from the pacifier fairy.

Some favorites include:

Read these books for several nights before your toddler gets a visit from the Pacifier Fairy. It can really help them to understand what’s going to happen.

Choose A Date

Pick a date on the calendar when the Pacifier Fairy is going to visit.

You can make a paper chain countdown with your child or cross out days on the calendar to give him a visual representation of when it’s happening.

Getting them involved in this process helps give them some control and keeps you accountable to stick to your paci-weaning plan.

Collect All the Pacifiers with Your Child

When the big day has arrived, go through the house and collect all the pacifiers with your child. Make sure to have them involved in this part so they are able to process what is happening.

We did a similar process when we potty trained and had our daughter collect all her diapers around the house and it was so helpful!

Put all the pacifiers in a box or bag for the Pacifier Fairy to collect later that night.

The Pacifier Fairy Visits!

When your child is asleep, swap out the pacifiers for a special new toy or stuffed animal. Make it something they’ve been eyeing, so they’re really excited for it.

You can go as big with this as you want.

Some ideas to make it fun include:

  • Wrap the present
  • Get a printable pacifier letter from the Paci Fairy
  • Add balloons to the celebration

The goal is to help encourage and excite your child that the Binky Fairy visited. Ultimately, we want this to be a fun and special occasion, instead of a sad one about them losing their pacifier.

Be Consistent

Your child may ask about their pacifier, but remind them that the Pacifier Fairy took it and brought them the new toy instead.

I recommend throwing the pacifiers away completely, so you aren’t tempted to give it back to your toddler if they struggle.

It’s normal for toddlers to go through a 2 year sleep regression or 3 year regression, but adding the pacifier back in will send mixed messages to your child.

Use a Sleep Training Technique if Needed

You may need to implement a sleep training method if your child is really struggling to go to sleep with his pacifier.

There are some toddler sleep training methods that are especially effective for this age.

Make sure to stick with your plan and not introduce new sleep props like lying down with them or rubbing their back to sleep. I’d hate for you to swap out one sleep prop for another!

Your child may struggle for about a week without the pacifier before moving on, but stay consistent and their pacifier will soon become a memory.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Pacifier Fairy

What Does the Binky Fairy Bring?

The Pacifier Fairy can bring anything!

If your child has been talking about a special toy or stuffed animal, that might be a particularly good present for the Pacifier Fairy to bring when she visits.

If you need ideas, talk to your toddler beforehand and ask him what he might want the Binky Fairy to bring.

Think of it like when we ask our kids what they want Santa to bring them for Christmas!

Some favorites include:

Enjoy playing Pacifier Fairy! It can be a lot of fun if you get into it and make it a special event for your child.

Remember, if you’re anxious about taking away the pacifier, your child will be too. If you celebrate the Pacifier Fairy as a fun and magical time, that excitement will rub off on them as well!

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